When Oliver kidnapped Lyla in the last episode I know that had really damaged his relationship between his friends. On the latest episode of Arrow we now see everyone expressing their feelings from that episode and see how they now view Oliver epically John Diggle. Laurel may no longer believe in Oliver and Felicity is indeed heartbroken, but John is shown to have the most anger towards Oliver out of anyone and despite discovering that Oliver has only been pretending, John doesn't care and has pretty much renounced his friendship with Oliver

I don't know how, but I really hope in the final episode of Season 3 that John and everyone else forgive Oliver and somehow things can be restored between them. I don't want Oliver to lose his friends especially those of John and most importantly Felicity, Oliver is John's best friend and he and Felicity love each other if he lost both of them over kidnapping Lyla and marrying Nyssa I just don't know what would happen. However I think after thinking over the situation and after getting all their anger out, I think that will be when the healing can finally begin. I really hope that Oliver hasn't lost those closest to him and one of the most important things to me is that I really hope with all my heart that no matter what happens in the end, I hope that he and Felicity finally and officially get together in the season finale.