So this blog thingy, from the description it's okay for us just treat it like a regular blog? Like, can we SWEAR?

I mean, I'm not a hardcore swearer but if I feel like ranting about wtf is wrong with an episode, or how super effing awesome an episode is, the cuss may just come out because it expresses my feelings at that moment.

So there's that.

Um, other stuff, since I actually got an account now (still confused by it's function)

Guess I'll just move whatever stuff I did on the talk page to here.

Jake Simmons' status

Ha old stuff I know, but that's just me being too lazy to jot it down here when I first had the question. So yeah, it's obvious that apparently almost EVERYONE is like: "Well, what do you expect? He got shot by the Cold Gun, he's dead, girl; like dead, DEAD, dead." But IS HE? lol Hey, I'm just trying to be "fair" here; when we saw Eobard-Wells shoving his hand → arm into Cisco's chest, Cisco was, after a few debate amongst editors, it seemed, labeled with status as "unknown" rather than outright "deceased"; YEAH it was pretty clear that they weren't going to kill him off, but based on this whole "in-univese" thing, we are supposed to only put stuff when it's actually being aired. So now let's get back to the topic, "in-universe", in particularly "Rogue Air", has it EVER been stated or shown that Simmons was absolutely, undoubtably, DEAD? Re-watch the episode and let me know if I'm missing something, because I have watched this episode quite a few times, and no, I just saw him getting blasted with the cold gun. And here's the other statement people may roll their eyes "duh, people DIE when they get shot by THAT gun".... Here's the thing, re-watch "Going Rogue" and see if you can figure out why I'm even bringing this up. Slow? Okay, let's break it down. "People" die, as in "ordinary people" die; that poor guard? As far as I know, he was this unfortunate, REGULAR, human being, doing his job, who died. Of course, this is just me "presuming" his a regular human, and we have no real proof that his not at this point, AND THAT'S BEYOND THE POINT. What's the point? Hey, Barry got shot and he's still kicking, isn't he? Yes, yes, he's special and all; but really, we DO KNOW Simmons, is/was, at least NOT a regular human being, he might not even be a regular "Meta", if you factor the part he wasn't even in Central City when the particle accelerator blew of; just what, makes YOU so sure that he can't/couldn't survive a cold gun shot? Re-watch both of the episode mentioned, and pay attention to how differently the effects on the victim is shown; OF COURSE, you can always counter by saying this was the VFX department's fluke, that they forgot how they did it the first time round, and that's why how Simmons' look after being shot, was fairly different from the poor guard; OR, you can stop and think a little, and perhaps realize they could have just been different cases to begin with. There's also the fact the Simmons was not DIRECTLY shot by the gun; he was about to shoot beams from his eyes, he already started using his powers when the shot HIT the beams he generated, and the beams that were hit, hit him in the face. Get it? What Simmons was hit was actually his own powers being blasted back toward him, combining with the shot. I did not make this up, go re-watch the episode before you start calling me barking mad. It does happen super effing fast and Simmons' beams was barely shot out to begin with, but that does't change the fact that he was using his powers while being shot, just that his power lost to the force of the gun, and when happening within mere seconds, it looked like he was shot straight in the face. Keep in mind that a good portion of his face looks completely undamaged after the hit, while the poor guard, who got shot in the CHEST, had his entire face darken after his hit.

Honestly, I don't really know if this Simmons dude could be significant regarding to the show's universe; it might look like I'm fighting real hard to argue that he's alive or something, but in reality, I'm just raising a genuine question as to why people seems to be so sure. I'll admit, I do think Doug Jones is an amazing actor, and after watching his interview on the matter of his character being "killed", what he said really got me thinking. That's all. =P. Since his status has been reverted to deceased by an admin, I respect the decision and won't try to change it to unknown based on my personal opinion. I agree that just because Doug Jones himself thinks there's the chance that the character isn't actually dead, doesn't mean it's a reliable source, however, again, like I said, are we certain he's dead, base on the show itself? At least to me, before even watching the interview, or seeing reverted edit, and just by watching the episode itself, I personally did not come to the conclusion that he had kicked the bucket fo sho.

Not trying to start a heated argument over something so trivial, but to my understanding, blogs are for people to express their opinion, so here's mine on the topic. Just documenting my thoughts in a not private way.--Sammm✦✧(talk) 00:04, June 24, 2015 (UTC)

Hartley's Pronunciation Error

Despite being portrayed as someone super skilled in multiple languages, (I don't understand Spanish, French, or Latin, so I can't comment on those), Hartley pronounced 'bakudan no kage (爆弾の)' wrong in 1x12; the incorrect part is kage, instead of saying it as ka-geh (as it should be), he said it like ka-jey. I was slightly disappointed that for a supposedly ingenius character, the show couldn't even do proper homework to make it more believable (Don't get me wrong, I love Andy Mientus and Pied Piper, but he pronounced the word wrong, and that's a fact.) Um so yeah... if anyone can figure out a way to incorporate information above with nicer words into Hartley's page, that'd be awesome. I know it may sound bitchy, but I honestly don't want The Flash fans, especially the ones who only know one language, to go all 'awww Hartley can speak perfect Japanese'; he can speak it, I'll give him that, but he sucks at speaking it.

'Flame On' Trivia (someone kind of "half" taken care of)

Um... I had a hard time figuring out where to ask this and since the talk on this page confused me even more, I'll just ask on this page and see what you admins think.

On Tony Woodward's page, there's this trivia on Iris mentioning "iron fist" and how Iron Fist is a MARVEL character; in The Flash 1x13, when the Flash faced off Firestorm (not Ronnie, but Firestorm, as in Ronnie's body but Martin's mind), the Flash said "if you could just not... Flame on."

(I'm asuming you all know this, so I'm not trying to be a know-it-all but just recounting what's on everybody's mind)

'Flame on' is the catchphrase of Jonathan "Johnny" Storm aka the Human Torch(II) of the Fantastic Four, when the character literally turns into a human torch.

So um... My question is... where exactly should this trivia be put in? My ideal spot was Firestorm's page... but I don't think 'they' have a page yet? I think it should be put there because... Although the Flash clearly addressed that he was talking to Martin Stein (who was in controlled of Ronnie's body), I thought putting this on Martin's page would be weird... Same goes to putting this on Ronnie's page... I felt the comment was meant for Firestorm (Ronnie+Martin). So yeah... Or I guess we could all think the catchphrase isn't important enough to be mentioned. (I really wouldn't know, people here seems to have very different standards, so I figured I'd just throw it out there before doing any editing and then get undone.)

'The Conway Prize' Potential Trivia

I could be totally wrong and I am admitting it here right here right now, because I actually couldn't find any other critics touching this and saying it as an Easter Egg, so it could really be my untrue assumption, but please at least hear me out before you go full on and shut me down. Here goes:

In The Flash 1x13, at approximately 30 minutes into the show (on my VLC player anyways), the scene when Barry, Caitlin and Dr. Wells visited Clarissa; Dr. Wells mentioned "the Conway Prize for Scientific !@$#$#@%"(okay, I typed the last word that way because I honestly couldn't figure out what he was saying; it sounded like 'invenstment' but that's not a word... and that's not the point (I do feel like advancement is probably fitting for whatever the word should be, it just doesn't sound like it through my VLC audio))... So yeah, because I was wondering what that Prize was, since apparently Dr. Wells never won one (and he wanted to) but Martin did and even did three times. I googled it, and nothing showed up, so I figured it must be a fictional thing and was about to let it slide.... until I came across this:

Gerry Conway

At DC Comics, he is known for co-creating the superhero Firestorm and others.

So, I (I'm again fully admitting this is my personal speculation, since I couldn't find any other written proof) think the name of the Prize is an Easter Egg shouting out for this writer. Any thoughts? Again, I could be totally wrong, don't mind correcting me or anything, I'd love to get the fact straight.

So yeah. If anyone has any DC account or some way to ask the writers, feel free to verify it (I'm just not a person with a lot of accounts, it's such a hassle to maintain one, let alone dozens.)

'Waid Street' Trivia

I also heard it from a podcast so I went rewatching 1x13; at approximately 3:30 minutes into the show (on my VLC player anyways) Joe told Barry "We got a jumper on 52nd and Waid"; 52nd (we all know what that was for) but the additional information is that the podcaster said Waid is to shout out Mark Waid, a talented writer who created the concept of Speed Force and made The Flash title popular again. I have no idea if this podcaster is accurate (I meant the part where Waid Street standing for Mark Waid, not on Mark Waid's achievements) , so I'm putting it here instead of editing on the page.