So yeah, voting of the first round of 2015 Battle of the Fantasy Foods (Wikia event) ends on August 5th PST, and by the looks of it, our only entry Big Belly Burger will not be getting into the next round, unless it gets at least more than twice the votes it has as of now. Yes, that sounds like a hella lot of votes are needed, but each vote counts so don't be daft to not vote just cuz you think the chances are slim anyways or some equally obtuse reasons. I guess it's cuz I'm honestly not on a lot of other wikis so I was seriously surprised that the entry is currently losing by this much.

You'd think a Staff blog that generated 1k+ comments, albeit some anons were repulsive enough to make 50+ comments on their own, means that this community has a somewhat large active user group? Well, anons, or tbh any user who hasn't voted, there's that event to show your support by voting! (And yes, I disabled commenting cuz instead of commenting here, I'd think actually go voting is more important)

UPDATE: Well yeah, Big Belly Burger lost with... Embarrassingly a lot of votes... It actually is one of the selections that has the fewest votes (there's 64 selections in total, and Big Belly Burger was within bottom 10 (the 7th lowest, to be exact)). Hopefully there's next year so the awesome burger can at least make it to the second round. Personally I think a lot of people were missing the fact that the top 4 edibles get to actually be featured in Wikia's food truck, and were just voting for the sake of supporting fandoms they like... Cuz honestly... if a golden apple is just a regular apple with gold food coloring, do you really want to spend your money to buy it at a food truck? Or some fictional poisonous berry; obviously it's just going to be substitute with regular berries, what's so special about that? Or the blue milk... milk with blue food coloring?

Those fictional food no doubt represented their fandom fairly well, but imo pale in comparison with dishes that actually require recipes... Quoting from Diggle, even though Big Belly Burger may just be "full of grease and salt", I still think it's something to look forward to, but maybe that's just me; maybe the majority loves the crazy colors food coloring brings, who knows? Anyhow, really hope next year more people will help spreading the word. --Sammm✦✧(talk) 08:27, August 18, 2015 (UTC)