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    Yes, YES, I promise this will NOT be just a blog with screenshot, but it'll take me a while before I can get all my silly comments up since my laptop is not cooperating much. =P |}

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    So yeah, voting of the first round of 2015 Battle of the Fantasy Foods (Wikia event) ends on August 5th PST, and by the looks of it, our only entry Big Belly Burger will not be getting into the next round, unless it gets at least more than twice the votes it has as of now. Yes, that sounds like a hella lot of votes are needed, but each vote counts so don't be daft to not vote just cuz you think the chances are slim anyways or some equally obtuse reasons. I guess it's cuz I'm honestly not on a lot of other wikis so I was seriously surprised that the entry is currently losing by this much.

    You'd think a Staff blog that generated 1k+ comments, albeit some anons were repulsive enough to make 50+ comments on their own…

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    more questions

    February 27, 2015 by Sammm鯊

    First off, no, I don't have the slightest clue about how it is in the comics, but feel free to enlighten me.

    Secondly, I'm bringing this up not because I'm a fan or I want it to happen, I'm just genuinely wondering.

    So yeah, is there a specific reason the show iZombie couldn't be in the same universe as Arrow and the Flash? Before you go bite my head off, I'm not even a fan of zombies, I think they are creepy as eff, and I think those 3 shows are perfectly fine of being in 2 separate universes, they don't have to be in the same world, I'm just wondering if there's a legit reason that they couldn't be. Is there a reason like iZombie is set in a timeline of year 2008 (when the Flash hasn't become the Flash), or year 3000 (when the Flash probably won'…

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    Trivia, trivia, trivia

    February 12, 2015 by Sammm鯊

    So this blog thingy, from the description it's okay for us just treat it like a regular blog? Like, can we SWEAR?

    I mean, I'm not a hardcore swearer but if I feel like ranting about wtf is wrong with an episode, or how super effing awesome an episode is, the cuss may just come out because it expresses my feelings at that moment.

    So there's that.

    Um, other stuff, since I actually got an account now (still confused by it's function)

    Guess I'll just move whatever stuff I did on the talk page to here.

    Ha old stuff I know, but that's just me being too lazy to jot it down here when I first had the question. So yeah, it's obvious that apparently almost EVERYONE is like: "Well, what do you expect? He got shot by the Cold Gun, he's dead, girl; like dead,…

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