Spoiler Warning: If you have not seen "Versus Zoom" leave this blog right now.


Hey guys, ReverseZoom1 here, bringing you news, updates, and Easter Eggs.

O.M.G. Last night episode was action-packed. It wasn't rushed, like Trajectory. The CW took a break and made good use of it. But I'm not here for a review. I'm here for a huge Easter Egg. 

Whe Barry took the Tachyon Enhancer for a test run, he ran into a breach. I saw it. This seems to comfirm my theory that Flash visited another world. I preety sure that ws when he went to Supergirl world (E-3), or did he?

After he visited another world he brushed it off. Or did he? You see, when he said, "I'm back! How long was I gone?" he was probably just refeering to the test. But he might-just maybe-have been talking about his Other Earth travel. 

Also, is the man is the mask Kid Flash? It seems that the show is teasing it. Joe said,"I wonder if (Wally's) doppelganger is this feisty." Also whenever Wally ws in the cell, it was like lookig in a mirror. Next, how did Hunter know Wally's name? And plus, when asked who the Man in the mask was he said,"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

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