Warning: If you have not seen the new episode of the Flash, close out of this blog post. In fact close out of The Arrowverse Wiki, as it has spoilers.

Hi guys! ReverseZoom1 here and today I will be talking about Rupture, the most recent episode of the Flash. This blog post will be focusing on Easter Eggs, so here we go!

1. Wally and Jesse.

So when Barry attempted to get his speed back, it didn't go quite as planned. When the energy wave blew through S.T.A.R Labs, Jesse and Wally had just escaped from the time vault and were slammed by it. Now, think about it. The wave was blowback from the 3rd particle accelerator that was made to give Barry his speed back. I am trying to say that Wally and Jesse must now be speedsters! The show has teased Wally becoming Kid Flash a lot. Joe: "I sure there's something out there that will satisfy your need for speed and your want of helping people.

2. Henry.

When I saw this part, it was one of those moments when I want to climb into the screen and slap Barry. Your dad just said his mom's maiden name was Garrick. And you just didn't care. Hmmmm..... I don't have a theory for this one, but rather I want you to post your theories in the commnets section. If you found any other Easter Egg in this episode you want to tell me, go right ahead. Thanks for reading. Gotta run!!