I know, what a random question. But hey, you clicked it, so you must be interested  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, I began investigating this topic about the time the fourth episode of Flash was aired. And, based on my findings, I have found some things that are too coincidential to be ignored. Let's begin.

1. The age

We don't know Jay Garrick age, but doppelgangers tend to have the same age as their alternate-Earth counterparts. Now, let's assume Barry's dad was in his 50's. Going with the fact that the same age is applied to all versions of a person, regardless of their Earth, that would make Jay Garrick in his 50's as well. This corresponds EXACTLY with when the show was on. In (let's call the 1990's Flash "Old Flash") the Old Flash show, Barry was in his mid twenties. Now, more than 26 years have gone by since then. Add 26 to to 24-27 and you get a number that would match Jay Garrick age exactly.

2. The relations

In the Old Flash, 2 characters who were on that show make appearances on the Flash. 

Christina McGee

The Trickster

Interestingly enough, in Season 3 when Barry goes to get help from Jay to help him stop Savitar, Jay is shown fighting the Trickster, albeit his version. While we haven't seen an Earth-3 Tina McGee, her E-1 counterpart seems very knowledgeble about speedsters....

3. The suit

If you know the Old Flash, you know that the suit Barry wore was terrible. Understatement. So it's understandable that he'd want a new suit. Enter Jay's new duds.

RZ1: Well that's all I have for toda-

Random Kid: Wait!

RZ1: ?

Random Kid: How can Jay be the 1990's Flash when they don't have the same name?!?

Answer: Would a superhero who wants to be known as someone different than the old person he used to be use the same name? ;)

Hope you enjoyed, feel free to leave any comments dowm below. I'll see you.