Hey, how's it going? RZ here, with another blog thingy for you to read.

Before I start, please note this post will have spoilers for the Flash show and the comics.

So, this theory was originally thought up by my brother. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. So I've decided to share it with you.

You ready? My theory is...


  • everyone reading dies of cringe*

Ok, here's the evidence. In the Rebirth Flash comics, Barry is working with a partner. His name is August Heart. August's brother is murdered by a unknown person, and August is obessed with getting revenge for his brother. Then he's struck by lightning, And he get's superspeed. For a while, he helps Barry out as his partner, cleaning up Central City. Anyway, long story short, August is revealed as Godspeed, the evil speedster they're all trying to stop. How does this relate to Cisco? Well, time to explain.

In the show, Cisco and his brother, Dante, aren't very close. Dante is basically a jerk to Cisco, and they don't act like brothers. But then, after a series of life threatening events, Dante and Cisco become very close, and Dante isn't a jerk anymore. Then, Dante is killed by a drunk driver. This sends Cisco into depression, and he becomes really angry at Barry. To be honest, Barry was being a hypocrite, but let's not get into that.

So? Whaddya think? It could happen! Though, I kinda want Godspeed to be a Bart Allen villain (I know, I'm so bad), but you can't win it all.                 


                                                                  See how similar the suits are?


Vibe, on CW's The Flash.


August Heart, as The Flash's partner.