Hey guys, it's ReverseZoom1 here, and I've been mulling something over. When Winn Schott said, "A Earth where all of us are evil," Barry quickly replied," Been there, it sucked."

He couldn't have been talking about E-2, as his doppelganger wasn't evil. Could have been talking about the Crime Syndicate?

In case you don't know the Crime Syndicate was basically the anti Justice League from a different Earth. Their members inculded: Deathstorm(hmmm), Owlman, Johnny Quick( the anti Flash), Superwoman, The Sea King, Grid, The Outsider, Power Ring(self-explanitory), Atomica, and Ultraman, to name a few. In the comics, they are based on E-3, but there is no way that the CS could be on E-3, since that was Supergirl's world, according to the creators.

I think the only answer is that Barry went to a different Earth. Remember when Barry met Supergirl, he wasn't really suprised that he was on a different Earth."Wait--have you heard of the Green Arrow? Black Canary? Firestorm? Zoom?" He said it in a inquiring but nonchalant tone. 

And if this accidential Eartheporting is true, you have to wonder: how many Earths just are there. I initally thought since there were 52 breaches, they each led to a different Earth (New-52, eh?)

I am so confused. Please reply with your own theory about this topic. Gotta run! *zips away, trips* Dang it!