Ok, well, I'm going to get straight into this.

1. Diggle has a son!?!?

I know, I know. Jonathan Diggle isn't exactly in The Flash, but what I'm about to talk about involves what Barry, our favorite time-traveling speedster, did to the timeline. So, what we saw on Paradox was really something. Apparently, Barry screwed up the time even more than we thought. One of those major changes, being, that Diggle now has a son instead of a daughter. I don't even how that happened, how time travel changed a person's gender, but it happened. So when I was watching this episode, I thought, "Wait...If Diggle had a son in this timeline...the Star City 2046 episode now make sense!!!" If you didn't see that episode, basically the Waverider was pulled off-course into Star City, 30 years in the future. Oliver had a prosthetic arm, the city was ruled by Grant Wilson, and Connor Hawke was the Green Arrow. Anyways, I was really confused, because, does that mean the Arrowverse shows don't line up? If Star City 2046 happened before Paradox, then how did Diggle have a son?!? Help me out in the comments, please.

2. The Speed Force

I think the CW really needs to address the issue of how the Speed Force works, because, frankly, I'm confused. So in the first episode, Cisco gives Barry his first suit, so his clothes won't burn up at high speeds. But don't speedsters have protective barriers?!? Then, in the Supergirl crossover, Barry runs Kara over to some random field, and her clothes are on fire. Um.... Then, in Flashpoint, Barry runs after Kid Flash and The Rival, and his clothes are flame-free! But then, Cisco tells Wally he made him a friction proof suit so his clothes won't burn while he's speeding around. So... Do speedsters have a Speed Force aura around then or nah?

3. Future Barry

I know this says "2 things" but i just realized something.

This is a topic i've been mulling over for a while now. Basically, Eobard Thawne is from the future. Like, a hundred years. So, wouldn't Barry be like 126 years old by then?? And he's still the Flash??? 

Thanks for reading, and leave reviews in the comment section, please!


PS: Should my name be ReverseZoomRival now?!? D: D: