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    Season 4 Thoughts

    August 21, 2017 by ReverseZoom101

    Heyo, Arrowverse Wiki. I felt a spark of inspiration this particular day, so what the heck, here's a post.

    I just want to get everyone's two cents on the upcoming season. We know Thinker is confirmed for the Big Bad, we have that samurai guy (most likely a villian of the week, although they'll probably use him to bring back Barry).

    Here's my predictions. Samurai Dude wants The Flash, so Wally's gonna pretend to be Barry. Either:

    1) The guy finds out Wally isn't the real Flash


    2) The guy buys it, Wally tries to fight the guy, he gets the crap beaten out of him. At this point, Team Flash realizes you can't actualy have a Team named after The Flash, without, well, The Flash, so, through some gibberish mathematical formula that doesn't make any…

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    June 26, 2017 by ReverseZoom101

    Hey, how's it going? RZ here, with another blog thingy for you to read.

    Before I start, please note this post will have spoilers for the Flash show and the comics.

    So, this theory was originally thought up by my brother. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. So I've decided to share it with you.

    You ready? My theory is...

    • everyone reading dies of cringe*

    Ok, here's the evidence. In the Rebirth Flash comics, Barry is working with a partner. His name is August Heart. August's brother is murdered by a unknown person, and August is obessed with getting revenge for his brother. Then he's struck by lightning, And he get's superspeed. For a while, he helps Barry out as his partner, cleaning up Central City. Anyway, long story short, Augu…

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  • ReverseZoom101

    What's going on guys, it's RZ here with another blog post!

    • tries to sound like he has friends*

    Anyway, season three of Flash was very lackluster for me. Through all that, I noticed a few plotholes. Let's start.

    1. When Savitar loses his memory of giving Wally powers, Wally loses his speed. But when Savitar is erased from existence, Wally still apparently has his powers.

    2. Remember when HR did his face thing, so that the rest of the world saw his colleague, Randolf, but Team Flash saw HR? What happened to that?!

    3. How were there metahumans in Flashpoint? The particle accelerator doesn't explode (at least, it isn't mentioned).

    4. In the last battle with Savitar, Savitar is shown cutting down two trees. Wally, who is chasing Savitar, barely avoid…

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    I know, what a random question. But hey, you clicked it, so you must be interested  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Anyway, I began investigating this topic about the time the fourth episode of Flash was aired. And, based on my findings, I have found some things that are too coincidential to be ignored. Let's begin.

    1. The age

    We don't know Jay Garrick age, but doppelgangers tend to have the same age as their alternate-Earth counterparts. Now, let's assume Barry's dad was in his 50's. Going with the fact that the same age is applied to all versions of a person, regardless of their Earth, that would make Jay Garrick in his 50's as well. This corresponds EXACTLY with when the show was on. In (let's call the 1990's Flash "Old Flash") the Old Flash show, Barry was i…

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    Random Thoughts

    February 16, 2017 by ReverseZoom101

    I just want to let you know this post has a LOT of spoilers, so read at your own peril.

    I'd thought I'd start out with the big question: Who is Savitar?

    Yes, indeed. And I have evidence to support me. Let me put it this way. Guy finds out the woman he loves is going to die. Guy does anything to save her, but it doesn't work and she ends up dying anyway. For all of you who don't get what I'm referring to, it's Star Wars. Namely, the prequels (and just between you and me, I like them!) But anyway, it seems that The Flash is playing a similar game. Think of it this way: Barry needs to go faster, right? But he can't. So he's reling on Wally to save Iris for him. But something goes wrong. For some reason, Barry doesn't think Wally can do the job, a…

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