Arrow is by far one of the best TV sries that I have ever seen and remains my favorite. What I really like about the show is the character development is brilliant and doesn't have much pacing issues compared to other TV Series, and the feel of the show also is spot on, they are able to deliver an atmosphere which at times is quite gritty, but also has the right balance of dark and not so dark moments. Being a fan of both Marvel and DC, I would have to say that DC is doing a much better job of producing a TV Series such as Arrow when compared to Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Although I would have to say that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has gotten better and has managed to add some kind of continuity when the Marvel Cinematic Universe is involved, something that would be difficult considering that the transition of lnked properties from big screen to small screen is a first for Marvel. Marvel has done a much better job off setting up a cinematic universe, seeing as Marvel is already up to their 10th cinematic universe film with the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy. Although DC is finally establishing a universe, they are still in early stages and after watching Man Of Steel, it might go toe to toe with Marvel if done right.

After watchng all the Marvel films and watching Arrow, I've come to understand the kind of dynamic that works when it comes to characters on screen. So far in Arrow, they've set up a very science based/grounded atmosphere or universe, which I quite like. However since they haven't completely deducted the idea of magic and other supernatural aspects not existing, there is a chance it exist. Which I feel would ruin the universe. One example of this is the Blood Cult which is led by Slade and Sebastian Blood. In the trivia it says that they worship the Demon Trigon in the DC Multiverse, which doesn't necessarily mean that he will make an appearance, but it doesn't exclude the possibilty either. I really hope they don't introduce magic and other aspects like that because I feel the whole science based universe will be ruined by it. Also it won't really make sense, seeing as Oliver fights with his bow and arrow, and i'd rather not watch Oliver punching a ghost in the face or some stupid crap like that. When it comes to Marvel, they've also established a very science based universe. People probably think that Thor and Asgard are a bit out of place, however it works because they're not supernatural beings, they are thought of as a more advanced society and civilisation not just as gods. For a while now, Marvel has been considering a Dr. Strange film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dr. Strange is a character very heavily grounded in magic and all that other jazz. The film is something I think wouldn't work in terms of dynamics and atmosphere. Imagine all the avengers fighting side by side and suddenly a freaking ghost appears. For me, I don't see that working anytime soon either on Arrow or in the Marvel Universe.

If you read this, thank you so much for taking the time to. Sorry I you think I'm a little bastard that talks too much, but it is just what I think. Anyway, what do you think? Do you reckon it'll work if they introduce demons and magic into science grounded tv series like arrow? Yay or Nay?