The Flash Season 3 will be here in a flash so here are the top 10 things I want from the upcoming season

10. Easter eggs galore

This one is self-explanatory. Who doesn't love easter eggs?

9. Some familiar faces

I know we will see Henry and Nora, but I would like to see characters like E1 Harry, Eddie, and Cold. Well we know Cold will be there, but still he is on the list of characters that can be brought back through Flashpoint.

8. More character development

Caitilin will get some character development that is known, but I hope the other characters develop as well and that Barry will learn to stop going back in time because that just screws things up.

7. More exploration of the Multiverse

I want to see more alternate earths which gives us higher chances of easter eggs.

6. More Barry/Joe moments

Grant and Jesse have great chemistry and their characters are great together.

5. Keep the villain threatning even after the identity reveal

Zoom sadly wasn't as threatning after the identity reveal so I hope Doctor Alchemy will still be threatning even after the identity reveal

4. Do Mirror Master some justice

He's finally coming to the show so I hope he is done justice.

3. Lasting effects from Flashpoint

What is the point if effects aren't felt even after the event is over.

2. Cobalt Blue

With Flashpoint leaving lasting effects this would be the perfect time to bring in Barry's evil twin.

1. Black Flash return

The time wraiths will be pissed about this and they recently turned Zoom into the Black Flash. Why not send Hunter as BF to hunt Barry down for screwing up the timeline.