Legends of Tomorrow has dropped a teaser for its season 2. Some things I liked some things I didn't. I decided to name the top 10 things that I want in Legends season 2.

10. Easter Eggs Galore

The first season has some seriously great easter eggs so let's hope Season 2 has just as many.

9. Some Multiverse Exploration

I know it is about time travel, but how cool would it be to see them travel to an alternate earth?

8. Some effects from Flashpoint to change some things

I know this probably will not happen, but I feel if it can affect Arrow then why not Legends?

7. Never mention Hawkman and Hawkgirl ever again.

This one should be self explanatory.

6. Bring up the Thangarian Threat again

I was hoping that the Thangarians could be the Season 2 baddies until we found out it was The Legion of Doom. I hope that this will be brought up again or possibly explored in a future season.

5. Classic JSA Members

We're getting the JSA which contains lots of heroes and some classic ones as well. I'm hoping to see some of these heroes and if not then through great easter eggs.

4. Booster Gold

I mean he is Rip's father plus who doesn't love Booster?

3. John Constantine Joining the Legends

This probably won't happen, but I can dream can't I.

2. Interaction with famous historical figures

We've seen in the teaser they kidnap Albert Einstein so I hope we see more interaction with historical figures in fun and interesting ways.

1. More Consistency with Time Travel Rules

The show's first season didn't really know how to handle time travel rules and Rip contradicted himself a lot. I hope they can fix this by establishing rules and sticking to them instead of changing things whenever the writers write themselves in a corner. They are skilled writers who should be able to find ways to do this without changing established rules.

Well those are my top 10 what are yours? Post in the comments and I will post later on my top 10 things I want in Arrow Season 5 as well as the top 10 things I want in The Flash season 3. I will also post top 10 things I want in Supergirl Season 2, top 10 things I want in Supernatural Season 12, top 10 things I want in Grimm Season 6, and top 10 things I want in Sherlock Season 4. You will be able to find those on their respective wikias after I post them.