Arrow Season 5 will be upon us soon so I decided to do a list of the top 10 things I want from Arrow Season 5.

10. A villain who doesn't want to "cleanse" the world




What do all of these have in common? All of that were trying to cleanse the world of evil. Malcolm attacked The Glades, Ra's tried to spread Alpha-Omega, and Damien attempted to nuke and restart. Can we have a villain who doesn't want to cleanse. That would be great. It sounds like this season we have a villain who just wants revenge, but with these writers that could easily change.

9. Make the villain relatable

I love when a show gives a villain a motive that even the viewer can understand. One that makes the viewer sympathize with the villain. Like Jason Todd's motive or something to that extent. I just want a villain who also has a good motive. I just feel that has been lacking lately in Arrow and the other Arrowverse shows.

8. Go back to the dark

When the show as darker I feel it worked better. It was more of a Batman clone, but it worked. It also made it more interesting when it crossed over with The Flash. That the dark tone and lighter tones collide. Plus it could allow I feel for darker moments that drive our heroes forward.

7. A ton of easter eggs

Who doesn't love a good easter egg?

6. Make Curtis likable

I didn't really care for Curtis. I honestly found him annoying so I'm hoping this season can fix that.

5. Trick Arrows

I want the classic trick arrows. The boxing glove arrow was teased, but never given I want to see what fun toys Oliver can contain in his quiver.

4. Badass Fights

I want awesome fight scenes again. The ones lately have been meh. The first two seasons had awesome ones so I hope they bring them back.

3. Give Ollie the FREAKIN GOATEE!

No. Old Ollie on Legends didn't have a goatee that was just a beard. I feel we need to acknowledge the comic books and I feel this is the best way to.

2. Use the source material. 

Stop with the organic crap Guggie. Use what the comics gave you. Adapt a Green Arrow storyline. Roy's heroin addiction would be a great storyline. The storyline doesn't have to be 100% adapted. Some things can be changed, but what is the point in having all this source material when you don't use it.

1. Destroy Olicity

Now before you start the hate. I didn't say kill Felicity I think she can be redeemed, but as long as her and Ollie are in this relationship crap then we have a problem. This is the main problem with Arrow right now is that it is a chick flick. We can have our badass fights and well crafted storylines once the relationship is gone.