We are now officially finished with the current seasons of the Arrowverse. We've seen all baddies defeated and all cliffhangers have been shown to make us anticipated for the return. SPOILERS IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FINALES FOR LEGENDS (SEASON 1), FLASH (SEASON 2), AND ARROW (SEASON 4).

Which was the best cliffhanger

Legends: Hourman and JSA

Flash: Flashpoint

Arrow: Team disbands (temporary? forever?) leaving us with Ollie and...she who shall not be named. C'mon Wildesheer it is not like she is Voldemort. (sigh) Fine. Felicity.

Which of these was your favorite and which was your least favorite. Which was the best and which was the worst. Tell me in the comment section along with which show you are most excited to see return.

Kaestal still owes me some popcorn. Nobody700 promised to save me from President Trump. I haven't seen either of those happen yet. Hopefully those will happen while I'm waiting on The Flash to return.