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    The Flash Season 3 will be here in a flash so here are the top 10 things I want from the upcoming season

    10. Easter eggs galore

    This one is self-explanatory. Who doesn't love easter eggs?

    9. Some familiar faces

    I know we will see Henry and Nora, but I would like to see characters like E1 Harry, Eddie, and Cold. Well we know Cold will be there, but still he is on the list of characters that can be brought back through Flashpoint.

    8. More character development

    Caitilin will get some character development that is known, but I hope the other characters develop as well and that Barry will learn to stop going back in time because that just screws things up.

    7. More exploration of the Multiverse

    I want to see more alternate earths which gives us higher c…

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  • Rafe Adler

    Arrow Season 5 will be upon us soon so I decided to do a list of the top 10 things I want from Arrow Season 5.

    10. A villain who doesn't want to "cleanse" the world




    What do all of these have in common? All of that were trying to cleanse the world of evil. Malcolm attacked The Glades, Ra's tried to spread Alpha-Omega, and Damien attempted to nuke and restart. Can we have a villain who doesn't want to cleanse. That would be great. It sounds like this season we have a villain who just wants revenge, but with these writers that could easily change.

    9. Make the villain relatable

    I love when a show gives a villain a motive that even the viewer can understand. One that makes the viewer sympathize with the villain. Like Jason Todd's mo…

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    Legends of Tomorrow has dropped a teaser for its season 2. Some things I liked some things I didn't. I decided to name the top 10 things that I want in Legends season 2.

    10. Easter Eggs Galore

    The first season has some seriously great easter eggs so let's hope Season 2 has just as many.

    9. Some Multiverse Exploration

    I know it is about time travel, but how cool would it be to see them travel to an alternate earth?

    8. Some effects from Flashpoint to change some things

    I know this probably will not happen, but I feel if it can affect Arrow then why not Legends?

    7. Never mention Hawkman and Hawkgirl ever again.

    This one should be self explanatory.

    6. Bring up the Thangarian Threat again

    I was hoping that the Thangarians could be the Season 2 baddies un…

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    Want to see Oliver meet Robin Hood? Want to see Doc Brown and Rip Hunter argue about time travel? Want to see Quicksilver race The Flash? Well this is the blog to do just that. You can place your ideas for crossovers in the comments. What world should the Arrowverse interact with? That is up to you.

    So far I've gotten some interesting ideas. I can't wait to see what you creative and clever users can come up with. 

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    DC has a lot of great heroes, but it has great villains as well. What villains from the comics should join the Arrowverse? They can be any villain no matter if they are a villain to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern just as long as they are a villain.

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