Vandal Savage will be appearing in Legends of Tomorrow as the primary villain but as we’ve already seen in a recent trailer, he won’t be the only one and this raises the question will we see Vandal’s daughter Scandal?

Recently I was reading some news about the show and something occurred to me. Actress Stephanie Corneliussen who is set to portray soviet physicist Valentina Vostok is actually from Denmark and Casper Crump who portrays Savage himself is also from Denmark, and this has made me suspect that the character Valentina Vostok is actually meant to be Scandal Savage under a false name. True the actors same place of birth could be a coincidence but I also took notice of Valentina’s character description which says she is critical in deciding the fate of the cold war, and as revealed in the Arrow/Flash crossover this year Savage was associated with numerous historical military leaders such as Genghis Khan and Julius Caesar. As already shown even Vandal Savage himself is actually an amalgamation of the same comic character plus the Hawkman+Hawkgirl villain Hath-Set. If Valentina Vostok is Scandal she could be assisting her father in his plans to take over the world by causing the fall of the soviets.

So what do you guys think of my theory could Valentina Vostok secretly be Scandal Savage?