I been doing research into the arrow series. The arrow series is based particaly on the Green Arrow Comics from D.C. The Arrow is known as the Green Arrow in the comics. Tommy Merlyn is know as Merlyn the rival and enemy to the Green Arrow. Dinah "Laurel" Lance is based on the comic book character Dinah Lance aka the Black Canary. Robert Queen is based on Robert Queen the father of Oliver Queen, Moria Queen is based on Moria Queen the wife to Robert Queen and mother of Oliver Queen. Robert and Moria Queen own a bussiness called Queen Industry which is now owned by Oliver Queen. Other character that are based from the comic is the first villian the Arrow faces off against Constantine Drakon is the name a villian that the green arrow faces off against. And according to my research the next villian the Arrow will faces off against next after the pilot is Deadshot another character based from the comics. Even wikiapedia calls this series based on the characters from DC universe Robin Hood the green arrow. I know it is early but this is so exciting. So far they have done a supernan series. Now they bring back the live action batman movies and they introduced the world the green arrow in his own series. Which is awsome.