I been working on my own version of the DC universe.  So far I been working on Batman Comics.  So far I have worked out a few bugs, but what I have done and created is new vision of the characters of this universe.  This is what I have done so far.  A little aspect into my mind first.  After the Batman movie series, Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises has inspired me to make a more realistic series of the characters from DC.  So there will be Green Arrow characters.  The ones I know.

Batman aka Bruce Wayne:  Bruce Wayne has had a long tragic history.  As a child he saw his parents murdered by the criminal Joe Chill.  As a teenager he went to the best schools until his graduation from Harvert in his early 20s.  As a young adult he traveled and trained all around the world.  Once his training was done he returned to Gotham City to reclain the city he grew up in as the Batman.  At first his return was meet by the press hoping that Mr. Wayne would also recover the family business Wayne Industries.  At first it was the main cover to his plans, but became the identity the public wanted to see.  He keeps a cover as a play boy and multi-millionaire by day and at night he is the dark avernger.  He keeps his skills in the shadows and darkness of Gotham as a mere vigillante and a urban legend.  He will not act on a criminal after investigating him or her of the reason behind there criminal activities.  By doing this he studied the criminal mind and became known as the world greatest detective after Shirlock Homes.  While he seems to not sleep much in fact he does power naps during the day.  Only sleep for a few hours before going to work or even fighting crime.

Alfread Pennyworth:  Alfred iis a long to time friend and buttler to the Bruce Wayne.  His early life before the Waynes was him in the millitary and the CIA.  He was a millitary medic while in the service and when he left he became a member the CIA as a agent for the country.  He too traveled until he had a injury in service and was forced to retire from the CIA.  He latter spent time being at buttler school and eventually being hired by the Wayne family under Bruces father.  After the deaths of his employer he beacme the support system for the young Bruce Wayne.  While Bruce was on his travels he stayed in contact with only phone calls and letters from Bruce.  When he returned it him who discovered the reason of his return.  Now he is a mere supporter and adviser of Brice Wayne as he adventures out into the dark world of Gotham City's Underground.  He keeps Bruce Cover of his nightly business by answering the phone and giving good cover stories.

Lucus Fox: Lucus is a long time friend of Bruce Wayne.  After the death of Bruce parents he was the one that came over and stay with him while he was consoling over his lost.  After Bruce Wayne left Gotham City for his advetures around the world.  Lucus took a job at Wayne Industires as a Tech expert.  After Bruce returned he was the one who supported the company to give back the powers and control of the industry.  As Batman, Lucus is the sorce for all of the Bat Gadgets and vecieals.  Making him the brains behind the batman.  He is able to keep Bruces secret life a secret.  He still comes over to talk with Wayne.  Mostly about sports, business and the crime fighter known as the batman.

Commisioner James Gordon:  James Gordon was assigned to be a detective at Gotham PD as a young man.  He investigated the acts of Batman and the myth behind him.  In the end, James Gordon became a holder to Batmans urban legend and vigilantee.  Batman saved him and his daughter from a criminal gang, and because of that he became graceful for his act.  Batman only wanted one thing, to keep Batman in the dark.  For that Gordon meets Batman in the dark alleys behind Gotham PD to discus cases.  Or at the crime scene in the dark.  James Gordon support for the Batman is the reason Batman is a Urban Legend and Vigilantee in Gotham.  In the light of day, Bruce and James Gordon, are a constant scene at all Gotham City support issues from feeding to the poor to the building of a new police station.  They are not chummy in the hine light because of many of times GCPD has been called to Wayne Manor or to where ever Bruce makes a big scene or party.  But in the end Bruce has supported James Gordon and his work as a Detective and eventually Commissioner of Gotham City Police Department.  His early life was him starting at Police College, he was officer at Metropolis before being promoted to be detective and returned to Gotham City.  He married to Barbra Gordon while in Metropolis,  She gave to a girl she named Barbra Gordon also, by than Barbra was shot by the a criminal on the street.  She died after giving birth to there daughter.  Gordon is a good father to his daugther and gave her the life she deserved.

Dick Grayson aka Robin:  Dick Grayson early life was part of a traveling circus.  He was part of the acrobatic team called the flying graysons.  His life began when his father realises of his love of his work in the circus.  After that his father taught him everything he needs to know for the circus.  He became agile and fast, he gained a nickname known as Robin after he saved his brothers life.  His life part of the flying Graysons ended when he came to Gotham City when a local mob searching for "safety money" from circus, tampered with the performence which caused the death to all but one Flying Grayson.  After that Bruce took him in as a adupted child.  After dicovereing the Batcave.  Bruce saw a future in him as a partner and future hero.  Bruce trained him to be a new Robin, a crime fighter that stricks fear into Gotham City Underworld.

Barbra Gordon aka Batgirl:  Barbra Gordon had a rough start to life.  Her mom died after she was conceved and given her name.  Her father James Gordon has given her a good life for a child.  She had a interest in gymnastics as a young child.  She was tooken to classes from her dad.  But in young Barbra Gordon head was the tought of the death of her mom.  She wanted to find who killed her mom.  She studied Gotham,City Police Behind her fathers back.  But that was not enough, she wanted to know more, she went after the batman.  Batman excepted her plea and decided to take her in as a young pepal as well.  He trained her the same way as Robin and she took the name Bat Girl.  Spite her age she is more mature than her appearance.  She looks forward to a future where she would see the person who killed her mom is put away.