We're closing in to the mid-season finale, and now everyone has their own suspects for the big bad of the season. I am collecting suspects from everywhere in Arrowverse Wiki and these are my results. Please vote for the likely suspect! Also, for Legends, the Legion of Doom are not really the big bads, so guess who the villain might be! (Please nominate at my talk page)



1. Quentin Lance 2. Billy Malone 3. Tommy Merlyn 4. Roy Harper 5. Kyle Reston 6. Malcolm Merlyn 7. Leonid Kovar 8. A family member of Constantine Drakon 9. Adrian Chase 10. "James" 11. Robert Queen 12. Moira Queen 13. Laurel Lance

The Flash


1. Julian Albert 2. Eddie Thawne 3. H.R. Wells 4. Tommy Merlyn


1. Hunter Zolomon (E-2) 2. Hunter Zolomon (E-1) 3. Eddie Thawne 4. Harrison Wells (E-1) 5. Detective Tom Patterson 6. Eobard Thawne 7. Jay Garrick

Please vote! If you have other candidates, please nominate at my talk page. Thanks!