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    We're closing in to the mid-season finale, and now everyone has their own suspects for the big bad of the season. I am collecting suspects from everywhere in Arrowverse Wiki and these are my results. Please vote for the likely suspect! Also, for Legends, the Legion of Doom are not really the big bads, so guess who the villain might be! (Please nominate at my talk page)


    1. Quentin Lance 2. Billy Malone 3. Tommy Merlyn 4. Roy Harper 5. Kyle Reston 6. Malcolm Merlyn 7. Leonid Kovar 8. A family member of Constantine Drakon 9. Adrian Chase 10. "James" 11. Robert Queen 12. Moira Queen 13. Laurel Lance


    1. Julian Albert 2. Eddie Thawne 3. H.R. Wells 4. Tommy Merlyn


    1. Hunter Zolomon (E-2) 2. Hunter Zolomon (E-1) 3. Eddie Thawn…

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    1. Clyde Mardon/Weather Wizard 2. Danton Black/Multiplex 3. Kyle Nimbus/The Mist 4. Leonard Snart/Captain Cold 5. Wade Eiling/Goldfinger 6. Tony Woodward/Girder 7. Farooq Gibran/Blackout 8. Roy Bivolo/Rainbow Raider 9. Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang 10. Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash 11. Mick Rory/Heat Wave 12. Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper 13. Shawna Baez/Peek-A-Boo 14. Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard 15. Lisa Snart/Golden Glider 16. James Jesse/Teh Trickster 17. Axel Walker/Teh Trickster 18. Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit 19. Hannibal Bates/Everyman 20. Grodd 21. Jake Simmons/Deathbolt 22. Henry Hewitt/Tokamak 23. Vandal Savage 24. Russell Glosson/The Turtle 25. Joseph Montelone/Tar Pit 26. Adam Fells/Geomancer

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    New Speedsters

    January 30, 2016 by OliverJonasQueen

    Things have changed in the Arrowverse. Zoom appears, then Jay Garrick, then people from Earth-2. Wally West and Hunter Zolomon appears too. I have a theory that if Zoom's powers were drained by Barry, Barry loses control of the energy and it spreads everywhere, reviving Al Rothstein (E-1) and Eddie Thawne (making Eobard possible to exist), then zapping Jesse Quick, Wally West and Hunter Zolomon into a coma. They would wake in the third season, with Al gaining atomic powers and the rest of them speedster powers. Then, Jay Garrick would die and Hunter Zolomon will become the new Crimson Comet, Al Rothstein a good Atom-Smasher, Jesse Quick becoming like in the comics, and Wally West becoming Kid Flash. Meanwhile, Eddie wakes on a grassland, f…

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