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  • OlieRendch

    These are my opinions of the first season of The Flash!

    So The Flash is a spin-off from Arrow and is about this guy Barry Allen who can run fast and with the help of some scientist friends becomes the superhero the Flash! I really enjoyed when he first showed up in Arrow season 2 and again I enjoyed watching him here.   

      Grant Gustin does a great job in his role, his performance was very entertaining during all the comedic, emotional and action scenes; a really good casting choice. Talking of cast, another great role is Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells , he was a such an interesting character to watch, I really did love all of his scenes. My favourite character was Cisco though, probably because I related most to him being a geek and I laughed at…

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  • OlieRendch

    These are my short reviews of the first three seasons of Arrow. To see more of my stuff, please visit .

    So, I didn't really know many DC Characters, and so I'd never heard of the Green Arrow , but I liked the idea of the Flash and so I wanted to see what it was spinning-off from, and I'd heard this Arrow thing was pretty good. So after watching the entire first season , I have to say: I like it! This is an intense series. Arrow is jam-packed full of action, suspense, and loads of mystery; just what I like. I thought the characters were great, and each one had a story line that was interesting. And even though I don't like lengthy flashbacks, I actually enjoyed these, I think for this show it was a good idea. If you…

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