Hey guys, Brandon here with my first blog post.

Today, I wanted to share a topic for the upcoming four-way crossover event that is coming later this year (or sometime next year; there hasn't been an announced release date for it yet). We also know that Kara Danvers/Supergirl is expected to play a bigger role in the crossover this upcoming TV season. So, if Kara will have a bigger role than she did a few months ago, one of the best villains to have for the crossover (in my opinion) would be... Darkseid.

Sure, we haven't seen or even heard of Darkseid in any Arrowverse show (basically Supergirl since Darkseid is an enemy of Superman and the Justice League). And we don't even know if the CW would get the rights to use the villain for the crossover. But here are a few reasons I think Darkseid would work as a villain for it and how they can write him into the show:

1. Darkseid is one of the most powerful enemies in DC comics.

2. He is a major enemy of the Justice League (and Clark Kent/Superman, which Clark has appeared in the season premiere of the second season of Supergirl). Clark could also appear in the crossover if the CW had Darkseid in it.

3. A lot of villains in the Arrowverse (except Prometheus and Reverse-Flash) are bent over taking the world (or destroying the multiverse like Zoom/Black Flash). Have Darkseid written as a villain who will go many lengths to destroy everything Team Arrow, Team Flash, the Legends, and Team Supergirl care about. It would be nice to have this change, even though Prometheus is still at large as the fifth season of Arrow is slated to end in late May.

I will get back to more about this later. If you have any comments or ideas about Darkseid, let me know on my message wall or comment below.