So, if you haven't heard, a new bad speedster is on our doors, and this time he's after Wally! He even threw Wally in the trash! (3 things. First, HAH! Just, classic. Second, Barry not only gives no fucks, but he looks like he knew this would happen. Third, still not as pathetic as when Roy was beat up by Ray, and left to suffer while Oliver left him.)

Being place by Todd Lasance, who could this new speedsteer? His outfit looks like the New 52 Reverse flash, but that would mean he's Joe's son... And Todd is white. (Flashpoint made Joe white!) So, possibly a new version of that character. Another is the Black Racer. Who is death. So yeah, will be fun! He will appear in Flashpoint, and will most likely be a thorn in Wally's side, and a foe Barry should be wary of. What kind of bad guy could he be?