Hello, while I plan to review the rest of season 3, I and many other reviewers and fans have... Less then pleasant opinions of season 3. So this shall be a little thing I came up, where I plan to fix (IN MY OPINION) of what season 3 was. Oh great, some asshole on the internet thinks he's a better writer then professional writers. What a dick. So, this shall go with me making General plot points at a time, and explaining. Let's begin!

Sara never dies

Yes, this was obvious. Now you may be saying, but what of the plot? Well, of course SOMEONE has to die to set this entire plot up. Let's say that Sara comes back to town to see her sister and help Ollie, while her girlfriends dad sent an agent of his to check on Sara. You know, someone really important to Ra's. So this guy dies, and the second episode is Sara freaking the fuck out cause Oliver and them are doing everything they can to learn who killed this guy. While the grief of the episode will be gone, it will be replaced with a dangerous sense of dread. The league enraged should bring horror so bad, it makes the normally unflappable heroes terrified to hear Ra's MAY be angry with them.

So yeah, Sara lives. That's one of many changes that will affect. Now Sara can stay and leave for some eps, trying to survive the whole 'League is crazy and wants her dead.' Thing.

The killer

Now we all know it was Malcolm making Thea do it, which makes him a jerk. Now what I want to change is who killed them. This will be important for many reasons, key being Malcolm's role in the season. So the killer must be someone filling these quotas.

A) Important

B) Deadly

C) Integral to how the plot progresses.

For who is deadly enough to kill a member of the League of assassins, is important enough to make fans know of them, and also a reason to have Ra's be in the series. Who could it be.... But the son of the demon? Yes, I'm talking Dusan. Now he won't be an albino, cause CW will never make anyone an albino. So why would Dusan, brother of Nyssa, do all of this? Why kill a loyal member, frame Sara, and also be a general douchebag? Cause he hates Nyssa, of course! She was always father's favorite despite being so 'young' compared to himself, and he wants to knock Nyssa down a peg or two. So he framed her girlfriend as a traitor! To Dusan, this isn't some evil scheme. This is just a minor scheme of the week. He is willing to destroy his sisters life... On a whim. So yeah, general douchebag! When our gang finds out from his inner cabal of loyal followers, they head out to challenge him... IN COURT!

Well they fail. So Sara must bring up her 'lawyer' while Dusan brings his own. Oliver becomes the lawyer to defend Sara... And Ra's is picked. We all know how that went. So, who shall play Dusan? Why, Matt Nable of course! Then who shall play Ra's? Does the name Liam Neeson. All they have to do is fix some scheduling and wam bam thank you mam Liam Neeson is Ra's al Ghul. So what shall Dusan do? Well let's say Nyssa and Sara retreat from Ra's, and Dusan chases after them cause Ra's considers the business done cause he dislikes killing anyone who doesn't deserve it. So Dusan heads to Starling, takes over a gang lead by some guy named Brick, and he heads out to destroy everything in Starling to make Sara come to save it. Well she does, and with the help of the arrow gang, they kill Dusan and stop Brick. Well, that's how it goes for Dusan. But if Dusan is the killer... What about Malcolm?

Malcolm Merlyn

So Malcolm Merlyn has pissed me off to no end because of his fake redemption. Well, instead of fake redemption... What of real redemption? Let's say after all the shit of season 2, Malcolm has learned his master plan was really just... Kind of an angry man with no real motive beyond lashing out. So he decides to protect Thea and try to help the arrow gang... In his own evil way. He's more violent then even Sara, and is willing to help fight random bad guys with the gang. He genuinely does want to help everyone but his methods are just damn wrong. Eventually it comes to a head when Thea stops Malcolm from murdering Brick by making him realize he's going to just go down his own path. So Malcolm tries to become the green arrow! He... Fails horribly. But still, he eventually brings the cast to realize he has atoned. Maybe Malcolm gets an ep where he realizes his full ramifications for his actions when he meets a victim of his who he killed his wife. So that way, Malcolm can realize what he really has become.

That way, he and the gang will try to rescue Oliver (I'll get to that soon) and while they fail, Malcolm convinces the gang to go on, even in certain defeat. This leads to the finale, where... I'll get to that. All I'll say is, Malcolm needs to become a real hero, not a fake one who everyone praises. Well, Ollie praises. SPEAKING OF OLLIE!

Oliver Queen

First, he reveals who he is to Thea on the 9th episode. Just saying that. So, what does our brave hero do? Well he dies. He fuckin dies. Thankfully, Tatsu brings him back to life. Let's just say she has some magical shit. Well she brings Oliver back to life, and heals him, and trains him in the way of the sword. After a few months, Oliver heads back home in episode 15, where Ra's sorta kinda maybe kidnaps him. He gives Oliver a choice. Either he becomes the next Ra's, or Ra's will murder Thea, Felicity, and everyone else. Even Diggle! Well Ollie, for the rest of the season, trains under Ra's al Ghul to become his disciple. Along the way, Oliver does missions for Ra's to hunt down enemies of the league, while our heroes learn Oliver is alive and look for him. They meet up in the 19th episode, where he battles his friends and family.

Or does he?! In reality, the whole thing was a plan he made up with the gang where he pretends to be evil for the 4 parter finale, while stringing on everyone else. The group finally defeat Ra's as well, with Ollie heading off with Felicity. I will get to Olicity for season 4. Oh, I'm doing a season 4.

Ra's Al Ghul

Well Ra's is bipolar. In this version, he has one real personality. All he cares for is the league. He is enraged when any of his men are killed, and is constantly trying to get the league to succeed. He explains the mission of the league is to kill the evils of the world. So he has Oliver killing corrupt leaders of nations, terrorist, and others. Ra's biggest plan for Oliver is not to destroy the city as well... But to kill his friends and family. He does threaten to destroy them and everyone connected to them though if Oliver refuses. So that way, he isn't too sympathetic. No destroy Starling city plan, just a simple 'Do what I say, or I will murder your sister in front of your face!'

Next, is the fight. He went like a bitch in the finale! This time, he battles not just Oliver... But Nyssa, Sara, Malcolm, and Katanna. Holy shit balls will it be hard as fuck, but damn will it be satisfying to see it done right. Ra's will also KILL MALCOLM MERLYN! Yeah, Malcolm sacrifices himself to help kill Ra's, who is killed by Nyssa. Ra's dies not as some moron, but a badass! Fuckin a man.


Roy dies. Make it tragic or whatever. His character was leaving the show, so let him go tragically. Maybe Ra's kills him or something, but make it cool. If it sounds like I don't care, it's cause I don't. I never liked Roy.


So how shall Laurel become the black canary? Easy, everyone trains her! Oliver, Nyssa, Sara, Malcolm, Diggle, Roy, Felicity, Thea, Ted, Ray, Tatsu, Ra's, and Slade. Okay, I joke. Roy can't teach her. Make Laurel badass by the season finale instead of weirdly badass despite no reason. She gets training from everyone to become the best fighter BECAUSE she had some of the world's greatest fighters teaching her. So yeah, Laurel becomes badass.


Ray becomes the ATOM during the 3 parter arc, and isn't creepy. Besides that, he's okay.


Nyssa and Sara sadly... Break up. Like I have said before, and I hold too, Nyssa is a bad girlfriend. She truly does love Sara, but the two realize outside of stressful situations, the two can't be a couple. Nyssa realizes that the two need time to heal so they can truly be a couple. Nyssa and Sara break up when Nyssa becomes leader of the league, but the two promise one day the two can become a couple when they improve. So yeah, Nyssa and Malcolm both become better people in season 3.


He doesn't become a dick. Thats it.

Things left

So while the first 1-9 will be the gang trying to find the killer of the league member, while trying to hide Sara from them, Malcolm tries to prove he is a good man. In episode 10-15, our heroes must fight and defend Starling without Oliver with the help of Malcolm and Nyssa, two great fighters with personalities that make the hood look nice. In episode 16-23, Oliver becomes the heir of the demon, while our heroes must somehow save him, stop the league, get some Olicity, and maybe Ra's can teach Diggle the true meaning of Christmas. Also maybe Ra's can 'take' Laurel. So, what do you think season 3 shoulda been?

I plan to do season 4 soon. Cause GODAMN, THAT SEASON NEEDED TO BE FIXED!