I'm ashamed of this wiki. Not even talking a little bit about Idiots of Tomorrow. What most interestes me about this new season is the big bad. He's said to make Vandal, one of the most deadly DC villains ever, look useless. But who could it be? I have three Ideas.


They've been hinted at, have an army, and are a bigger threat then Vandal. Also, very popular thanks to Justice league animated. They are the most logical descion. That's why I hate this one.


Because of Grodd, we know monkey business is cool. UltraHumanite is one of the All Squadrons biggest threats, who the legends are based on. He is one of the smartest people in the world, even smarter then Grodd. He is rather strong, being an ape. Plus, he has class, which every genius bad guy needs. Come on, this guy is a perfect choice. Compared to the brute Savage, we need a classy guy. He can listen to opera while making evil plans. Plus, Ray can make stupid ape jokes. So Win-Win-Win!


I can go on for hours. Super smart. A brain. Very popular thanks to Teen Titans and Young Justice. Has an army of very strange people. But most of all... We need this.


So, who should be the big bad? Post your comments!