Season 4 was a mess, we all know that. But it could have been perfect! So here are my 5 ways Season 4 could have been perfect!

More Oliver has a kid drama

Who cared about Damian DARKH and Hive when the real drama was Ollie having a kid! A few eps? We needed AT least 20 episodes dealing with him. Maybe Ollie has to take his kid to school where he is bullied, and Oliver has to learn a lesson about bullying. Or maybe William smokes and Ollie has to teach him about smoking. Or maybe the kid impregnates a woman, with Ollie having to do what Moria did. Think of the endless possibilities!

Less Laurel, Thea, Diggle, Malcolm, Flash gang, Ray, Sara, Constantine, Damian, and less Oliver

They had too much screen time in my opinion. No one likes the characters! We needed more Felicity, who was the break out star everyone adored! Maybe more Donna Smoak, who becomes Arsenal! Maybe she even beats up Oliver! Donna Smoak is also the break out star! Felicity's dad should have been the big bad as well. He had the real chemistry between him and Felicity! Also that Laurel bitch should have died in the first minute.

Oliver was too competent, make him weaker

We needed more drama. How about an episode where Oliver is defeated by an elderly woman in a wheelchair, or a blind baby, or Felicity beats him up as she trains to become Oracle! Felicity being a superhero would be the BEST PART!

More Olicity drama

Olicity drama is the best part. How about they break up in episode 2! Hell, at the start as well! Felicity constantly destroying Olivers self esteem, balls, and his soul is the kind of high brow drama Shakespeare DREAMED of. I also love how Oliver tried to get her back, and every episode Felicity should bravely step out of a wheelchair in defiance of Oliver's sins against her!

Less action, more drama

Who cares about HIVE, Damian DARKH, and all those other guys? How about we get more Felicity eps about her tribulations as being the richest most beautiful and smartest also greatest person to ever exist. Felicity needed a slave army as well to praise her. All in the end, we all know Felicity needed more scenes.

So, did I fix Season 4?