Oh man, remember when people were demanding a Felicity episode back in season 1? Now a days, no one wants that shit. NO ONE!

The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak

Is this gonna end with it turning out Felicity is an angel? Cause if so, I will love this episode. Best secret movie ever! So Roy, Laurel, and Thea all work out to be badass (ILaurel looks like a dumb monkey) and Roy and Laurel suck while Thea is doing okay. Felicity does 5 sit-ups in the time it takes for 10. Already, a great start! So Ray starts his woman hating rants against Felicity in her home while trying to be smart. Oh shut up you 140 I.Q moron. So there, we meet Felicity's mom! Donna Smoak! Ahh Donna, remember when the fanbase loved you? Then you became everything awful about Felicity. Poor stupid Donna. Well right now, she's amazing! She texted Felicity she was coming... But forgot to send. Oh god, I normally hate dumb blonde jokes, but her being Felicity's mom?! AMAZING! So Ray shows off how good his Apple Iwatch is. Warning, it will explode and catch you on fire. Now we see Felicity's origins! Where she was... Death.

That makes too much sense in modern episodes. Also funny joke saying she is a college student. Either that, or she got held back up... A lot. Next, Felicity's boyfriend erases the student loans, but Felicity stops him before he does. He wants to become Hackman, the world's lamest hero. Also, I found this on hacking.

Still better then Arrow hacking. Or Flash hacking. So Thea reveals to Ollie she has his money, and Oliver is pissed. Thea bought a great apartment Felicity will happily steal from. Fuckin Felicity. So Thea says she can spend blood money as much as she want. Too bad the entire city goes on a blackout. Also, thunder. FUCKIN BARRY! Also, nice to see things explode for some reason. I blame a hairdryer! So because a blackout is scary, they decide to make it a SUPERBLACKOUT to make it ridiculous. So we find out who did this... Brother Eye! Oh man, Brother Eye is a satellite. Oliver is gonna need a really big bow for this. ROCKET ARROWS! Cisco, get on it! So Donna and Felicity head out to find Oliver at the club, and DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNN, Donna is smoking. Again... Blondes... Are not... Why do I fucking bother at this point? Donna proceeds to eat Diggle's baby. Is Donna me?! Is she a busty blonde version of me? Well Oliver says the dumbest thing ever.

Oliver: We can't let Sara in there.

Even Diggle is amazed at how stupid Ollie is. Who is Sara gonna tell? Is she gonna tell other babies? Oh damn, Ollie would be pissed when he learns Sara was made INSIDE the Quiver. So Laurel is now the boss because she's the only one important, and the other DA is probably building his ski goggles. So Death become her Felicity says that the Dutch angle will arrest record boyfriend. So the boyfriend says no one can arrest him. He is then arrested. Felicity is also arrested for statutory rape for fucking college kids as an adult. So Brother Eye boasts he will steal money from everyone. You can't steal mine, my money is under my bed! So Laurel learns of a riot, and decides to respond by sending in a riot team. How dare Laurel try to stop a riot! Who does she think she is, a person doing her job?! Well Oliver and Roy TEARGAS THE CROWD! WHAT THE FUCK?! So Felicity learns she can't stop the virus... Because she is the creator of the virus.

Well... At least she didn't teargas a crowd. Felicity reveals her secret origins of creating virus's that let her infect any server. Even porn servers! Felicity reveals she had a boyfriend! Dun dun dun! She says her roomate must have done it, because he was in the episode. So at prison, Felicity the endless (Damn do I love Sandman) talks to her Boyfriend, and says she will out herself. He said he did it first though, cause like hell he will let a woman take over his position of King douchebag. So Lance is angry at Laurel for stopping a riot. How DARE she stop a riot. She shoulda let that riot grow. For the first time ever, i'm defending Laurel from the show. This is weird... I gotta fix this! Umm... Laurel is stupid. BOOM, REPUTATION, FIXED! So Thea tries to fix her wifi, but Oliver stops her. He bought data storage for a reason! So Ollie stops him by firing arrows into his monitor. Well the guy says he has a hybrid, so he can't be evil. He reveals he MAY have showed some people the virus though.

So Ollie asks why they can't blame the boyfriend, and she reveals he was in jail... And also died. Damn, if only they knew about some secret group that hires prisoners with excellent skill to do dirty jobs for the US. If only Diggle knew this group. So Felicity and Donna rant at each other, with Felicity angry that Donna acts like a hooker, while the mother feels disappointed that she honestly was never the mother Felicity wanted, but was the mother she needed. I love this scene, it's a mother saying she feels like she was never a good mother BECAUSE she had no connection to Felicity. It's so tragic to see how Felicity judged her mother wrong.

Points: 6

So Roy wants to hit people. Dude, they would hit you back, and harder. So Felicity apologizes to her mom, and then Felicity finds out Donna got here because she won a contest she never entered. They are then kidnapped. Oh damn! Well they find out who the master of Brother eye is...

Nah, it's her ex boyfriend. Well he reveals NSA wanted him for their new squad... Kill yourself squad. He is angry that Felicity dared get a job instead of stopping people from having student loans. He also says the banks will give money to the bank. He wants Felicity to hack into the bank trucks to get the money himself. Oh damn, good idea. Only one problem. It's called the Arrow. He finds out Felicity is in trouble when she doesn't answer his calls, and heads out. Donna tells Felicity she loves her in case she dies. Donna's watch reveals the location of where she is thanks to Felicity's hacking whatever, I don't give a shit. When he comes back, Donna tells him to fuck off, she can take him. She also says Felicity can take him. Well the guy has turrets. Too bad Oliver has a perk that deals double damage to turrents! So Roy and Diggle take out the guys, while Ollie makes technology his bitch! Turrets are nice, but being badass is always cooler. Also Felicity takes him out, and Oliver gives her the 'I Aprove' nod. NOICE.

Points: 7

So Felicity and Ollie enjoy their company, with them talking of family. Felicity reveals she is... A BLONDE! She also never liked Death, she was more of a dream gal. Laurel comes to the gym, saying she needs help. She dared to stop a riot with her riot army. Her coach decides to make her punch harder now. Trauma is good! So Ollie comes in, with popcorn. Smooth. Thea says she will donate money to charity, and Ollie is happy. The two watch some Flash while Malcolm watches, disapproving. He is more of a legends man, himself. Donna decides to leave, and we will miss her. She has amazing... Eyes. Felicity calls in sick to Ray so she can hang with her mom. Ray approves, that way he can read some Sandman. Also Roy dreams of killing Sara. Hah, in your dreams. Oh wait.

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Donna. Funny, adorable, sad, and awesome, Donna is amazing.

MSC: That dog from silent hill. He knew what he was doing. BAD BOY!

Thoughts: Donna was amazing, and Felicity's origin episode was cool. The riot scenes are stupid, but I preferred the action this time over the past ep and so, with also some comedy. All in all, a good ep after a pretty terrible one.