So in today's review, we shall do a two parter review, for the Huntress 2 parter. Many fans claim that every Huntress episode sucks. Is that true? Mostly. We shall have a score for each episodes, but I will have thoughts on the two parter. Well, let's check them out!

Muse of Fire

So it starts with a biker, and it reveals that Ollie is it. Arrow mobile? Well Thea calls him to go see his mom. While his mom argues with this random guy, he sees another biker Come in, WITH A GUN! She fires at the guy, nearly hitting Ollies mom. Ollie runs after the gun biker, wanting VENGANCE. He goes through alleyways, and takes out the bike, but is stopped by a truck. He can't fine the biker. At the hospital, he checks on his mom, and she seems fine. Ollie tells his mom he tried to get the license plate of the biker... To beat them to death. Thea tells him he sucks as a hero. Thea thinks he's lying though. Okay, what did he do? Did he go for coffee?! Lance comes to tell him that she was not the target, that guy was. He is part of the mob. Ooh, Moria is a mob boss!

At Laurels, Tommy battles a pizza man to the death for her affection, and he asks her out. Strangely, Tommy and Laurel have more chemistry then Oliver and Laurel. Maybe cause she isn't a bitch to Tommy. Ollie tells Diggle that the mob guy works for the Berlantis, and multiple members have been being killed. Ollie wants to stop it because his mother was almost gunned down, and wants to stop innocent people from being hurt. He also wants to kill the man who attacked his mom. But the man... Is a WOMAN! DUN DUN DUN! Thea wants to go clubbing, but Ollie stops her. He needs to go kill bad guys, and asks Tommy to help check on his mom. Tommy tells him that he and Laurel are dating. Ollie, like me, gives no shit. He also tells him he'll kill him if he hurts Laurel. Should be other way around.

So Ollie sees with Frank, and the lady who gunned down the mob is there! Thea and Moria hang out, with her bitching about Ollie. Moria defends Ollie, and says everyone has secrets. In this show, everyone does have secrets. Even the mailman. Moria tells Thea that Ollie is a little messed up, and says that while his lying should stop, he's not the old him. Damn it, between Diggle, Tommy, and Moria, the show gets so many points!

Points: 6

Oliver and Frank talk about a deal involving building a site, where they talk about violence. Ahh, Ollie loves it. We then learn the gun lady is Frank's daughter, Helena. Oh boy, do I hate Helena. In fact, more then season 1-2 Laurel. Only Laurel is in more episodes. I'll get to why I hate her soon. Frank pimps his daughter to Ollie, who likes it. We cut to China White, who brings her boss, Asian mob boss. Frank thinks A.M.B is attacking him, and warns them of even more attacks will bring war. It is revealed that the cops heard of it, but still don't have enough. Lance thinks a third party is involved, and that will start a mob war.

At a Resturant, they have a date as awkward as some of mine. Can I say this, that their chemistry... Is worse then Ollies and Laurels. Oh yeah, it is. The scene of the date is so boring, I'm tempted to take a point out just for it. But too be fair, I won't. It cuts to Another boring date between Tommy and Laurel. One boring date is bad, two is worse.

Points: 5

What it does reveal, is that Tommy has no money. Huh, that's interesting. Cut back to the boring date of the millennial, Oliver pours his heart out to a woman who he barely knows because fuck you, the writers want a romance. She reveals she had a dead fiancé. Well, still not as bad as some of my dates. Diggle calls him, telling him he needs to be all 'Die Die Die'. Ollie though, says he likes her. Dude, she's not even that hot, and personality wise is boring! Not important bad guy sees Moria, telling her that after a near death, things change. It's in my opinion, the shows worst he tries to be intimidating Moria, because it not only comes out of nowhere, but goes nowhere, and it stings because everyone before and after is rather good. So, yeah.

Points: 4

Diggle tells him that the head mob enforcer is beating up protection money guys because the best way to get people to not hurt you... Is to beat them up. Okay, I'm not a mob boss enforcer, but why are you being a dumbass?! The guy straight up says he paid this month. Dude, your motivation for being evil is lame, and makes no sense.

Points: 3

So Ollie comes in to kick their ass. But the gunman appears, and Ollie has a fight with them, but she seems to be tough. He takes her mask off to see its Helena. While Ollie tries to justify how she is good, Diggle calls him out, saying she is evil.

Okay, I don't do this, but I have too. The whole 'Helena was good' part. The fans think Ollie and Diggle find her evil for no reason. BULL. SHIT. Oliver, would never do the following things she has done.

1. Potentially get innocent people killed (Again, most bodyguard for evil CEO's tend to be evil cause these guys don't want good guy bodyguards for their evil and illegal activity.) 2. Not give people chances (Ollie gives these guys choices. He only kills in self defense, or they deserve it.) 3. START A MOB WAR! (Oh yeah, Helena knows her actions could cause a mob war. But she gives no shit. So yeah, she could get hundreds of innocent people killed, but she gives no crap. With arrows, everyone knows it has to be the hood, and he goes after Big dogs for jail, not murder!) So yeah, Helena was always a shit bag in the beginning. Laurel may be a bitch, but even I admit she is a nice person. She helps people! Helena does not care. She wants revenge, and only revenge. She will kill anyone to get it. No matter who.

Oliver though, wants to give her a choice. I won't lose a point cause that's his thing. Lance learns Oliver was there at the Resturant, and heads to him. He asks Oliver, and tells him to leave Helena alone. Because he wants Oliver to... Be safe?! WHAT?! Well what the heck!

Points: 4

Tommy goes to his dad, who is fencing, and is angry that he lost his money. His dad says he is tired of giving money to Tommy... And reveals he is the man intimidating Tommy! PLOT TWIST! A good one too.

Malcolm, as we learn later on, hates the glades so I think he took Tommys money when he learned Tommy tried to help the glades. Huh, interesting foreshadowing. I won't give a point though. At the cemetery, Helena is there for her fiancé and Ollie comes in, being all stalker. He asks how he died, and she says some nonsense about hate and love. She then pulls an Ollie, telling her to leave her alone. Sadly, they are kidnapped by the mob. There, the enforcer beats up Helena. Yay! I like him. He says that Helena left her necklace at the Resturant. She then says her dad killed her fiancé. The enforcer says it was because he was talking to the FBI. But Helena reveals that she was the one doing it. Lame plot twist. Can I just say her actress sucks, and makes Stephen look good? Just wanted to say.

Ollie stops the enforcer, and he and Helena beat up the mob. Oliver is surprised she would kill people. Oliver... You are a dumbass. She has killed people, YOU KNOW THIS!

Points: 3

Tommy heads to Laurel, telling him he lost everything cause his dad took it. She tells him in return, and she tells him he can hang are her place. At Morias, Walter comes back. Daww, I don't care. Thea apologizes for being a bitch, and he says he's sorry as well. Nice heartwarming scene.

Points: 4

Helena meets up with Ollie, and she knows he's the vigilante cause he kicked ass. No, really?! Oliver tells her that revenge is bad, and should do justice. She then bitches at him, and says her trying to start a war is better then him helping people. He shuts her up by making out with her. Of course. Because I would make out with a lady who almost killed my mom.

Score: 4. Flawed, and could use work.

Too say that them making Huntress evil is... Lame. She is one of my fave DC heroes, so when she turned out to be a bitch, I was angry. When she turned out to be evil, I was pissed. I hate this episode more then the earlier one, so kick back, time for me to rage!


At bed, after sex, Helena ditches Oliver. Yeah, women always leave me after sex. Regret. Helena, like a bitch, tries to shoot the head mob boss of the triad. Why a bitch? BECAUSE THAT COULD START A WAR! Oh yeah, she was about to start a war! Oliver stops her, and fires arrows, letting them know the Hood, and not the mob, is after them. So he stopped a mob war. She is pissed at him, and he yells at her at her for trying to start a war. She says the Triad could crush the mob, and he says he wants to show her Justice. Dude... SHE TRIED TO START A WAR MULTIPLE TIMES! Give up, she doesn't care!

Points: 4

At the big belly burger, Helena reveals she used Ollie for sex, and Ollie tells her that he, unlike her, only kills when necessary. Or to hide his identity. Oliver tells her he can stop her dad without death. She ditches him. GIVE HER UP! Diggle checks on Oliver, and he reveals that he let a killer know his identity. He tells her about her past, and Diggle goes 'Ahh, that's sad... BUT SHE IS STILL AWFUL!' He tries to warn him, but Ollie won't listen. Cause, at this point, the reason is simple. He wants to fuck her more. Look man, you gave her a chance. Multiple times. She spit in your face every time. GIVE IT UP YOU MORON! LISTEN TO DIGGLE!

Points: 3

At the mansion, Moria tells Walter she wants him safe. Walter wants this to end. Thea seems almost giddy seeing Walter, so that's adorable. Helena sees one of her victims wife is there, and Frank promises her he will be safe. Frank wants revenge for his guys, and Ollie comes in. Timing! Ollie tells her he wants to fuck, I mean talk to Helena. Okay, I'm sorry, but until he sees her as how he should, I will believe Oliver wants to screw her. Oliver decides to show her... Saras grave?! DUDE, WAY TOO... No, Helena showed you her fiancés grave. But he tells her he was an asshole, and that Sara is the result of it. He tells her to stop being an asshole. Helena replies 'No'.

HE THEN TAKES HER TO HIS SECRET HIDEOUT! Dude, how many times she have to tell you she is evil?! You moron! He teaches her how to shoot a bow and arrow, because that is how he flirts. Oh man, Yaoi Fei did not... Wait, his name was Yaoi. He was definitely flirting. Still, the scene where he shows her how many things he can hit with an arrow is cool and even a little funny.

Points: 4

Diggle appears, and he shuts her down when she says hello. DIGGLE IS AWESOME!

Points: 5

Diggle guesses she fucked him, and calls out Oliver for everything. Oliver refuses to listen, because he thinks she's pretty. Tommy comes in to see Laurel, and Laurel tells him to ask for a job for his new club. Smart idea. Felicity comes in, and tells Walter her fear of Kangaroos. She helps him reveal news about Tempest, that someone was watching Moria on the money take. She shows him the symbol on the List book. Walter though, is pissed. But most likely to keep her safe, so I'm not angry. Oliver goes on a date with Helena, on stalking a man. He gives her a crossbow. He also gives her an outfit.

At Frank's drug operation, Oliver has VENGANCE on electricity, and cuts it. He and Helena take down the drug operation. Also, he taught Helena his failed city line. How cute. <Gags> No one dies, and the drug operation is taken down by the Hood, so no war with Triad. They kiss <Gags> and Helena heads home. Her dad goes creepy on heer, and she leaves. Walter checks. Around the house, finding the list with the same symbol. He is trying to find a secret spot, which is always behind a book shelf or a clock. Personally, I would do behind the stairs. He finds what he wants, an empty list!

At a restaurant, Oliver has a double date with Laurel and Tommy with Helena. Ooh, girlfriend meets ex. Worst thing that could happen to a man. It is the second most awkward double date ever. Laurel asks if Tommy can work with Oliver, and Tommy is pissed that Laurel may be jealous for Oliver, and Helena thinks the same. Yeah... No. This is the first of many drama relationship crap scenes, and I hate everyone.

Points: 4

Tommy apologizes to Laurel, and Laurel says she still loves him. Back at the Quiver, Diggle mocks Ollie for being stupid, and Ollie... SAYS DIGGLE WAS RIGHT?! HotDamn, finally!

Points: 5

Diggle explains that some people change too something awful, and Oliver explains the reasoning is that he wanted someone else to help him. What about Diggle? Oh, he means sex. What about Diggle? At a triad poker meeting, Helena comes in... With a gun, and kills them. The triad boss acts all tough, and she shoots him. She then tells the remaining living guy that her father sent her. WHAT A BITCH! She is ready to start a war to kill so many people! Fuck, her! She is the worst, and I give an extra point cause they smeared the real Huntress's name with this bitch.

Points: 3

Felicty comes in, and Walter tells her to keep on going, but warns her. He wants her to be safe, and Felicity says yes. Ollie sees that war has started. Frank hears, and sets up war. China, and her men go out and kill Frank's guards. But, Ollie comes in to stop the war. A battle begins, and Ollie heads in, taking down China. He warns Frank to run. For some reason. Frank seems to be a good shot, taking down some triad in his way. But Helena gets to him. Helena and Frank have an awful off, being assholes to each other. But Ollie stops her. Man, he must love Helenas dad. They. Fight, and Frank shoots Helena. Good. He beats him up, and he takes her to a hospital, somehow outrunning police despite carrying a body.

Well, she's alive... Sadly, and he reveals that he doesn't want her to go dark. Oliver says he has the laptop on Frank, sending him to jail. But Helena, like a bitch, just wants revenge and blackmails Oliver. If I was Oliver, I would have killed her, but what do I know? I'm not a moron. At the Big Belly Burger, Oliver and Diggle talk about heartbreak because he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with Helena. For some stupid reason. Their forced romance is full of shit, and I hate it.

Points: 2

Felicity shows him how to look at the list through Nerf glasses, and he sees it all. Back home, Ollie is all sad, and Tommy comes in, telling him the bad news. Tommy doesn't want money, he wants a job. Ahh, character development!

Points: 3

Oliver also reveals Helena will come back. SHIT!

Score: 3. This was not good.

Thoughts: So was the two parter bad? YEAH! While not the worst, they are easily the weakest in Season 1. Oliver takes the idiot ball, and rolls with it, this Helena ruined the Huntress, and no flashbacks hurt the show. This 2 parter is hated by the fans, and for good reason. The second parter is even worse, being more boring, and sheer awful compared to the first. Well, thankfully she will never appear... For a while.