So, in our latest review, Ollie must stop a family from breaking the law... By breaking the law.


So no bull, robbery. Just a robbery done by men in masks. The Royal Flush gang! But, 10 is not their because they didn't have the budget for a teenage girl. A cop in the bank tries to stop them, but he is shot because someone did not stop screaming they would get them killed. The people are forced to wear masks and run out, with them making a hole rather quickly. Looks like they are diggers for hire. Ollie trains with Diggle, using their long thick rods to clash, and unlike a good porno, is not screwing. Ollie talks of the island, revealing that the crazed hobo is named Yaoi Fei. Hey, Yaoi! Yay! Ollie wants to take down an E.R.W.M, but Diggle wants to take down the Royal flush gang, but Ollie doesn't want to battle bank robbers, he needs to battle corruption. Which hey, I get and understand, even if I don't approve. He needs to limit himself to the list, but he should help others when he can. But as he says, he's not a hero.

At the island, Ollies throws away paper for fire, and his dad appears! Oh shit, he's angry Ollie barely buried him at all! Laurel thinks the economy is stupid. It is. Tommy comes in, but Laurel has no time for him, she has a job. Laurels job lost their biggest donor, and she doesn't need a date. So Ollie and Thea talk of Moria, who is lonely since Walter left. The two then have some fun, making fun of Carter and how Moria wants to fuck him. She wants them in the party, and Ollie ropes Thea into it. Diggle calls, telling Ollie his target tried to kill himself, and Tommy tries to join in with Ollie, but Ollie has no time for a date. Thea comes in, and Tommy has no time to date her, but wants her to help him get a date. Thea gives him advice, which is most likely for Diggle her. Let me vomit.


Ollie heads to the hospital, and finds the cop there instead. Diggle guilt trips him into doing it. Low blow. I like it. Ollie finally agrees, and I like how Diggle made him do it.

Points: 6

Oliver finds what he needs is in Police HQ, and breaks in with incredible ease. Like, I have more difficulty breaking into my own home then he did. Tommy gives money to Laurels event, and she refuses it because she doesn't want to have sex with him. Her best friend tells her to stop being a dumbass, and thank Tommy for saving her job. Oliver finds the bank robbers, and learns they are a family. At the dinner date, Oliver comes to learn that people want to make a movie on him. A green arrow movie? Lame. So the Royal Flush gang rob a bank, and Oliver must head in to stop them.

However, the police confront them first, and a fire fight starts. Ollie comes in, all flip like, and stops them from taking the cash. In return, the flush gang returns. So we learn the women who got the cop killed was the mother, and the group decides to quit until just one more job. Ahh man, one more job? Who's going to die? Felicity is back, and helps him find Derek. There, he learns Derek used to work for his dad until he was laid off. Ahh man! His dad made him. So, back on the island, Ghost dad (OH SHIT, I REFERENCED COSBY!) and he tells Ollie not to commit suicide. Like, ghosts don't want the ghost marked crowded. Ollie though, thinks of suicide. Ollie thinks about helping the guy, and while Diggle tries to stop him, Oliver still wants to make things right. I can respect that.

Points: 7

So Laurel and Tommy talk of the fundraiser, and Tommy reveals that he is tired of being a playa. He says being with Laurel was such a treat (LIES!) and wants to date her. Oliver meets up with Derek, and Derek has resentment over Ollie's dad firing him. Oliver subtly implies by using a blow horn that he knows Derek is a bad guy, and wants him to stop. He even offers the guy a job! But, Derek prefers causing crime. He's like Walter White... If Walter white robbed banks and was .01% as cool as he is. Oliver places a bug on him, and sees that Derek won't stop. One more is always forever. A bad modern pop song plays while Ollie heads to the party, and Tommy hit it's off with Laurel, and tells Thea thanks for the help. Thea is sad. Again...


But Laurel seems to find free clinic guy sexy. Oliver tells his mom he's sorry for leaving, but he has to go again to stop the Royal flush gang. Moria, is disappointed. So the flush gang robs the bank, but Ollie comes in. He fires an arrow... And Kyle pulls out a riot shield out of his ass. I checked through it 3 times to make sure. What the hell guys?!

Points: 6

Still, smart idea, just would have liked to know he can't pull things out of his ass. He fights Ollie and seems to be rather tough, tanking an arrow. The bank guard wakes up, and tries to shoot Kyle, but hits Declan. Declan, in his dying breath, learns that Ollie is the Hood. On the island, Ollie tries to kill himself but learns no ammo is in that gun. Ghost dad tells him to right his wrongs, and help save Starling, by surviving Lian Yu. Ollie escapes, while the police arrest Kyle. Tommy and Thea are drunk, and Thea tries to kiss Tommy. Tommy retorts she is like his baby sister. Oh boy, like you don't know. I think Thea has watched too much Supernatural. She drunkingly vomits in the alley, while Laurel tells Tommy she likes him, not ass Doctor. She then wants to dance with him, but Tommy drives Thea home. Like a good older brother should.

Diggle tells Ollie that while he failed, he did a lot to help these people, and that his father would be proud to see his son trying to help the people he hurt. Damn Diggle, you are a ray of sunshine.

Points: 7

Ollie, in the cave, finds that the words can be shown with fire! Man, fire solves all my problems. Like when I needed more money, and I had to scam the insurance agency... Nothing. Forget that. Ollie heads home, to see his mom. She apologizes, but he apologizes back, but she apologizes even harder. He heads to big belly burger with her, and they had a nice time eating burgers. Remember, every burger you eat, the less Eobard gets!

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

Thoughts: Oliver shows a far kinder side to himself trying to help the Royal Flush gang, and Tommy and Laurel seem to hook up. While rather tame, it does show the kind side Oliver has, and how Diggle helps him do so.