So today, Oliver goes to jail for not peeing on a cop, but because he is the vigilante. That's what you get for saving lives you bastard! Oh, and killing people...


On the island, crazy hobo man on an island teaches Oliver how to use a bow. Pre island Oliver, like a bitch, misses horribly. Ollie must get the arrow he missed, but is kidnapped by bad guys who throw him in a hole prison that thankfully was there so close. It cuts to Oliver being arrested by the police, and he says he will not be jailed. Lance acts like a dick to him because not being a dick is a foreign concepts to the Lances. He uses the power of continuity, where Ollie uses the power of 'Nuh Uh'. Not as good. His mom and Walter come in to help, and Oliver asks them to get Laurel. Moria calls that stupid beyond belief. Moria is the smartest person in that room. But Ollie wants Laurel because while a bitch, she still wants to help people. Laurel doesn't believe that Oliver could do it. Because a guy who has been missing for 5 years, comes back at the same time a new vigilante appears, who also seems to know you is crazy. THINK!

Oliver decides to defend himself, but Laurel comes in to help. I don't know if you can just do that. I'll try that. Laurel gets him a electric cuff, and yet somehow acts like a bitch. I should make you lose a point episode, but by now, I will only lose a point if she does something really bad! Ollie wants a party before he goes to Jail, and strangely people think that's a stupid idea. Lance asks why she is defending Oliver, and Laurel says that Ollie can't be the vigilante because she is stupid. Diggle comes in, and Oliver tells him that everything is fine, he has a plan. But he has something to do, he has to stop a gun dealer. Hey, someone who isn't an E.R.W.M! Just a gun dealer. Diggle must stalk him like a Diggle would.

So Diggle heads back to the Quiver, and finds all a bunch of toys. Walter tells a guy he is not in a meeting, he is not going to move the found yacht, and he is not not to tell anyone. So the police give him a plea for being crazy. Oliver asks for a polygraph to convince Lance he is not the Hood. Laurel asks him why he is being crazy, and then asks why he dares try to prove himself innocent. Wait what?! How the fuck does that work!? If he proves he isn't the Hood to Lance, it may help! See, what did I say?

Points: 4

So in flashbacks, Oliver is lead to a camp, where a evil guy with soda talks to him. Oliver tells him he's rich and could pay him for rescuing him. Fyers, like a dumbass, doesn't care. He likes money, so why not get extra? He asks if he knows who the hobo is, and Oliver says he doesn't know. Because they are... Friends? Maybe he just likes choking chickens in front of crazy hobo men. The guy goes berserk, and has a mean scary guy with the mask go to him. Well, he was smart. Fyers is stupid.

Back to present, Ollie talks with Thea, who doesn't act like a bitch. Cool! She fears Ollie is the arrow, because of an arrowhead. He then tells her he could have given her a panda glass, and he would be Pandaman. Unlike Laurel, Thea doesn't want to believe Oliver is the Arrow because he could be a killer. Ahh, now that's sweet.

Points: 5

The bad guy tells Moria that he is not happy that Oliver may be the hooded man stopping his plans, but Moria tells him that Ollie is not the hood. Now Panda man...

Lance asks him if he is the arrow, and the polygraph says no. Sadly, flashback Oliver is not that good, and is tortured. Lance then tells Laurel that Ollie had knife wounds. Ollie tells everyone he was not alone, and that he was tortured. When Lance asks him if he killed anyone, he answers yes. That it was Sara. Ouch. But effective. Despite all that, Lance still thinks Ollie is the Hood. Ollie, at the party, dresses like a prisoner (I would have gone the Hood) and tells Ollie his plan. The man in the hood must stop the guns. But it doesn't have to be him. Now Diggle is pissed, not knowing about anything, and telling him not to play him, which will be Ollies major flaw. He shoulders things, and believes only in himself. But, Diggle does it anyway.

Walter learns his head of security was not not not not murdered. Dun dun dun! Laurel comes in, and heads to Ollie to his room. Last time I brought a girl to my room... Wait, scratch that. No woman ever does. Laurel tells him not to hate his dad, and she tells him that she is sorry about being a bitch, after learning he was torturted, and said she was wrong about not even asking. Huh, mature.

Points: 6

She finds torture hot, and makes out with him. In the flash backs, Fyers wants Ollie dead, but Crazy hobo saves him. He battles Not Slade, and it's pretty cool. He saves Ollie, and they run away. Meanwhile, at the gun deal, the Black Hood comes in and beats on some fools, Black Hood style. Walter meets up with Moria, asking about the yacht and the not not not not not not not not not not dead security guard. Moria tries to warn him, but Walter doesn't care. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Ollie is attacked by an assassin. He is saved by Lance. Lance came to free Oliver, telling him the vigilante attacked the gun deleardealers. Moria thanks him. She then tells him to get the hell out of the house. Awesome.

Points: 7

Moria comes in, telling the non important man she is pissed about the attack, and he apologizes for trying to kill her son. She then tells this guy any shit goes down, she will end him. Holy shit she is on a roll.

Points: 8

Crazy Hobo thanks Oliver for not betraying him, and helps him by making the guys leave him alone. Nice Hobo. Laurel comes in, saying she thinks he's the Arrow cause he lied on his poly. He retorts that from all the stuff that happened on that island, he doesn't want people to know he's damaged. CREDITS!

He says he isn't the vigilante though. She tells him after last night, they can't date. Hey, not being a bitch! Diggle asks him why he is being a douche at lying all the time, and Walter not not not leaves Moria. Diggle tells Ollie he needs to consider his family more, and Ollie tells him no. He thinks it all the time, and hat the truth would hurt them too much. Oliver stops the gun deal, taking out the morons, and telling him he failed the city. Sweet.

Score: 8, Pretty good with some flaws.

Thoughts: By having a 'You are him' episode so early, it shows people aren't completely stupid. Laurel is more tolerable then usual, and we know the threats on the island are worse then ever. Plus, Moria is involved with very dangerous men, willing to kill even her son for their plans.