Can Oliver and Nyssa find Sara's killer? LETS FIND OUT!

The Magician

So Nyssa wants to know where Sara is. Oliver tells her, and you can tell Nyssa is broken up. While I may joke that Nyssa is a bad girlfriend, she does truly care for Sara. Ollie wants Roy to check on her, in hopes Nyssa will kill him. Ollie checks on Thea who wants her club to come back. Seems the club is super popular because fuck you. Ollie wants to know if Thea has changed, and she says nah. So lame Ollie is on his first real Misson... Stopping terrorist from eating icecream. Yes, a white man can easily stay inconspicuous in the Capitol of China, following a man! Fuckin Waller. Could be worse, she could send him to Starling City. OH WAIT! Well Nyssa and Laurel are at Sara's funeral, where Laurel is pissed at Nyssa. Nyssa showed her a world, dark and grim splendor. Nyssa tells Laurel she loved Sara, and is pissed that Laurel is wearing Sara's jacket.

I'd be kinda pissed too if my dead girlfriends sister stole her jacket and wore it while ranting that I sucked. So Nyssa and Oliver finally meet up, where Oliver suggests an alliance. Nyssa reveals Sara was actually on a job in Starling. Well Ollie learns what she was really doing in Starling. She was looking for Malcolm Merlyn, who is alive. Oh shit, that's not good for Ollie. Well Nyssa says that Malcolm got some paid vacation time, and he kinda broke company policy with the whole 'earthquake machine' shit. Well Malcolm is alive, and they check her notes on where he is. They see she may have given some notes to Lance. Well Lance is bribing cops to do their job. Fuckin corrupt police, taking bribes. Laurel asks Lance about something for Sara, and Lance reveals... Sara was in starling! Dun dun dun! This rocks Laurel's world forever, even more then her death in Starling. Well Nyssa is here, and the two are not happy.

It's nice to know they disapprove because she is an awful girlfriend, and not because she's hotter then them. Nyssa actually knows Lance doesn't know, but acts nice to him by saying Sara said hello. Huh, she's now the 47th worst girlfriend ever. She's moving up... Down... Left? Well the gang find out where Malcolm is hanging, and head in. Starling city has a ninja base? Damn, what does this city not have?

Safe work conditions. Well the gang go all assassin creed... Walking away from people's vision without even bothering to hide. Well the gang find out where Jansen is. 6 feet under! Roy, grab a shovel! Also, Malcolm is there. Well Malcolm escapes Nyssa and Ollie. The gang suspect Malcolm murdered Sara. Fuckin Malcolm! Laurel is pissed that Ollie didn't murder Malcolm, and Laurel wants him to murder Malcolm. Nyssa decides to talk to Laurel. Of course, Nyssa has a strict antikill policy. That's the biggest code in the league... Of assassins. Past Ollie kills the terrorist, and steals his keys. Well thank god murder is that easy. I should try it out! Nyssa tells Laurel that she will get Malcolm. The two set up their own secret club, and they plan to murder Malcolm.

Oh please do it! He ruins season 3 and slightly ruins season 4! Roy just wants to be friends with Thea, while his pants is wet. Diggle acts like Felicity, and damn, he looking fine as hell. Yum. Well Malcolm learned he had a tracker, and hid it in some factory and calls Ollie. He wants to talk to Oliver alone. Not even Diggle can come! Malcolm, to make sure no one in a crowd recognizes him... Starts yelling out for Oliver. Fuckin moron!

Points: 4

I get that some people may not remember his face and think he's dead, but yelling will get you attention, and it's pretty obvious people will stare at the well dressed yelling man and sees, oh yeah, MALCOLM MERLYN! Well Malcolm starts bitching about how Oliver's superhero name is lame. Probably bad memories of Ollie rejecting Green Arrow. He says he can protect Thea because Ollie can't protect her. Protect Thea from what? He also says he didn't murder Sara.

Well Ollie says no more lies. Thea lies. Fuckin Thea. Well Oliver knows she's lying, and calls her out on this, saying he knows for a fact. Oliver wants to protect Thea, and she says that she is sure Malcolm hasn't contacted her.

Well Ollie tells the gang he's 100 percent sure Malcolm didn't murder Sara. The man who murdered his dad, his best friend, hundreds of people, and pretty much said he would murder anyone who got in his way with Thea. Oliver, IS A MORON!

Points: 3

Nyssa confirms why he is a moron. She knows Thea is Malcolm's daughter. Ollie is blind to Malcolm because he thinks that Thea wants a dad in Malcolm. A plot point I will rant on soon. Diggle finds the idea stupid, and says that Oliver should let Nyssa kill Malcolm. I agree. Well past Ollie comes back home and Maseo tells him things are cool. Oliver makes a deal with Maseo's son. He gets him candy, he gets to use the computer. Oliver may be a moron, but he's a tall moron. Well Ollie finds out why he killed that man. The plane from season 1! Well Thea and Roy are attacked by Nyssa, who knocks Roy out like a bitch.

Poor Stupid Roy Moment: 43

Nyssa also kidnaps Thea. Malcolm sure is protecting Thea! Well Malcolm finds out Thea is in danger and heads out. Laurel and the others find out where Nyssa is. He can't have the others help in fear that Thea will find out. Kinda hard to say Diggle., best friend of Ollie, is also friends with the Arrow. Nyssa and Thea banter about bad daddies, and Ollie battles Nyssa to protect Thea. Malcolm decides to make this a three way! If this was a porno, I'd watch it. Also, poor Nyssa, being double teamed by dudes. She always wanted to be double teamed by a pair of busty blondes. Ollie wins, and Nyssa wants Oliver to murder Malcolm. Malcolm reveals that Ra's is homophobic. Bad Ra's. He does say though, that murdering Sara was not the smartest idea for a guy trying to hide from Ra's. Oliver does say that he will arrest Malcolm. Malcolm says he can break out of any prison, not even the Lian Yu one.

Bullshit! I don't argue he can knows the place, but he can't break out of a fuckin island! Slade could only do that cause of Mirakuru! Well Ollie lets him go.

Points: 1

FUCKIN ASSHOLE MORON! Nyssa decks him. He says he may deserve it. HE DOES! I won't give a point unless everyone decks him. I would give two if Roy broke his hand. Nyssa says she now hates Oliver. Let's watch this subplot go nowhere! Laurel asks if he is sure, and Ollie says yes. Felicity comes back from the flash, wanting to know why Nyssa checked her ass out. Oliver talks with Amanda in the past, saying he finally knows who hired Fyers to blow up the plane. Oliver blackmails her by saying he will send it on the internet if she harms Maseo. She reveals she wanted to blow up the plane to take out China. The character, not the country. That is stupid.

Well Laurel is working out, and... I can't believe I'm saying this... BUT NYSSA IS CHECKING OUT LAUREL! Oh yeah, she has a smirk on her and she seems to enjoy seeing her sweat. I wouldn't mind, if Laurel WASN'T SARA'S SISTER! Damn, Nyssa just became the 36th worst girlfriend ever. She will fuck your sister the second you're in the ground. Dick move Nyssa. Well Ollie checks on Thea, saying that Nyssa won't bother Thea. Roy comes in to apologize, and Thea hires him as assistant manager. Actually, more like BITCHSLAVE. Well we see Thea is being bankrolled by Malcolm for the club. Fuckin Thea, acting like a dick about secrets and hiding them! Still, could be worse. Well Nyssa heads out to see her dad. Ahh Ra's... I'll get to you. Ra's says he never liked Sara, she was a greasy buttcrack poo flap. Also, he thinks Oliver is a greasy buttcrack poo flap, and wants to kick his ass. That's not good.


MVC: Diggle, for A) Not being a Dick and B) Not being pointless.

MSC: Oliver, for being president of the 'Malcolm Merlyn' Fanclub. Send him to jail, jackass!

Thoughts: Of all the 1 episodes, this is the best, but that's like saying this is the best shit. It's aggravating how Malcolm becomes a Mary Sue by having Oliver let him go, Oliver goes out of character to do so, Thea acts like a new Breed of bitch, and Nyssa checking out Laurel is wrong for so many reasons. Man, Felicity is probably glad she was in a good episode this week.