So in our previous episode, Diggle learns Oliver is a superhero. Cool

An Innocent Man

So Diggle learns Oliver is the vigilante... And attacks Oliver. Because reasons. Oliver explains he has become a hero to save Starling city, and he wants to take down the rich and powerful with the help of Diggle. He seems to respect Diggles skill, and kindness. Diggle, calls him a killer and walks away. Harsh, reminds me of a bad date. Oliver heads home, and... Laurel is there. She soon bitches at him because he cares too much about him to be safe. Remember an two episodes ago, she ranted to her dad for wanting her to be safe. You bitch.

Points: 4

Thea, fights back by asking if the man who was nearly been killed if he is okay. So Thea is kinder then Laurel, thanks. Back on the island, Crazy Chinese Hobo Man gives Oliver the bird... An actual bird. He looks at a picture of Laurel, which Oliver wakes up like a nightmare. Hilarious. Oliver wakes up to see a news report of a man who killed his wife, but he talks of true horror... Laurel. Oliver explains he is different, and Thea asks him to be himself, not pretend to be his old self. But it seems Diggle has been replaced by the net... I mean his mom, to a boring white guy. Oliver learns the man who murdered his wife worked for a man on the list. Oliver asks for a car, and when the guy gets it, Oliver drives off on his motorcycle. Eat that boring white guy!

Oliver thinks the E.R.W.M had her killed, and we see he did. Because of course every bad thing ever done connected to these guys is totally done by them. Can't an evil man not be evil 24/7? Can't he own a puppy farm? So, Laurel heads home where Oliver breaks in, and calls her a selfish bitch... No, he's a nice guy. He wants Laurel to save this man, and Oliver says that she wants to help people. She may be a complete selfish bitch, but she does want to help people. For some reason. Laurel meets with the titular innocent man, where he says she found out he was dumping toxic waste into the water.

Okay, why do bad guys do evil things, and not just do the right thing? I know, they're evil, but is it worth it? How much does it pay to dump toxic chemicals in the right way? Is it worth possibly going to prison? Walter and Moria have a lunch date, but Walter says someone stole 2.6 million dollars from Vancouver. Damn, that was the budget for Arrow season 3! No wonder it sucked. Laurel tries to save the crime, and Lance tries to convince her an innocent man is evil, but while a massive bitch, she isn't stupid. Diggle, at the burger place, is eating when Oliver comes in with Boring Joe the boring bodyguard. Oliver says that Diggle may like him because he wasn't arrested, and he even shows Diggle the list. Woah, a little fast on a second date, huh?

Oliver then reveals that the man who killed Andy was Deadshot! What a coincidence. Oliver then explains how he needs to save the city... Again, but Diggle doesn't walk out. He needs a burger. Oliver heads to the bathroom, and Diggle tells him Oliver ditched him again. Hah.

Points: 5

Walter is still trying to make season 3 good, but he isn't in it, so it doesn't amount to much. Moria revealed she may have used the money to start another friends business. Oh, so for Flash! Okay, good job Moria. Laurel tells her friend that the man in the hood gave her info, and her friend tells her not to believe in creepy men in hoods. They head to a rooftop (WHY!? WHY IS THAT A THING?!) She tells him about the manager, and Ollie says he'll go check on the manager. Ollie style. Felicity comes in, asking why she's fired. Oh man, how different would this show have been if she was?!

He wants someone smart, yet minor, to find out about the transaction. I can buy it, who will believe an IT girl is important? Ollie kidnaps the manager, and places him in the train tracks with a train coming. All he needs is a mustache to twirl, and this would be perfect. The tran slowly comes, in a bad CGI way, and Ollie saves him when he gets his info. Back to the island, Ollie tries to eat, but the hobo kicks his ass, and tells him to choke the chicken. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Oh, he wants Ollie to kill the bird. Okay, better. Oliver cuts the power to Laurels building, because he is a vampire, and gives her the files. He talks with Laurel, and she loves Hood man, but hates Ollie. Oh the irony... Please kill me. Thea comes in, surprised that Ollie can smile. Thea mocks him for liking Laurel, and lame bodyguard appears, out of breath. Man, Diggle would have come in smelling like vanilla.

Lance comes in, telling Laurel the hood is dangerous, and not to hang with him. Laurel replies that her dad sucks as a cop. Bitch. She tries to tell the judge to use a file stolen by a crazed man in a hood with bow and arrow, so yeah, no wonder it doesn't work. Laurel tries to act tough, but she's hot air. The E.R.W.M is scared, because he is a pussy, and his head guard tells him prisoners can kill her. Jeez, why murder? Isn't their other steps?! Oliver learns of this, and goes after the E.R.W.M. Felicity tells Walter the company is fake, all funded to a thing called 'Tempest'. Ominous. Diggle is back at the big belly burger, getting diabetes, and he talks with his sister in law, about his job. He tried to help people in the Middle East, but now he has a crappy job here.

Oliver threatens the E.R.W.M, and while he tries to at smug, he just arrows the idiot. Oliver learns about the prison plan. Laurel is at prison, where his evil guys set up a prison break. Quick, Barry's dad, escape! Escape to freedom! Oliver comes in as 'Prison guard robber'. Laurel gets her ass kicked by the bad guy. Oh, I so want to give a point for that. But I won't. I need a better beatdown. Oliver goes donkey kong on his ass, and he escapes from the prison before he can be stopped. Lance comes in, and tells Laurel they got the E.R.W.M. Laurel thinks Ollie is bad now because he saved her. You idiot. Back at the island, where he is starving, he is finally forced to choke his chicken in front of a crazy Chinese hobo. Just like my first time.

Lance learns about how he got in, dressed as a prison guard, and has an idea. Walter, heads to a factory, and learns the password is Robert. Oh man, Moria loves him more. We also learn, through bad CGI, the yacht is in the building! Umm... Okay. Not that amazing. Lance checks through the camera footage of the Unidac building, and notices Ollie grabbing his outfit. Dun Dun Dun! Laurel helps the man meet his daughter, and they hug. Gag me. Crazy hobo reveals that Shengcun, means survive. That if Oliver wants to survive, he must kill more. Moria meets up with a man who I bet is not important, and will not be the bane of later seasons. He tells her that every guy this guy has gone after is on the list. Oh bam, they know!

Diggle comes back, and wants to join up. He isn't gonna be a sidekick, he'll help to save the city. But Lance comes in, and arrests Oliver for being the vigilante. Well, show over. See you all some time later!

Score: 5. Average. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thoughts: Aside from Diggle joining, and meeting a future threat, the episode is rather tame and boring. It does end on Ollie being arrested, but that's more hype then anything else. All in all, a bland episode, but not a bad one.