Well, this is the episode where Roy gets his ass kicked by everyone. Bring out the weenie meter!

Seeing Red

So our gang are at home base with Roy suffering and even dying. Roy begins to freak out with Diggle telling Felicity nothing will make her bad.

Oh how naive we were. Well Roy escapes with Felicity none the wiser. Okay, he's in front of her, just probably learning his role in season 3. He runs off presumably to poop himself with Diggle after him, but missing him. Oliver and Sara bang, while Sara uses Roy to make herself dry. They have some pillow talk while Sara wonders if their relationship will grow. Oliver says nah, he's in love with Diggle. Well they are called, and they hear of how Roy broke everything. This time, on purpose. So at the mansion, Moira tells people how she was mayor, and she tells people not to vote for Blood cause he can't have kids. Thea comes in, telling Moria to stay away from the bar... That she doesn't own. Oliver owns it.

Fuck off Thea. Well Moira's manager says to be nice to Thea, and Moria tells him to fuck off. We now have Moria's backstory! Well Oliver is sad because he is dating Laurel, which would make anyone sad. Laure asks him if he is okay, and he tells her no, just that he hates how everyone loves Lost, and he never got the idea. Plus, people are at that Gilligan's island marathon party, and he hates that show even more. Cast away? Shlock. Well Moira comes to Oliver, knowing he was fucking other people. She approves. Whenever Oliver sticks his dick in Laurel, a puppy dies of super cancer. Well Ollie tells Moira... He got a girl pregnant.

I promise to talk more in depth soon. So Oliver and the others plan to kick Roy's ass. No joke this time, they really are. So Roy's victims say Roy has just been crazy, when Sin finds him.

Sin: Hey, can I be a character again?

Roy: NO!

He pushes her aside for it, and some goons get angry that they are being mean to Sin. He kicks their ass, and even slaps Sin. Damn you Roy, don't slap Sin. She doesn't have Plot armor. Well Thea is pissed, and has no idea why Slade would hurt her just because he kidnapped her once. Sara sees Sin, and she tells her that Roy bitchslapped her, and not the sexy way. She also says he became comic book strong.

What are comic books like in superhero fiction anyway? Is their a superman in a superman world? Or are comic books anything but superhero like in watchmen? Or is it true stories in comic book form?

So Moira heads out to see Blood, where Moria tells Blood she is running out of the race. Blood finds this weird, and she says it's cause of Thea. Blood thanks her, and tells her he will make Starling great again. FUCK, A TRUMP JOKE! Kill me now. Well Moira in the past tells Oliver don't worry, she knows what to do. She needs to find the women and use her baseball bat... Nah, I joke. She prefers golfing clubs. Well the gang get ready to kill Roy. Again, no joke. Well Sin found Roy at her home. Don't let him scoot the carpet. Well Ollie and Sara stalk Roy, who attacks them.

He kicks their ass with Roy angry at Ollie for nearly Arrowing him. Ollie tries to talk him down, but Roy just goes 'Grrrrr, me want cookie' and kicks his ass. Roy heads out, and a cop gets to him. Oliver heads after him with a broken leg, but sees Roy kill a cop. This will actually be important soon. So the doctor heads to his patient room... Where he sees Oliver and Sara there in Full outfit. I like how the doctor thanks Oliver for saving the hospital and decides to heal him for free.

Points: 6

Well Thea is doing her job, while Diggle stalks her. Well Diggle and Thea talks where Thea acts like an asshole to Diggle. Diggle fights back by saying that Moria loves Thea, for all her flaws. Thea though, ignores him for the news where Roy kills a cop. Oliver and Sara argue about Roy, while Felicity has to find Roy. Sara thinks they should kill Roy, while Oliver wants to save him. Sara thinks Roy has passed the moral event horizon with what he has done. Sara heads out to kill Roy despite what Ollie says. So Thea and Sin meet up where Sin reveals that Roy has a secret. He's on super drugs.

So Thea goes to Roy, saying she shut out Roy and all. Roy decides to punish Thea, and somehow Thea is also... In Roy's head, telling him to kill her. I'd make a joke, but this is too dark. Well Ollie sees Moira, and he convinces her to stay in the running for mayor so she can atone for her sins by doing good. Moira Queen should become a hero, and not the manipulator she is. Moira then tells Oliver she knows he is the Arrow. Damn it, it was so obvious. She says she knew since the Undertaking. Damn, must be awful to know you shot your son. She does tell Ollie she is proud.

Points: 7

Well Moira sees Samantha... But I have nothing to say. I plan to rant on this on my Legends review, but I will say one thing. This says 2 million dollars. REMEMBER THAT! Well Moira heads to her office, planning to stay on as mayor. Oliver is happy. Blood shits his pants. Thea is a bitch. I eat tacos. We all do what we do. Well Thea gets to the mic, and says she is proud of her mom. Liar, liar, liar. Well she was decoy for Roy. Ollie suffers a little with Felicity, which I must say he does well for hiding the pain. He downs a bunch of pain killers while everyone drinks in victory.

Sadly, Roy interrupts it, and Moira is shoved away while Thea tries to talk to Roy. Thea goes 'listen to me' while Roy strangles her instead. Damn it Roy, she wants you to strangle her DURING sex, not before or after. Well Sara plans to gun down Roy, and beats up Sin to do so. She shoots Roy, who wants to die.

Poor Stupid Roy Moment: 36

He is then arrowed. Three times.

Poor Stupid Roy moment: 37

And thus, Roy on steroids is over. HURRAY! Ollie says no one dies tonight. Meanwhile, everyone on Krypton dies. Well the gang try to make more cures while Ollie tells Sara she is a bad girl. Roy is left alone to suffer, while Sara apologizes for trying to murder Roy. No one should apologize for breathing, so why apologize for beating up Roy? She goes into a speech about how she is evil, while Ollie says he can sucker Punch Satan for her soul. Well Sara ditches everyone, including Sin. Sara leaves, never to return... For the rest of the episode.

Thea and Moira hide Roy from the police while Moira saves Ollie's butt saving her. Thea is pissed and runs off, presumably to set fire to an orphanage. Well they ride off to the win, all depressed. Thea says Oliver knew about Roy, and Ollie has to explain how he knew. Thea is acting like a dick, and OH MY GOD, STOP! Yeah, we get it, lies is bad. But you know what, you want to hear the truth?!

YOU ARE ACTING LIKE A CHILD! GROW UP ABOUT LIES! Well Moria plans to tell the gang about Malcolm... When they are hit. The three wake up to see Slade has them all tied up and Thea crying. Slade begins to remember how this all went down, and asks Ollie about Shado and Ivo. Oliver and Slade fight, with Slade going crazy ranting how Shado told her everything. Slade says Oliver ruined his life, with Ollie saying please kill me. He then asks Oliver to choose who to die. Moira or Thea. Oliver refuses too, and Moira says...

Kill me.

This strikes back everyone, even Slade. Moira begs to die for her children to live. Slade looks to her, and even he says Moira has true courage. He holsters his gun... And stabs Moira. Killing her.

Moira Queen

Moira Queen

Moira Queen, wife, mother, business woman, master manipulator, martyr, monster, and someone who can't sleep.

To call Moira's Queen a good person is a lie. She has lied, abused others, helped a monster destroy her city, hide her husband's murder, and would even harm her children. To call her a bad person would be a lie. She loved her family above anything, held her friends dear to her, and hated being evil. She truly cared for her family. Comparing her to Malcolm is perfect. When Malcolm's wife died, he became dark... While Moria went to protect her family when she thought both her husband and son died.

Moira made many mistakes in her life, and Samantha was one of them. She knew what she was doing was awful, in telling her to make Oliver thought he was never a father, and kicked her out of the city. But all her mistakes... Were to protect her family. Even Robert, a man who cheated on her and she cheated on, loved each other. They were a married and loving couple, warts and all. Moria was no saint, and had a hand in many people's suffering. But she was a woman who tried her best.

Her death was also powerful. She went down on her own terms, protecting her family with her greatest bargaining chip... Her life. Her death will impact the characters forever, and even people who hate her should respect her sacrifice for saving her family. Even her killed respected her. So say what you will of Moira, a devil, an angel, or even a human with too many sins to carry... But bad mother was never her flaw. She was a parent who lived for her children... And died for them.

So back to the review.

Points: 10

Moira's death was tragic, beautiful, gut wrenching, and well done. Too people who say placing women in the fridge is bad are right... But Moira was not a woman stuffed in a fridge. She died in her own terms, in the most badass way. Defending her family. So Oliver and Thea are broken, while Slade tells Ollie one more shall die... But not now. His respect for Moira makes him leave, for now. Oliver remembers of how Samantha miscarried the child, and Moira pretends to be surprised. Oliver tries to act happy, but it's obvious he wanted to be a father, and wonders what if.

You know the funniest thing? Had Moira never did what she did to Samantha... Everything in the series would never have happened. Oliver would have never gone to that yacht, and never become the Arrow. Malcolm Merlyn would have destroyed the Glades, Slade would have died on that island over a civil war between Fyers men and Ivo's men, Ra's would try to find a new heir, and Damien would never be able to commit his plans because of Ra's. Moira, would never have died. Just something I picked up. You know, butterfly effect.

We cut to the end of the episode, with Moira dead, and her family watching over her, broken. You will be missed.

Score: 10! An epic episode and must watch.

MVC: Moira. Her death... Just wow.

MSC: Thea... Except for the end. Way too tragic.

Thoughts: Moira dying... Yeah, it still is a shock for me. The flashbacks are important to understand her character. Her horrible nature... Too protect her child. Slade killing her makes everything so personal, probably even more then when Malcolm killed Robert. Roy being cured is good. Sara leaving is important. Let's just say... Yeah, things won't ever be the same.

Stay tuned for our newest 3 parter review... 'THE ARCHER, THE TERMINATOR, AND THE REVIEWER!'