Man, this is like, 'Slade is awesome' the episode. If you like Slade... You will adore this episode. Because I do like Slade, I will.


Before I finish this review, I want to talk of why I think Slade is a great villian. But for now, the episode. So Slade acts all nice to Thea, and then tells her to get the fuck out of his car when she blinks. She is then kidnapped by Blood. Huh, thought you tripped on a banana peel and died. So Roy is trying to shoot an arrow... And sucks at it. Felicity comes in, telling Roy to not tell the truth, cause he could get hit by lightening. That's what happened to Barry, who is being molested by Thawne. So Ollie has to do his CEO meeting. Damn you buisness! So the heroes at the plane are ready to sacrifice human life to appease Slade, their crazy God. Sara thinks they should use the engineer to kill Slade. So Ollie heads to the meeting to find Isabel used it to meet Ollie half an hour early. Damn you Isabel for being smart. So Moria comes in, and asks if Isabel is still sad over Dorothy squashing her sister with her house.

Points: 6

Also, I think she is. So Ollie goes through the 'I LEARNED IT FROM YOU' on Moria. Ollie tries to find Thea later, while he is trying to do everything he can. Blood comes in, saying he's the reason Thea is missing. He had the police place gridlock in town for him coming in. That, and he kidnapped her. So Laurel comes in to tell Blood she's sorry for accusing him of being evil. Blood laughs, thinking of how he eats puppies. So Moria tells the city that Blood's 'BLOODY UP STARLING' is not a good campaign idea. So the voting guy says Thea asked a question. Can someone save her? So a message pops up to everyone asking if they want Thea alive? Umm... Yes, no, maybe, sorta, in a way?

So the press goes crazy, asking Diggle what he knows. No joke. Even they know how awesome Diggle is. Everyone joins in, asking who may have kidnapped her. Moria thinks it's Malcolm, while Oliver knows it's Slade. Felicity thinks it's Bronze Tiger. Isabel tells Oliver how the meeting has to go now, and well... This is not the best of times. She says he could appoint someone to CEO to handle the board meeting. He gives her the job. Ahh, classic move. Fuck him, and he thinks you're CEO material. Clever girl. So Felicity thinks she found out where Thea is. Diggle says the way she found it is too fishy, being a trap. Sara says she has super drugs to knock out Slade. Roy joins in, and Ollie tells him to Roy out. Basically, lots of spaz attacks and cry a lot. So Anatoli tells Sara how he used to be part of the KGB, and could easily disarm mines. They need mines to kill Slade.

They gonna make their human sacrifice a suicide bomber. Sara is fucked up. I like it. So Ollie heads out with the gang, and they surround Slade. Slade is punched by Roy, and he barely looks bothered. He asks, what Ollie gonna do, huh? Only he knows where Thea is. Oliver calls Lance to arrest Slade. Yes! Outsourcing. The only way to get shit done... Is to have others do it. Slade is in the interrogation room, where Lance wonders why this guy has a thing with Thea. It's obvious... He is a stalker. So Pike tells everyone that Lance arrested Slade despite evidence showing he didn't. So Ollie comes to Slade, asking how he got out of the island, finally done with Slade. Slade just tells him, he swam.

Too bad that if you were human, you would die before leaving shore. But with Mirakuru, he could. So Oliver wants to know, why is he doing this. Slade replies... Revenge. He can't leave that island, no matter what... And Oliver hasn't left it, either. Oliver asks to just be Slade's revenge. He even tells him... Slade won. Slade finds it rather fun, but before he can tell him where Thea is... Pike lets him go.

Slade Wilson

Slade Wilson

I plan to create a character analysis for any important character. Tommy, I shall plan to do when he appears again in Season 3 in flashbacks, so don't worry. I plan to do this for characters I like. Emphasis on ONLY characters I LIKE.

Slade Wilson was a father, a husband, and a soldier for his nation. He had everything he ever wanted. Then he and his best friend Billy took an assignment, one he did a thousand times. Save an ally at some Chinese island. Too bad the second he did... It was pure hell. Betrayed by a man he considered a Brother, and driven off by the superior firepower of Fyers goons, he was unable to escape... Till Oliver Queen came. He was an idiot, a rich Nancy boy, and a human target. He was also Slade's key to getting free from the island. With him working hard with Ollie, and training him to the top of Oliver's possible strength, they retook the island from Fyer's... And he met Shado.

True, he barely knew her... But he liked her. They grew together, and maybe she liked him. But she preferred Oliver. This stung, but he grew to accept it, and even become happy for Shado. Then Ivo came. Ivo hurt him, to such a horrible degree, he would have died had the Mirakuru not been injected in him.

That, was the start of the downfall of Slade. With the death of Shado, any chance of him being the man he was... Was gone. He grew vengeful, hateful, and delusional. He blames Oliver for what he did, which any reasonable person should say he had no hand in, was foreign to Slade. That's because Slade Wilson... Is insane. Not crazy, or a psycho like the Count or the Dollmaker. No... Genuinely insane. In his head, Oliver is to blame for everything. He is the one who did it. Oliver is the sole reason why Slade is depressed, and wrathful.

Slade has images in his head of Shado, who tells him to kill. This forces him to do things the old Slade would find deplorable. But now... Slade is gone. Broken by the Mirakuru, Shado's death, Oliver's 'Betrayel' and even the island itself. Slade is not the hero he once was... He's a monster. He is without a doubt, just like Oliver and Sara. They too, went through a crucible. Oliver, through having to survive the island, Sara who had to escape the league, and Slade, with Mirakuru. Oliver and Sara were able to survive their crucible... But Slade is trapped.

Yes, he escaped the island, and most likely had a new child, with a new woman in his life. But his goal in life was to kill. He became Deathstroke, to earn money. Then... He heard of an archer in Starling City. The same city... Of Oliver Queen. Oliver Queen escaped the island. Oliver Queen... Must die. So he spent a whole year to learning how to destroy Oliver Queen.

If Malcolm Merlyn created a master plan ruined by the foreign being of the Arrow, then Slade's is a master plan all around annihilating Oliver. One major criticism thrown at Slade Wilson is him being a Mary Sue, who is unstoppable. That's not true. He had a whole year to start his plan. He had time, resources, help, and his own skill. He has everything built up just for one man. Of course, he knows how to defeat Oliver Queen. Hell, he taught him how to fight. He knows all his moves.

Slade Wilson is one of the greatest villains in the series for how tragic he is, yet for how deadly he is. Mad, obviously... But also an unstoppable wrecking ball of rage. Insane, but also cold and calculating. Charming... But vile in his deeds. Slade Wilson is so terrifying, even Amanda Waller is utterly terrified of him. He may have been a mercenary... But he is, and always will be, Oliver Queen's deadliest and most personal threat. Malcolm may have killed his father... But Slade destroyed him.

So, back to the review.

So Slade rides off to the night, dreaming of a world where one eyed crazy men are normal. Diggle follows him while Roy prepares his jump in front of the car and cry. Sara follows along, but she and Diggle lose Slade. He has decoys everywhere. Roy runs off, but loses him. So Thea is held hostage when Slade comes in. She threatens him, and he laughs. But he lets her go, when he asks her if she wants to know some secrets about Oliver. Thea is seduced by the idea.

Slade: His secret is... He has a stupid sister.

BOOM! So everyone argues about Slade, with Roy saying they should beat up Slade. Sara says he is acting crazy when he suggests they should ditch Oliver and do things themselves when he says

Roy: Of course you say that, you're screwing him.

WHAT?! What... Is this? Did Roy just successfully diss SARA? I... That's like... NO IDEA! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Super badass Roy Moment: 1

So everyone is gobsmacked by this, and the scene is unable to follow anything after the bombshell of Roy being... Competent. So Moria says Thea was so adorable, she let her snort cocaine off a strippers asshole or something. Moria and Oliver have a nice scene of them being a family who fears they have lost Thea.

Points: 7

So at the backstory of Slade and the Pirates of never land, Slade gets his engineer and he knows TNT is on the guy. Well shite. He destroys the explosives and plans to kill everyone. That's when we see... Shado?! Damn, I knew she was evil. So Roy is acting crazier then that time he was an evil snake. That's right bitches, I also reference Teen Wolf. Once I watch Beauty and the Beast, I can reference anything ever. So Roy beats up Diggle and everyone challenges Roy. Roy goes super duper crazy, and runs away crying about Thea. Felicity then finds out something dark.


Also she took over the company.

Well she boasts about it, and even seems to know Oliver's night life. She's working with Slade.

Okay, that's a lot of videos. I'll stop now. So she tells Oliver the reason why she is doing this is because of his dad, and they fight. Oliver kicks her ass though. Too unrealistic, she would have won. He wants to know where Thea is, and she tells him where she is. She also tells him to go alone, and he does so in case Thea dies. Felicity backs him up. Oh please, you back him here, but ditch him for when you let some asshole give a guy superpowers. So Slade... Because I have too...

Deathstroke, terminator of the dance floors. So Oliver fights and he fights and ight S a little more kicking all the ass. Meanwhile, a prison bus rides off, and I doubt that's important. So Ollie heads out kicking even more ass, and Slade challenges a bus. Slade wins. But Oliver finds that Thea is not in the room, while Slade recruits the prisoners from the bus. Huh, using criminals you freed from a prison while distracting the police... I wonder if DC would ever repeat that idea. Also Thea is okay.

Oliver heads out to see Thea while Sara and Diggle tell Ollie kidnapping Thea was a diversion. Thea also tells the two that she knows that she knows Oliver's secret. HE WAS IN A GAY PORNO! Okay, Malcolm Merlyn being her dad... But the gay porno stands. So she is pissed, and runs off crying while being a dick. Shado's ghost tells Slade what to do, and first, blah blah behind every great man I is a woman comment, and two... Yeah, it adds to the tragedy of Slade. He has no choice but to do what the visions of Shado tells him to do. He tells Ollie he shall kill his family soon.

So Roy drives off away from Starling City because he is a whiny bitch and Lance gets arrested. Well fuck. Moria gets some love for her kid being kidnapped me while Blood freaks out and bitches at Slade. Isabel finds it funny that Blood knows nothing. Isabel says they shall make the serum from Slade's blood while Slade has one last thing to do. Get some chocolate chip cookie dough for the evil party. Also one other thing. Felicity tells Oliver it's okay he failed horribly, everyone fails 20-30 times a lifetime. Oliver is sad his life sucks, while his friends tell him don't worry, they can do it.

Oliver decides to get some chocolate chip Cookie dough for the hero party, while Laurel gets a knock on the door. There, Slade tells her some info. Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

Also, does she have chocolate chip cookie dough? Laurel goes 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAA' while Slade walks off, his iron balls dragging the carpet with him.

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Slade, for being the boss of bosses.

MSC: Pike, for being such an awful cop.

Thoughts: Holy shit, Slade is OP... Is what I would say if I didn't call that idea out. Still, he masterfully plays everyone like a damn fiddle (I WILL NEVER STOP REFERENCING EVERYTHING) while also kicking ass. Oliver and the gang try to fight back, but are beaten at every turn... But will not stop. Even if they don't have Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Also, I want to say that for Halloween, I will review one episode of Constantine to whoever in the comments convinces me is the best episode! So which episode do you want me to review?