So... A Huntress Episode.

Yes, because all we wanted above all... Was an episode based off someone people hate more then anyone in your series. Great idea!

Birds of Prey

What a joke, trust me, this isn't even close to being Birds of Prey.

So Lance and his guys invade a mob base while Ollie and Sara help, because they're nice like that. So they fight and fight with a little fight till Lance is shot. Thankfully, bullets are like phasers in Star Trek, and only stun. Seems the head was Frank, who's caught by Ollie. So Frank is arrested and Oliver tells Lance that Huntress may come back. Diggle and Felicity tell Sara how Helena is a bitch, and Ollie's ex. Sara is a little jealous, and they find that Huntress has been killing Mafia members around the world for her dad. Oliver thinks of something more pleasant then Helena... Being tortured. Slade wants the boat to move, and threatens to kill people who won't. So at the AA meeting, Laurel tells everyone she sucks at life. Everyone claps.

Laurel is met up by the ADA, who wants an alcoholic drug user who wants her to check on Frank's case. A man who has a crazy woman who is out to kill anyone in a mile wide radius around her.

It's overused, but it's a staple. So Roy is at the club, hearing how the gang is having fun. He tries to join, and he looks so confused. Yet he's allowed when they hear Helena is in town. So they head out, with Ollie and Roy cornering the car. Sara comes in, ready to show this bitch a lesson. A man shoots Roy, who kicks his ass. Seems he was a decoy threatened by Helena to drive. Helena also kidnaps a man to drive for her. What a nice girl. Felicity says boobs can make frat boys do anything. I agree. Frat boys are scum of the earth, I should know, my best friend was one. So Roy has his water slapping hand fixed, while Ollie asks him why he's acting Coco for Coco puffs. He also tells Ollie he can't stand not slapping water thanks to Ollie.

Points: 6

So Ollie tells Roy to stay away from his sister. Again. For like, the 87th time. So Felicity tells Ollie about Laurel being Frank's lawyer. Sara heads out to tell Laurel that no, that's stupid. Laurel gives no craps though, she's defended by her own stupidity. So douchebag prisoner complains the plane sucks, while Slade calls Sara. He tells her that Oliver is suffering, and he needs an engineer. He killed the last one. He needs one of those Starfleet guys, who can turn rocks in replicators. So Ollie makes baby arrows, with Sara pissed about Oliver being easy on Huntress. He tries to be all 'I failed her' but Sara Bitchslaps him saying he is just being a moron. He agrees, and will kill to save Laurel... On the condition Sara says. When she asks the others, they say just kill the bitch.

So Ollie comes to the trials and goes to see Laurel. They are then attacked. Fuckin Laurel. Somehow, I blame her. So Huntress comes in, and everyone hates and pities her. Seems Frank made a deal with the police... Again. He wants her arrested, with the police everywhere. Seems Huntress made friends (Doubtful) and they battle the SWAT teams and she grabs hostages. Ollie saves some people and gets out, but sadly Laurel is still in there. So the head of the SWAT has snipers while it seems the ADA used Laurel as a target. Also, Pike is the one who set this up. Fuckin Pike. So Helena calls them, and wants to be free before she kills people. Also, the SWAT is racist towards people who wear masks. Lance calls Ollie, and asks him to save Laurel. He says sure.

He tells Felicity to get his outfit, while Sara saves Laurel. Roy stays at the verdant, and a man tells him to screw off. Because of the lack of it lately...

Poor Stupid Roy moment: 33

Trust me, Roy is pathetic in every scene, it's determining which one counts as a poor stupid Roy moment. So he breaks the guys shoulder and tries to break up with Thea. She says no.

Poor Stupid Roy Moment: 34

Okay, She gives a good reason why, but I prefer her just shutting him down. So Sara and Laurel head out assassin creed style, without the awful glitching and the need to kill everyone in 10 feet. Sara tells her not to drink, cause drinking is bad. Laurel tells Sara she feels sad cause everything is a lie. For the first time, in the entire series... I feel bad for Laurel. Laurel tells Sara how brave Sara was, and how she acted like a dick cause her life sucked. Damn it... Here you go, drunk Laurel.

Points: 7

So she takes the drink out. Thankfully, this is when Laurel becomes a good character... And then forgets that at the Sara revival arc, which I will get too, and then become good again. She's like a game of Pong, where she goes from likeable to a bitch. Laurel wants to save the other hostages, but Sara says gotta go fast. Laurel says no deal, she needs to save those people. She emotionally blackmails Sara to save them, and Sara says okay. Time to assassin creed Huntress. Sara, in the flashbacks, calls Slade and he tells her to either get his engineer, or he will make Ollie suffer again. Stephen Amell probably never expected to be in so much torture porn scenes. This is like his... 6th. So Hendricks, the engineer, threatens to kill Sara if she ditches him. So Huntress assaults her hostages (Guys, we know she's a bitch) where Sara kicks all the ass.

So Laurel saves some people while Sara and Huntress battle. Honestly, this show is weird in who is badass. Super trained assassin part of an ancient order trained by the daughter of the world's deadliest assassin is as skilled as... Some girl who got like, 3 hours of workouts from Oliver. This fight should be over in like, 2 seconds. So Huntress kicks Sara out of the building, where Ollie comes in to kick ass. Laurel is kidnapped, which is always a bitch. Ollie calls Huntress, telling her to stop everything. She wants a trade. Laurel, for Frank. Damn, if this was like, 2 episodes ago, I would have said screw off. Smart move show, making me care for Laurel. So Thea heads out to find beer where she sees... Roy making out with a girl.

Poor Stupid Thea Moment: 2

Why 2? Cause that alone is bad... But this is Roy. His weenieness impacts Thea to know he was the one who cheated on her. So she goes 'HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME' and runs off. Lance ask the cops to take Frank outside for umm... Not being held hostage, when Ollie and Sara hold him hostage with Lance. Oliver says Frank shall not die, because he is Oliver's OTP. So Helena holds people hostage, while Laurel asks why Helena is being a bitch. Helena says fuck off, she likes being an asshole. She tells Helena of how Tommy died. She basically goes 'I drank, did drugs, acted like a mega bitch, kicked a puppy, threw a baby off a cliff, and I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.' Well Helena says 7/10 for the story, and heads off to get called by Ollie. The SWAT is ready to kill everyone because the head of the SWAT really hates people with masks.

Seems one woman was told to dress up like Helena. Thank god she wasn't wearing a mask. Helena dresses up like a cop, and sadly, not a slutty cop. She and Laurel head out while the group wonder how to defeat Helena. I say, kick to the crotch. So Hendricks goes crazy, going on how he shall leave the island on the wings of an angel. Sara bonks him on the head. So the SWAT heads out to see who can find her. Gail Simone! Too bad she's now a street. Poor woman. So Helena and Frank finally meet, and the SWAT shoot at everything, including the air. They battle while Helena finally battles Sara. Sara says she was going easy on her, and shows it by kicking her ass. Lance saves Oliver from a SWAT goon hiding, while Sara has to stop herself rom killing Huntress.

Laurel makes her, and she does. Too bad for Helena, who finds her dad dead. Watching her look sad makes me smile. Well, thankfully, his cousin shall take over. If only he remembers what the gypsy told him... Stay away from a black church. Should be awkward, seeing as how his wife is a preacher for a black church. So Ollie heads to the prison to tell Helena she was a bitch. So she's off to Arkham Asylum or whatever. Slade tells Oliver of how back in Roman times, which Slade should know cause his past reincarnation was a gladiator, you see. He is going to torture Ollie.

Thankfully, Sara calls, telling him she will hand over Hendricks. The DA says the ADA was fired, and Laurel uses this to blackmail her. On the one hand, this is a massive bitch move. On the other hand, I find Man-Hunter a massive bitch in the comics... So no points gained or earned. Laurel then tells her being a bitch has its pros. Agreed. So Thea tells Ollie how Roy is being a bitch on how he cheated on her. Looks like Ollie needs to arrow Roy. So Thea asks why everyone lies to her. Well, Sweety... That's because if they didn't, the show would have 20 minutes of free time every episode. Keeping lies is how the CW stays on.

So Thea runs off, crying about how Roy is a bitch, while Ollie tells Sara she did great. Maybe one day, she can be a hero like him. Lying to his sister about her birth father. So Roy looks sad, and wants to kill himself.


So Slade comes in, and kidnaps Thea. Well fuck.

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Sara, because she beats up Helena.

MSC: SWAT captain, for being so racist to people who wear masks. Some of my best friends wear masks.

Thoughts: Well a good Huntress episode. That's like... No, no comparison, it's that rare. Thankfully, this is the last one, so goodbye, bitch! Roy suffering is always fun, and Slade kidnapping Thea is spooky. Plus, Laurel is a bitch... But in a good way.