So today's episode, we meet our first popular DC bad guy (China and Drakon are not very well known, and the show barely helped) Deadshot, who is one of DC's most popular B-rate bad guy. Like, even the most causal fans know him, but not popular enough for most people to know.

Lone Gunmen

So in the Quiver, Ollie narrates. Boo. Ollie does sexy workouts. Yum. He talks of how people are evil, and plans to take down an E.R.W.M on the list. So E.R.W.M is at his personal pool on top of the building, but Ollie attacks him, taking down his guards. But, from out of nowhere, he is shot! Ollie immediately fights back, but our gunman is so good, he shoots Ollie with ease. Like he had Ollie... Dead on shot. Really, what does Deadshot mean?

So Ollie patches himself up, and thinks of the man who killed him. But he soon so learns the bullet has poison, and uses medicine from his box of crap to heal up. He wakes up to a flashback (Don't you hate that?) in a cave, with a Chinese Hobo. The man, seems okay with poking holes in Ollie but heals him up. So, he is an asshole, but not a dick. Ollie heads back home, to learn Thea is a criminal. She failed the city, arrow her! Diggle also wants to see Ollie pee. Sexy. Moria is disappointed, thinking Thea is becoming a criminal mastermind. Ollie says that Moria should step up to Thea, sighing himself as a mess.

So Lance heads to a murder, and doesn't believe the Hood killed the guy. Guns are not his MO. But poison bullets is Deadshots. We cut to Deadshot, making a tattoo of who he killed, and has a bunch on his body. Badass.

Points: 6

Ollie wants to make a club in the glades, because of many reasons. Tommy wants to go to a club, but Ollie slept with the owners fiancé. Classic. Ollie tries to play stupid frat boy, but Diggle doesn't buy it. Diggle knows all. So we cut to Laurel, stalking Ollies new job. Laurel is trying to find ways to make his life miserable, if I'm guessing. Laurels friend (Lies, she has no friends) convinces her to party. So Moria grounds Thea for breaking the laws. Thea tries to be smug, but Moria has none of that crap. Thea retorts with 'No'. So Ollie heads out, trying to find Deadshots second bullet, and does so by climbing a building like a guy who isn't Spider-Man would.

So Lance points out how the Hood didn't kill this guy, and Ollie learns the bullets came from the Bravta, Russian mob. In Russia, you rob the mob. So Ollie finds the Russian Mob (I hear they made an app for that) and he wants Info from them. He beats up some bad Russian guys, and reveals he is a member of the Bravta. Dun Dun Dun! Also, a high ranked one. The man also doesn't believe Ollie is Bravta. Next, we see Deadshot making a new tattoo, and we see our man. Why are they all evil good looking men?

We learn both targets have a connection to a company called Unidac investigations, and they think Walter is the man who hires him. But Walter puts them down. So Ollie, Tommy, and Laurel head to a new club, that looks lame. Thea is there, drunk off her ass. Thea reveals Tommy and Laurel boned. But Oliver has his superpower of knowing who bones and who doesn't bone. But Thea has the superpower of being lame and a bitch.

So the club owner is a douche, who beats up Ollie. But Tommy comes in to help Oliver. Friendship!

Points: 7

Oliver pretends to get his ass kicked, but Laurel beats up Max. Lame. Also, Max should have had her men beat up Laurel for kicking his ass. So back to the cave where he is slowly dying, yet better off without Laurel and Thea beating the emotional side of his ass, he tries to escape crazy Chinese hobo man. But while escaping, he is caught in a net! At big belly burger (BEST NAME EVER) and Tommy accidentally calls Diggles sister in law hot, and runs off scared. Tommy is awesome. Tommy tries to apologize for screwing Laurel, but Ollie doesn't care. But Tommy still says sorry. So, Friendship! We need that more.

Points: 8

Diggle has his talk with his sister, and talks of how his brother died. Oh man, don't we all wish he did? He learns from the Russian mob that Deadshot lives in room 52 (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, YOU ARE SO FUNNY, MAKE THAT JOKE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!) He tries to sneak on Deadshot, but he battles Oliver and escapes with ease. Ollie does take his laptop back, and we meet someone named Felicity, who is not important at all. She mentions his dad drowned, but in a dorky and adorable way. He tells her he needs the computer fix, she points out it has bullets, and he says he lives in a rough neighboorhood. Okay, point.

Points: 9

Moria and Thea have a nice little talk, and it's a nice talk about how Robert was a good parent, and Moria had problems being a parent. So, I like how it is a parent trying to connect with their child.

Points: 10

Hey, 10! IT girl with no real name and will stay minor points out that the computer is owned by Patel, Floyds employer. Oliver notes he can't stop Floyd alone, so he attacks Lance, and tells Lance to help him stop Deadshot from killing too many innocent people. He also gives him the computer to prove it. The buyers are at Unidac, and Lance seems to have taken Ollies words to heart, but Floyd was too good. Next, Tommy and Laurel talk about Ollie, but ends with Tommy asking Laurel out. No, no Tommy, her vagina is a portal to hell! You fool!

Ollie talks with Diggle, and tells Walter to be safe. But Deadshot has his sights on Walter. But before he can kill Walter, Lance saves him. Diggle gets Olivers family safe, while Ollie heads to the trash for his outfit (I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU HE DID THAT!) He and Deadshot soon battle each other in a game of corner shot. It's a cool fight, but we are already at 10. Ollie takes him out with an arrow to the eye. Damn it, you killed Deadshot! But Deadshot seems to have shot Diggle.

Ollie is on the island again, where the hobo frees him, and warns him of theirs. We soon see men in black (Men in black are always evil unless they are MIB), so we know Ollie and crazy hobo man aren't alone. The episode ends with Ollie patching Diggle up, and reveals to him that he is, the Hood... The Arrow... Green Arrow... Whatever!

Score: 10! An epic episode and must watch.

Thoughts: While not perfect, this was the episode that made me realize Arrow could be rather good. While Laurel and Thea are still bitches, Thea starts to stop it with Moria, and the fights are awesome. Deadshot is a good threat, but could have been written better, which he will be. Tommy proves he's a good friend, the island flashbacks reveal more Mystery, and Diggle now learns Ollie's secret. So, all in all, a great episode.