We all have Blindspots. Some for loved ones, some for themselves. Me? Season 4... Up to fucking Samantha and her shit son ruining the show and then all that RADGFUFHUWHFIBFYBWF0YIW DBBADSOHIFCB0IEQHDUIQEHFDY80QEGCUYBCDWUHCBUY0EBF8BWECIUWBDYBW8BWYCBWYCBEW8VWIVBWIUENVIOJWNVO

<We interrupt this message to say Nobody700 is currently destroying the moon. So let's cut to when he is done>

Oh man... Blew up the moon. Sorry!

Blind Spot

So Blood heads to see his mom, and his mom begs the doctor to stay in the room. The doctor laughs and walks away, wondering how she could torture more patients. Blood's mom is angry at Blood, and well... Well...

What Blood did to his parents... I don't blame him. As we find out, that thing he said about his dad? He was being generous. Him killing his dad, I totally get. His mom? She let him out to the winds, and didn't care. This may sound harsh, and cruel... But I have very little love of parents who are blind to their children being abused by their spouse. She deserves to be in there, and no amount of praying will fix it. I'm not saying Blood is a good guy, he went off the deep end with his Brother Blood stuff... But when it comes to his family, I find it more him punishing them for their horrible sins then evil.

So he forgives her, and walks away. Too bad Brother Blood doesn't forgive so easily, BITCH! Okay, killing his mom is harsh. So Ollie catches some guy, and asks of the Skull Mask. He asks the man the color of his shoes to find out if he is telling the truth. He doesn't know about Blood. So at the plane, Oliver and Sara are just pretty much relegated to the sidelines while Slade is being AWESOME... And crazy. So Sara says she can talk to Ivo, while Oliver finds this nuts. Sara says the man who murders and tortures people is not evil. Uh oh, she fell in love with the psycho. Must be his PH.D in being a douchebag. So Laurel is popping pills and getting calls of random women dying in mental institutions. Laurel says that Blood is pure evil to her ADA, and he tells her 'Nah, you crazy'.

So she uses evidence I just showed I don't care for, and then real evidence. Seems though that the ADA has lost some power due to being a drug dealer. So Roy is doing his job while Ollie hits on him. Roy finds it weird Ollie praises him, saying Oliver never praises anyone. Nah, Ollie praises everyone BUT you. I'll count it.

Level 6: Super Duper Lemon Squeezy Weenie mode achieved

So Felicity says they need a new way to find Blood. Easy! First, Ollie needs a giant piece of cheese, and then a net. So Lance calls Oliver, saying Laurel needs his help. Oliver checks her, and he calls her out for wanting to arrest him last time.

Points: 6

Man, so close to that scene... So close. So Laurel, acting like a dick, says that Blood is working with Solomon, and she wants Ollie to stop him. Hmm... Do you trust the moron, or Laurel... Man, this is hard. On the one hand, the guy's name is Blood... On the other hand... It's Laurel! She's never right! Even when she is. So Felicity says the guy named Blood is pure evil because his name is Blood. I agree. My last name isn't evil, and I'm not evil. So Diggle thinks Laurel is setting a trap. Damn, if I was there, I would make out with Diggle. So Roy shows Sin he is a badass by breaking concrete with his fist.

Sin: Wow... You slap the water lately?

Roy: Every day since I was 13.

So Sin thinks Roy is on steroids, and he says he was injected... WITH THE T-VIRUS! Nah, Mirakuru. One day... One day. He doesn't want Thea to know he has super powers, while Central City is full of them. So Roy wants to start a super team... Super Friends. Sin finds this as stupid as me. So Felicity finds that the place is so lame, it's impossible to break into. Wow... That's clever. Oliver outsources, needing Laurel for a key card. So Sara remembers how her favorite thing back then was a bed. For Sex! WITH THE LADIES! Man, when that episode comes... I will make so many bisexual jokes. So Sara tells Ollie a story of how Laurel stole him from her. She even got her arrested because of Laurel.

Man, Laurel is a douche. She is a stealing ho. Also, and no joke, I use Netflix for these reviews (60 bucks for one season?! Fuck that noise) and in the summary, it says this is a major secret of Laurel. Laurel's secret is... She stole Ollie from Sara. Wow. That is so weak, I can't even make a joke. It's like if Oliver found out... Oh my god, Laurel doesn't shave! Down there. So Ollie and Laurel break in, all sexy and smooth like, while they try to find the ark of the covenant or something. So the guards seem to be the greatest guards in all fiction, and they find out Oliver is there. Holy shit, these guys need a raise. Oliver should hire them!

Malcolm Merlyn: Time to break into Ollie's home, and intimidate him...

<Security guards gun down Malcolm Merlyn>

Security Guard: No one has time for that!

Fuck the Arrow, make a show of 'Those security guards' and I bet you it will make billions. So Ollie and Laurel find the file, but the police head in. Sadly, the security guards are not there, so Ollie kicks their ass. Note that the stupid Lady Cop (Lady Cop? Worst superhero name ever) is not there. Oh, she's a rant in a future time. So they see the file... IS EMPTY! I would have left a post it note saying 'Fuck you'. So Ollie may seem to trust Laurel, and Roy an Thea fight over something I forgot. I dunno. Sin wants Roy to suck it up, and Sin thinks Roy should defeat the Doll Maker's left overs. Roy wants Sin to become a Prostitute. He also says she should be slutty. Also Thea thinks Sin is bisexual. With that hair... 100%. You can tell someone's sexuality by their hair.

So Blood (Straight hair) tells Ollie he is not evil. So Sin heads with the crazy see rial killer, and how funny would it be if she got the wrong guy, and he was actually some guy with a weird fetish.

Fetish Guy: So put this Ronald Reagan mask on, slap my thigh, call me 'Nora' and tell me 20 reasons why Macaroni turns you on. All in a pirate accent.

So Roy grabs the guy, and kicks his ass with a little bit much rage. He then Bitchslaps Sin. Not cool Roy! Sin is Love, Sin is Life. So Slade is at Blood's, and has the files, calling Blood stupid. Blood says he covered his tracks. Bullshit, Trigon did that! So Slade is pissed that he killed his mom. From now on, Blood can't kill his parents anymore! Blood tells his cronies to deal with Laurel. So her home has been broken into... By the police! Oh man, they found her drugs. Best part, those may be her own, and not planted.

Corrupt Cop: Time to plant some drugs here... Oh... She did it for me. Man, Laurel is a treat.

Why am I doing people jokes now? So Laurel goes on a crazy rant saying everyone is framing her and she is sane and SHUT UP, BLOOD IS EVIL! BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD! Watching her break down while Lance is enraged she is on drugs, and I smile.

Points: 7

So Lance says Laurel is grounded. Also, she's fired from her job. Oliver is there, with Lance going 'I need to go home... I heard something snap when she was arrested'. So Sara calls Ivo, and Ivo is glad he got a booty call. So he says he never went out to be evil... While murdering and kidnapping people. He also gives the 'You saved me' line, which for the first time ever... I think was done on purpose to sound stupid. Because well... Ivo is a tool. So Roy sees his fetish serial killer victim is crippled. The doctor says Roy is a good guy for what he did. Beating him or saving him? So Thea comes in, glad to see Roy isn't in the hospital. For the usual reasons. She wants Roy to be fine, and he goes 'No, leave me alone!' And runs away. He then falls down, and cries.

Poor Stupid Roy Moment: 31

Crybaby. So Oliver is less then impressed by Laurel being on drugs, and so am I. This drug arc is stupid, but... AND THIS IS A BIG BUT... Katie Cassidy nails it. She deserves her award. She is playing how someone takes drugs very well, at first smart at hiding it, but eventually crashes and burns. Still, it's only saved because she is a good actress. Laurel asks for some water, and by water, she means Heroin, Cocaine, Speed, and some other shit. Also, Ollie is drugged. Blood kidnaps Laurel, because THAT WILL HELP IN MAKING HER SEEM INSANE! KIDNAP HER!

Points: 6

Damn, no wonder you're in 3rd place Blood! With your I.Q so damn low, I'm surprised that one of your mooks isn't in third place. So Laurel wakes up to find she is in Taken. Again. Blood plays hide and seek with her, and she knows that Blood... IS BLOOD! Blood goes on a speech about how Laurel is insane cause she is on drugs. He may be an evil cult leader creating super soldiers for a one eyed crazy Australian man, but even he says no to drugs. So Blood finds it funny that the Arrow wants to save her. So they fight and well... Blood sucks at fighting. Should have given yourself Mirakuru buddy. Actually... Why didn't he? Was he afraid he would die?

So Ollie kicks his ass, and he is gunned down by Laurel. But as we see, that wasn't Blood... It was that cop! Oh... That's.... I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE THAT POINT BACK!

Points: 7

This is a brilliant plan! Laurel is proven gone, the mole in the police is gone, and Oliver think's with the Skull gone, the main worry is over. This is brilliant! Which means only one thing. Slade thought it up. So Laurel is sad that her blaming Blood was proven wrong, and the ADA comes in to say she is fired. Oh... I already said that earlier. Well she deserves it. So Oliver is a little pissed that he believes in Laurel too easily. For now on, he needs to separate her from him. Laurel is now off her fuck list. So, now he needs someone new to fuck with. He sees Roy.

So Ollie and Thea talk of how Roy puts people in hospitals. So Sara is glad that Ivo makes her happy, but she also hates him because he is a dick. Sara is cutting Ivo from her fuck list. Ivo calls her a bitch, and wants to kill them now. Well... Now we know that Ivo is a 'Nice Guy'. I despise 'Nice Guys'. So Blood is glad that they are free, so Slade kills his men because he is stupid. He is also in a badass Deathstroke outfit. So Roy gets a message, where Ollie sees him and they battle. Oliver says Roy still sucks despite his powers, and he needs training. Roy wants to die. Fuckin Drama Queen.

Poor Stupid Roy Moment: 32

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Blood. Blood shows why he is a threat by manipulating everyone... Except the man who holds his leash.

MSC: Ivo. Just because he is a meanie pants.

Thoughts: Roy needs to stop putting innocent serial killers behind bars! But besides that, Blood is epic in his planning, Ollie cutting Laurel off of his sucking up to her is great, and Slade's new outfit is sweet.