The one where I don't reference Firefly because Mark played my least favorite character on the show.

Blast Radius

Before I start anything, I need to get real here. Why the fuck did this show make an Anarky Expy... And then when they had the REAL Anarky, they make him a joker Expy?! Seriously, what the hell?! Afraid of remaking characters? How about you make them different then?! It would be like if I wanted Poison Ivy on a DC show I wanted, but I was told no. So I made an exact Expy of her. Then I actually get Poison Ivy... And I make her a Star Fire Expy! Fuck me, I apologize... I just despise Anarky with a passion. So, to the actual episode!

So Ollie heads out in the Ollie mobile, battling a man who graduated from the Storm Trooper academy. He chases after the man after he runs away, and he gets his ass kicked. He asks who the Skull Mask is, and he says that's riducolus. So can the man who shoots arrows at people to leave him alone? So Harrison Wells tells the news he is now doing the reverse of walking. Not walking. Cause he's a cripple. Seems Felicity left to make out with Barry's coma. She has to share with Harrison. So Ollie is pissed that he can't find him, and says this man could make an army able to destroy Starling. So Slade makes the island's second worse funeral mound for someone, with Ollie remembering the first. He acts rather nice, and hands him something important of Shado to Ollie. You can tell though, he's sad because... He wanted to be that person getting it. I love that small moment... Because everything after, is only more tragic.

Points: 6

Also Manu Bennet shaved, and now he looks awful. Get that beard back, man! So Sara tells Ollie not to tell Slade the truth, that Ollie is sort of to blame for Shado dying. Sara tells Ollie the people who use go psycho. That's not good. So Laurel gets her drugs on, and hides it from her boss who asked for drugs on live television and OD'd. Laurel found out Grundy (Okay, forgot to mention this, but it was hinted that Grundy survived that building. If he did... He's taking his sweet time getting out of there) is friends with Blood, and heads to see him. Oliver praises Blood, who they both seem to be best friends forever now! Blood talks of how he loves Starling because they are the cells to his blood. Thea calls out Ollie for sucking Blood's dick, and Thea tells Oliver that Roy is okay. Just as whiny as ever.

Moria heads in to say she is glad that Thea is a smart business owner. Oliver can suck Blood's dick for all she cares. Laurel heads to Oliver, telling him that she is ready to bone, she distrusts Blood, and her uterus is ready for a Queen. So Not Anarky... You know what, fuck it! He is not Shrapnel from the comics, and while admittedly he is more of a Mad Stan Expy (MAD STAN! One of my favorite bad guys in Batman Beyond)

But he is the closest thing to Anarky we get, and the one we got isn't, so I'll call him Mad Anarky Stan. So Mad Anarky Stan, or M.A.S blows up a building, and gets a boner while ranting of politics. Diggle uses a computer, and somehow it doesn't Burst on fire. Meanwhile, at a burning building, Oliver saves people. Because the police are too busy looking for him to do their real jobs. Never gonna let that go! So Slade seems to decide to head to the plane, and kill Ivo, his men, and then escape, get on a show with Xena, fuck Xena, and maybe star in another show, and fuck Xena again. Manu Bennet: The only man who had had sex with Lucy Lawless in two different shows. So he goes berserk when Sara says this is crazy, and wants to chop her up into little pieces. Oliver wants him to stop, and he threatens to kill Oliver. Only one way to settle this.


Diggle gives Oliver Mad Anarky Stan's manifesto of how he hates the government. Oh my god, that is hillarious. You think he references Creed in it? He looks like a Creed fan. So Felicity comes back, and she's blacker then ever! Also Ollie's coma has a girlfriend, who's blacker then Felicity. So Laurel heads to see Blood, who tells her he doesn't bite, to which I reply 'Then where is the fun in fucking you?' So she tells him she knows he was Best friends with Grundy. They even had their Facebook relationship status as 'Complicated'. He says Grundy was a preacher, while moon lighting as a mobster. He tells her of how his dad beat the living shit out of him and his mom. He says her mom killed him and herself. He says he only knows that no matter what, Grundy did a good thing in helping him. He leaves, while Laurel feels like an ass.

Well you should. So she sees he has has checks to someone, and takes it. You ass. So Roy is doing his bitch job of being a box moving person. Man, if you're fucking the boss and you still have the worst position at the bar, you should try to improve your 'skills'. So he tells Thea to stop busting his balls, they are already busted enough from when those Boy Scouts found him a few hours ago. They make out because Thea is turned on by crime, morons, and people who get hit by glass.

Poor Stupid Roy Moment: 29

Even when becoming a super soldier, he is still a butt monkey. So he checks to see his horrible glass wound is only mildly horrible. That's expected. Lance is annoyed that he hangs at roofs, and when Ollie says he hangs with all his friends like this, he goes 'You have friends?'

Points: 7

Oh man Season 2 Lance, you're great. Can't wait for Season 3 to ruin you, and Season 4 to fix you but also throw you to the sideline! Seriously, what the hell? So he says they need a favor. He says they have a leak in the police department. Again. So an explosion goes off, and DC52 (I am so glad New 52 is dead. I actually just learned that like... Today. The comic book store gets supplied half a year with comic books, and I hate spoiling myself... I bought like, a whole bunch. Holy shit, you hear who's the new Big Bad for DC? Who knew. Not me!) decides to head out. He's the GODAMN Lance man, he can do anything. But keep a daughter alive. So Ollie heads out to find M.A.S and he runs away while thinking up lyrics for a My Chemical Romance song. Because anyone who I think is somewhat somehow liberal becomes a whiny bitch. However, Ollie misses him. Oliver is pissed that Felicity fails, and she asks What the fuck that means, and they bitch about each other.

I can feel for Diggle. This is like when two friends who so wanna fuck but won't mask it with rage. Oliver is just plain pissed, and may be jealous of Barry. Oh don't be. You gained abs through hard work. So Sara knocks some sense into Slade, who kind of fucks off and wonders what the hell is wrong with himself. Oliver explains the Mirakuru is fucking with Slade, and he goes full fetal position. So Lance heads back to work, where Laurel says Blood is paying off some women he doesn't know. She wants Lance to check on her. So Moria sees that Blood is holding a unity rally, and I far prefer the one in parks and rec. Ollie is pissed, and heads out to see Blood... As the Arrow. He tells him to stop the rally, saying that M.A.S will kill him and everyone there. Blood says 'Nuh uh' and Ollie fucks off. Funniest thing? Blood doesn't hate the city. He is just incompetent.

So M.A.S seems to be your neighborhood friendly package guy, who smiles while singing 'CRAWLING IN MY SKIN' in his head. Diggle is angry that Ollie and Felicity are bitching at each other. However, he... AND THE SHOW, will ignore that in Season 5.

Wait a second... It just hit me! Laurel acts like a bitch to Ollie in season 1, he calls her out in season 2. Lance acts like a mega dick to him in season 3, he calls him out in season 4. Is season 5 going to have an episode where Oliver calls out Felicity? If so... Let us all pray for that scene.

So Lance seems to have said no about the whole thing, saying he is a saint in living form. Saint Blood! Just like my friend, Saint Hellbastard, who saved 726 orphans from a blimp. So Laurel is angry, and decides to head out to find a way to show everyone a guy named Blood is evil. So the news finds Blood Unity rally lame, and the gang check it out. Oliver finds M.A.S store and sees it is rigged. He is shown the rally, and told if he moves, he will die. M.A.S just wants to...


So Ollie sees his family is at the rally, and whispers to Felicity that he is at the rally, planting explosives. He wants Felicity to unrig the explosives while Diggle looks for M.A.S. Felicity tries to be a bitch, but Ollie tells her to fuck off, her ego can shove it. So she tells him to take out the power, and he does. At the rally, Diggle uses his powers of moving ever so slightly to find the bomber. Blood gives a speech so lame it makes me want to bloody him up. So Diggle finds the trigger, and Felicity tries to deactivate it. Too bad he finds them, and tries to set it off. He fails, but throws a grenade at Blood. Before Moria is crushed, Roy becomes Superman and saves her. Oliver confronts M.A.S, and he tries to set off some explosives, but Ollie arrows the wires. Should have gone wireless bro.

So Ollie takes a break to make sure Diggle is fine, because he cares for Diggle. Nah! He wants some alone time with Felicity. She has been a bad girl, and only he can punish her.

So she acts smug, and I find it rather annoying. But it's immediately stopped when Oliver tells her that he needs her. In more ways then one. If you know what I mean. He tells her she is important to him, as the Arrow and as Oliver. She tries to be dorky, and he gives her a look that says 'If you don't stop, I will make out with you.' So Ivo calls Sara saying he misses how she would do yoga while he would slap the water. Or something about wanting the Mirakuru. Do you care? Well Slade is gone! He is ready to do some killing! Laurel heads to the hospital to find some crazy woman. She seems to know Blood. So Oliver heads out to call out Blood for being a scum bag, while he says that the two should be partners. Blood Arrow! Nah, sounds too metal. So the woman confesses that Blood is the devil, that he put her in there, that he killed his father, and that she is his mother. So while she tells Laurel not to trust Blood... Ollie trusts Blood. Umm... That's bad.

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Slade. Him becoming crazy shows how far he will eventually go, and you feel bad for every second.

MSC: Shrapnel. He is no Mad Stan, or even the real Anarky.

Thoughts: Watching this episode helped me realize many things. Slade is crazy, Laurel is not an uber bitch for the past few episodes, Ollie and Felicity want to bone, Shrapnel is a weenie, Roy has super strength... And well... Batman Beyond is good.

Now if you excuse me, I have to Rewatch Batman Beyond.