Oliver battles the entire state of... Starling State. I think it's New Jersey. Or Kentucky. Washington? Ohio? Alaska?

State V.S Queen

So Moria says she fails the city, undertakes some stuff, destroys some glades, and some crap, which prison guards see. The guards ditch the place, leaving the inmates to die. That's harsh. I like it. So the Count is reading like a peaceful man, when the room goes all ham on him! He escapes with the locks broken, and he grabs some keys. He insults his fellow inmates, while freeing the Doll Maker cause he's a fan. That's... Actually something I like. It feels like a Joker move without being over Joker exaggeration levels like fuckin Anarky. So Oliver and Thea are harassed by people while Laurel limply asks to make the assistant DA be nice. He dick slaps her. With his dick. So the Pirates head to the boat, gun it, and plan to blow it up. Slade and Shado dodged the bullets, with Shado wanting to save Ollie. Slade leaves, being all emo. Like Zuko. So Ollie heads to court with his mom, and like a hero... Decides to become a lawyer.


Judge: What the...

Oliver: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! The DNA proves Old man Jenkins did it! The only thing my mother is guilty of, is caring. You all should know, that the evidence was tampered with! Jury, I plead with you, she is a mother of 5, and is blind. Just because she is black, doesn't mean she is a criminal!

Judge: What the fuck has this boy been smoking...

Oliver: I AM THE LAW!

Nah, but I would have loved that scene. So the DA thinks she murdered everyone ever, and blames her. Diggle is sick, and I say he should poop. Because he doesn't poop, he dies. So the Count is back at the scene, and kills some moron who made him drugs because he has a plan. First, find him lots and lots of ham. So Diggle, at the Quiver, looks sicker then me when... I got Pneumonia. BOOM, I didn't make any jokes on Season 3. So Felicity learns Diggle used Vertigo. Arrow, Arrow, Arrow... Oh, he got it somehow. Wait, is my water supply joke... Canon? HOLY HELL! So he goes after the Count, because he is ready to kick ass and kill drug dealers... But first, court. Good, court dramas always intrigued me, especially in my super hero shows!

So the assistant DA asks why Thea was mean to Moria, with him claiming Moria is human scum because she thought her mom was human scum. So then the DA goes down, having drugs in him. We see he turns into a skeleton, that Ivo grabs over. He wants to know where an arrow head is, because that's how they find it. The Pirates threaten him, but Shado and Slade... Slade, you aren't Two Face. So they ambush them. The DA is taken to jail for doing drugs, while the Count steals the paramedic truck. Because he is planning to kill every baby in Starling... Wait, different thing. So Ollie tells Moria to testify, while Moria is scared her family will be destroyed. Oh please Moria, it's not like your two secrets will lead to the two dumbest arcs in the Arrowverse, that all fans will despise forever and help ruin the show... Oh wait.

So at the Quiver, the Count hijacks the waves to fart and wear a Max mask... Nah. Seems he kidnapped the DA, and says he can stop the OD in the city, by making people use vertigo. He also makes the assistant DA say yes to drugs. Somehow, he will still keep his job. Count Vertigo approves of this high. Ollie decides to say to No to drugs, and end drugs forever everywhere... Again. Twice. So Felicity looks to find the Count, while we see the DA thinks Laurel should destroy her best friend's family forever. Also, she is based off a DC hero I dislike, so I'm not sad about it. So Roy dads to Thea, and tells her to hit him. Huh, kinky. So he tells her to wail on him, to let out some anger. Oh god, do it! One punch!

So she taps him. She taps him harder. Roy tells her to try, and Thea begins to wail on him. Sadly, not enough to count as a weenie moment. Damn, I wanted Roy getting beat up! What a cock tease. So Felicity finds the place by showing its an abandoned building. You know, just look for every abandoned place in Starling forever. Keep tags on them. So Laurel sees Moria, and she is a wee bit unimpressed by what she finds. Only one affair with Malcolm Merlyn. Laurel begs her not to make her ANNIHILATE Moria. So the Count wants more and more drugs for his job, but Ollie comes in, saving the DA. The Count creams himself, and Ollie sees that the Count wants Ollie to kill him. So he just explodes some gas tanks instead. He frees the DA, and the Count disses Ollie for not killing. Moria reveals to them that Laurel has all the cards. She tells them the truth.

She likes Marvel.

Nah, seems that when Robert was cheating on Moria, she cheated on him... With Malcolm. Fuckin Malcolm. Thea is a wee bit pissed about it, and we cut to court. Laurel blasts her in court, trying to drop a mic. She claims Moria is the devil. Yay! So Ollie isn't angry at Laurel, who finds it weird that Oliver doesn't despise her, and runs away. So at the island, an Australian standoff goes off, and Ivo lets them have Ollie, who frees Sara. Thank god these guys can't hit the broad side of a... Broad thing. Then they explode. So Felicity and Diggle find that they were give drugs by... Vaccinations. Oh shit, now that... Is unfortunate.

Vaccinations: Won't give you autism, BUT WILL GET YOU HIGH!

So Felicity heads out to find the trucks because calling Oliver to help was too smart.

Points: 4

Like I guessed, she gets caught by the Count. So Thea and Oliver are told their mom will die. He gets called, and oh shit, arch nemesis! That's the second worst thing to hear on your girlfriends phone. First is her moaning being fucked by a guy with stretchy powers. So Ollie heads out to save Felicity, all in gear. So the Count brags to Ollie that he will get his super revenge on Ollie... But also says he got help. He says the guy gave him everything to help him do one thing. Kill the Arrow. So he goes after Ollie, and uses Felicity as a meat shield. When he is about to kill Felicity... She says something I love. 'Don't Oliver, not for me.' That one sentence hits so hard on how much she treats Oliver as a friend and his no kill rule...

Points: 6

Hey, I'm a sucker for friendship. So Ollie lets his bow down, and tells him to leave Felicity. But in a second, the moment he is about to strike Felicity, he kills him. He tells Felicity that she's okay, while he looks down to see the Count's corpse. You can see that while he hated the man... It had to be done. Even if he didn't like it. Good look.

Points: 7

So Oliver heads back, and apologizes to Thea, who tells him that they need to see Moria. So the court finds Moria... Not Guilty. Huh... I find that very improbable. Even Moria and her family have this look that says 'Yay?' Cause even they thought she was guilty. Fuckin 1%. Gets to destroy the city and gets away. Hell, even Oliver goes 'This makes no sense, I love her, and even I think she's guilty as shit'. Damn, EVEN I THINK MORIA WAS GUILTY, and I like her. So Felicity says that she is sorry for making Oliver break his code, being the reason for it. Hey, show... THIS IS WHY WE LIKE FELICITY!

Season 2 Felicity: I'm so sorry for making you kill.


So Shado took the arrowhead, with the gang seeing it has coordinates. Most likely, to the Mirakaru. So they decide to find it to save Slade. So Ivo shoots the captain. Look, I know he is hiring these guys... But he's not the boss. He should die. So Blood is pissed the Count failed, and rants about it. He puts his Shit your pants mask on, and sees that one guy survived. Cyrus Gold, A.K.A, Solomon Grundy. Born on a Monday, fucks you up on a Sunday. So Moria heads home, but is taken somewhere else. She finds out the person who got her free. MALCOLM MERLYN! Son of a bitch! He got her free by threatening the jury, and he wants her to help him. Turns out, as he found out... Thea is his daughter. SON OF A FUCK...

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Felicity. Even with her dumb mistakes, she uses the power of friendship to prevail!

MSC: The Count. Too much ham, not enough to satisfy me though.

Thoughts: So I actually liked the idea of Oliver killing, but I prefer if they waited a few more episodes. I like the court drama, I like Laurel (FORGIVE ME!) and Thea being Malcolm's daughter... I don't hate it. BUT... I hate how it went. I'll explain later.