So I lasted longer then one episode. Better then most superhero shows. Well, time for my next review!

Honor Thy Father

So we kick off at storming water, where Sarah slowly dies and Sara is safe. Also, Ollie does the episode owning speech... Which is not the opening Speech, and becomes altered. So, the episode really starts when Oliver beats the living shit out of a CEO and his minions, and goes 'You failed this city'. Love that phrase. You failure! Also makes an actual funny joke about Kardashians. Not really funny, but far better then the twilight one. Oliver also seems to have peed on a cop. Awesome. They're off to prove Ollie is alive, because as someone who once considered going into politics, I know paperwork is the real way to tell if you are alive.

Oliver skims through what happened. Forgetting some... Minor details. Oliver meets Laurel, and seems to be with someone. Oliver says hello. Laurel proceeds to tell this woman every bad thing about Oliver. Well fuck you too Laurel.

Points: 4

Really, she is not making these things easy! So we meet our bad guy, random rich looking white guy. Oliver also drives off, leaving Diggle alone.

Points: 5

I like comedy. So, Laurel tells of how evil rich white man is helping the triad kill people and stuff, and Laurel wants to take him down. Oliver works out again, making the male Fan-service known, and Ollie narrates again. So, to the docks (Every superhero show has one) and Ollie heads in to take him down, threatening him to testify. Damn, he gets shit done fast. No pussy footing around. So Diggle is in trouble my Moria for sucking at his job. Ollie saves his back by telling Moria he was fucking. Damn, I wish I could use that excuse. 'Sorry I couldn't go to work, I was fucking my girlfriend.' 'Well Nobody, why weren't you here faster? Knowing you, that lasts 20 seconds.' ;_;

Ollie apologizes to Diggle, but Diggle says he will quit if Oliver ditches him again. Thea comes in, wanting to be drunk. Hey, so do I after Season 3! Also, full on bullshit, Thea says he wants to leave the family. Umm... What?! He seems perfectly fine with everyone. Sure, he goes off, but he also wants to hang. That's like saying to an alcoholic 'hey, I know you drink all the time, but I never knew you drink all the time.' What the hell Thea, and quit your superior moral bullshit.

Points: 4

So Lance (ONLY COP IN STARLING) heads to the docks, but E.R.W.M (Evil Rich white man) doesn't want cops. Lance wants the guy to tell him what he knows, but E.R.W.M refuses help. So E.R.W.M wants Lance gone cause he is the dad to the woman prosecuting him. WHAT?! SOMEONE POINTS THAT OUT?! He then try's to threaten Lance. A cop. You moron. You deserve an arrow in the throat. So Oliver heads to Queen consolidated, and Oliver acts like a dumbass, which makes sense. He doesn't want people to know he's a badass. Moria wants Oliver to take leadership, but Oliver doesn't want that. Who is he, Batman?! He will take the money though. So he acts like a jerk, and they respond with 'You bastard'. Yeah, I would too. Diggle then has a nice talk with Ollie, talking about how the rough times they had. Seems Diggle understands 5 years on an island messes you up.

Points: 5

So Ollie stops some damn birds from eating his dad, and he vomits when he sees his dad dead. He lifts his dad, probably thinking of eating him. Laurel is with exposition girl who responds by saying the things the characters know. Lance wants to protect Laurel and her witness with cops, Laurel responds by being a dumbass, thinking a murderer won't go after the two women who will stop them. Laurel... Being an asshole to Oliver makes some sense, but your dad trying to protect you from A MURDERER AND THE TRIAD?! YOU DUMB BITCH!

Points: 3

So E.R.W.M meets with China White, and they plan to kill her. Please. So Thea walks in, and notices Oliver has scars... And a tattoo. No one mentions the Tattoo? Like, is it invisible?! So, while she sees him in pain, and he responds with he doesn't want to talk about the pain, she tries to be a bitch, but he fights back with 'Give me time.' She counters with 'Wanna see your tombstone?' She talks about how she thought he was dead, and thinks she says they suffered along with him. She also wants to be with him. Fine... Okay, a point.

Points: 4

Laurel listens to a song at the time (A dumb thing season 1 did) and Ollie comes to her, wanting to talk. Apparently, to stop being distant, he wants to talk to Laurel. He wants to make up for being a dumbass... And she lets him. Well damn.

Points: 5

Oliver responds with him being a jerk, and gives her food. Damn, if he starts talking about her favorite show, Laurel will bang him! They talk about life, and it seems to be rather okay. They talk about a lot of boring crap, when they are attacked! By the Kool Aid man! Also China white. But Diggle comes in, kicking ass, and takes out two bad guys. He fights China, and Oliver aids, with the two saving Laurel. Lance comes in, and we hear the cops were murdered. Lance then tries to blame Oliver for this. Yes, Oliver sent the triad to kill Laurel. Diggle then points out that Oliver threw a kitchen knife with too much accuracy. Huh, Diggle isn't stupid. Oliver replies with 'I'm not special'. Nah, I saw those biceps and pecs. You are special. The E.R.W.M tries to run away, but is stopped by Ollie.

Lance tries to make Laurel stop, but Laurel won't. She needs to protect the city, but Lance wants to protect her. If I liked either character, I would give this scene a point. But I don't. Lance heads to the docks, when he hears news. Ollie takes down every threat in his way like a boss, and again... Evil C.E.O's hang with evil guards. Ollie forces the truth out of him, and China white appears. Also, Oliver can speak Chinese. Stay tuned for the net episode where he speaks Klingon. KAPLA! Ollie has a rather cool fight with China, who is his equal.

Points: 6

Lance tries to stop Oliver, but he arrows back his gun with a recording of the E.R.W.M confessing of murder. Oliver admits he must be a dumbass, and acts like one to make no one want him for his job. Tommy also tells Laurel to leave Oliver alone. Man, you are a BFF! So Ollie goes in like a dumbass, and people hate him. Laurel acts smug thinking she had solved the thing. Despite doing nothing to stop him. She also seems to have hots for 'The Hood'. Of course. So back at the island, Ollie rests, tired of carrying his dad, and finds the book in his dad's pocket. But yet, no words. Only a symbol. Moria meets up with a man, saying Oliver doesn't know the boat was sabotaged, and the man has a book with the symbol. Spooky. The episode ends with Oliver having a sad tender moment with his father's grave, saying he will right the city... Yet must dishonor his father. It's a sad and touching scene.

Points: 7

Back at the island, Oliver buries his dad... AND IS HIT WITH AN ARROW! Surprise, and funny as shit! Yes!

Points: 8

Score: 8 Score: 8, Pretty good with some flaws.

Thoughts: Don't get me wrong, while same score, this episode is not as good as the pilot. It has more flaws with Laurel being a bitch again, and stupid. With Lance being a prick as well. Only the arrow end made it as good as the episode. Still, it is a good episode, with some good scenes, a nice buildup with Moria, and more insight into Diggle, along with introducing recurring threat China White. So, it's not all bad.