Everyone has faced a Crucible in their life. Mine involved brining dancing to a non dance town.


So the episode starts with a funny joke about Ollie kicking ass, while Felicity is surprised to hear gunshots. Damn, not even 2 minutes, and I already like this episode!

Points: 6

So the guns seem military, while Ollie comes in late to his party for a business merger. So Ollie has blood on him, but Isabel is not surprised. Foreshadowing? Hi, my name is Nobody. So Ollie mentions guns, and Blood interrupts. In my episode 2 review, I explained very delicately why I dislike Blood. I shall give my reason here. He is a poopy head. Oliver and Blood talk of ending gun violence, where we learn the mayor is given guns to gangsters. Seems some mobster named 'The Mayor' is selling guns to increase his evil stuff, and he is a treat, being ridiculous and funny. So he tells some mook that he now has guns who threatens to kill some mook, but one guy says blame me. He kills him, because that's how I increase my power! Kill people who did nothing wrong! So Ollie sees Laurel has a drinking problem, where she says meh about the serial killer.

So Felicity thinks the stalker isn't after Ollie, but after Laurel. Sexy. Yet incesty. So we see it's true, but Ollie tries to arrow her because he's against the L in LGBT. He ties her up, and proceeds to show her the D in Dick. He blocks her sonic device with him going 'Duck Tales, WHOO HOO' and asks why she's stalking Laurel. She seems to know that Oliver, is Oliver. He takes her mask off to see its... Some girl. Who is also Sara!! Thank god for retcon! So she lets it sink in... For 3 seconds, and the sonar explodes, letting her escape. So everyone wonders WTF, and Oliver reveals he may have lied about her dying on the boat. She was on the island. He doesn't know what happened since, thinking she was dead for real. Diggle is pissed, and so is Felicity, but Oliver rants at them, that it was shit and he'll there, saying they would have preferred her dying on that boat then the reality.

So Diggle looks for the guns, and he warns Ollie of having too many secrets. Ollie say he works out. So at the boat, the pirate boss wants to know what he wants, and gives him the option of death, or torture followed by death. Oliver says go to hell, and is shot. So at the abandoned clock tower, Sin is nearly killed by Sara. So she mentions meeting up with Ollie, having problems mentioning to her family she is alive. Sin gives a big fat stinking lie to Sara about her family that Sara knows is a lie but Sin doesn't. So Sara seems to have saved Sin, and Sara says no women should suffer at a man's hand. Well that personality was dropped some time later. So Diggle and Lyla mention of stolen guns and the person who stole it is military because he knew of the trackers on the guns. So at the building, Blood and Isabel give a look to each other that is either ex lovers, or partners who know one of them sucks. So Ollie sponsors the event to help deal with guns, while Isabel finds him stupid for wasting money. Bad Isabel, just go save John Connor or something. So the assistant DA tries flirting with Laurel, who is drinking enough wine to make me say 'Can I have her at my bar?' She's a lawyer, so her tips should be good.

So Laurel ditches him because his moves make me seem sexy. So Laurel, in one of my fave scenes EVER, is pulled over cause she's drunk. She tries to go 'I have connections' but is arrested! FUCK, YEAH!

Points: 7

This episode makes me wanna hump it. So Camp Kirby lost some guns, and I now why that little pink ball of death has all those weapons. I know it's Jack Kirby, but I prefer plain old Kirby from Nintendo. No one fucks with the ball of pink. So they find the guns while the mayor finds the tracker has been activated. Thank god he didn't bother taking it off after. So they fight and they fight with an extra fight while he secures the weapons. Sadly, the mayor escapes. So Lance frees his daughter, and she seems to be super drunk. So Lance tells her to stop drinking, and she says 'Meh, cut me some slack' and runs off, ready to get hammered like Hammer Man on his animated show. So Ollie sees Sara, and damn you show! I don't like Blondes, why are you trying to make me find them sexy!

So he says he saw her die like, 40 times and she asks of Slade. Oliver ditches the question because that's complicated. So Sara heard stories of an arrow, and knew he was him. He asks how she is badass, and she says 'meh'. She came back to make sure her family was safe after the glades. So Lance comes to see Oliver, while Sara hides. He asks if Oliver can help him stop Laurel from being a drunken idiot. Oliver agrees, and decides to help. She needs an intervention. Arrow style. Which is like the real world, but with 20% more threatening of being killed. So flashback Ollie is being tortured, while some guy tells him that they are all losing their blood to see if they are strong. Ollie is not. But he does use a plier to take a bullet out of him. So Oliver heads to Laurel to help her.

She kicks his balls in, saying she isn't a drunk. Lady, I work at a bar IRL, and I know a drunk. You are foiled by Katie Cassidy for being a good actress. I give Laurel shit, but never her actress. In fact, this makes it worse, cause she is too good at playing this bitch. So it seems the pirates are looking for Japanese grave sights on Chinese islands, asking if the bones were weird in anyway. Ollie gives him the silent treatment, but the guy guesses it is. So at the gun rally to buy guns, Roy sells some of his guns. He and Thea soon meet Sin, who is strange to find Roy having a girlfriend, no less a good looking one. I guess. She's not legal for me. So Blood is pissed that Ollie is helping people, where Ollie says people he know are in trouble. Let's call them... Lyla and Seeya. Blood name drops the episode, saying three people exist. The strong, the dead, and those stuck. But then the mayor and his gang show they really love their second amendment.

Blood tries to be all cool, but the mayor tries to have him shot. Ollie saves him while the police fight them off. A couple people are killed while Ollie checks on Thea. Sin however, has been shot. Son of a bitch, how dare they try to kill Sin. Sin is good, Sin is life. So the police show people being gunned down, with them finding out the Mayor is an evil orphan, who's foster brother is a soldier, with a military car coming to the city. Hmm... I know where he got his guns. eBay. So the doctor tells Roy that Sin is dying because he was too pathetic to jump on in the way and stop the bullet like this moron.

Fun fact, that is not a special gun. She was an idiot. So Thea makes Roy feel better, while Oliver asks Sara for help in fighting the mayor. They're democrats, while he's 'Kills you' party. So we see the mayor's brother, and i'm glad that interracial Foster brothers have as much love as normal brothers. So Sara and Ollie kick all the ass, with them even switching weapons to show they always kick ass. Yeah, these two are so cool. So Sara takes him down, but let's him live. So the particle accelerator is heading aboard while Harrison Wells tells the press 'I'm not evil.'. So Ollie and Blood meet up, saying Blood should run for mayor. Blood says 'meh'. Roy meets up with Sin, and she tells Thea she is dating a moron. Thea agrees.

Poor stupid Roy Moment: 24

So Ollie and Sara argue about her not letting her family know she is alive, and he says that she needs to do it, just for herself. So Lance tells an AAA meeting that his daughter is a drunk, while she has been upgraded to taking drugs. Yippie. So at the S.S Torture, Oliver is taken to the light... Of the window, to find that one of the leaders of the boat, is Sara! Dun Dun Dun! So the Mayor is taken to some weird place, where a guy with one of the freakiest masks I ever saw has a drug titled Miracle, and is injected with it. However, he dies. He takes his mask off to see, it's Blood! Oh man, now wasn't that obvious?

Score: 7. Pretty good, but could be better.

MVC: Sara, for being awesome yet again, and kicking all the ass while looking fine as hell doing it. But I hate how this show is trying to make me find blondes sexy.

MSC: The Mayor, for calling Sara a bitch when she could kill him in seconds. He is stupid.

Thoughts: So while Laurel doing drugs shall become a massive arc, I take solace that everything else is great, with some good jokes, Blood being quite a bloody mess, and Lance's latest being a good guy makes me happy.