I try not to reference Angel! I fail!

Home Invasion

So Diggle and Oliver have a sexy beatdown while Deadshot preps his gun up to kill Nobody700 for saying his last episode wasn't that good. Or some rich guy. Whatever. Diggle claims they must stop him, while he kills someone. You really Roy'd that up Diggle! Felicity mentions Argus (ARGUS!!!!!!!!!) while she says Deadshot is here. Going to Starling. Wow, if I was Deadshot, I'd say fuck that noise. My reputation can survive being scared of a man who has killed countless people with an arrow. Oliver says he is about to head to Laurels... A real danger. So walking along, he remembers how Shado wants him to help him keep cover for the two kicking ass. Shado thinks Ollie can do it while Slade remembers how Oliver can only slap water furiously.

So Diggle is called out by Lyla or using her to get revenge, while he says fuck dat noise, he wants revenge. She threatens him. That's typical ex husband and ex wife conversations. I should know, I ruined a few marriages. (No joke, I have ruined a marriage.) So Ollie goes to Laurel to see her clients, and she tells them Oliver is human... Oh, she isn't a bitch now, so she acts nice. Well some guy stole their money, and their future (Get Rip, not Laurel. Hell, get Sara... Hell... GET RAY!) So she decides to help them. We cut to their home, where we meet Gunn, one of the most badass mofos in the Buffyverse.

I swear. Well he plays some guy named Mr. Blank, but I think he should have played Mr. Talley Man. Hell, I don't know why they didn't. So Gunn shows them his Gun (GET IT!?!??!!?1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?!?!?!!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!) where he makes things look like a break in, and kills the wife, but the kid retreats. Seems Gunn is as competent as Gunn. He gets called to say that he sucks for fucking this up. Well Ollie finds oily about their death, and he's as angry as me during Season 4... OF ANGEL! BOOM! Well Laurel decides to adopt the kid. Woman. Always wanting to help sad children, when they should let them burn.Lance wants a cop at Laurels, and she rants at him... Wait, she isn't a moron, and agrees?!

Points: 6

Episode, I may love you. So Oliver admits he had lunch with Laurel to Tommy. Because he is a dick. Oliver then has a flashback of sucking at being an archer, and somehow seducing her despite being awful. Well Ollie and Diggle have Felicity tell them about Deadshot, and they go out to find him, and murder him. They shall cross him off Diggle's list, next to Thea for saying the N word, and Felicity's grandma for asking Diggle to not steal from her. Well Lance is annoyed by Roy being a weenie, and Roy steals from Lance. Somehow, Laurel can not make future batman happy.

Wait, his parents were murdered by a black man... Does that mean...

Why am I writing these stupid reviews when I should be watching Cyanide? Well Tommy is pissed, and rants about his mom being dead, to shut the little brat up. His mother's death is more tragic then this kids. Well Gunn decides to just point his gun at the little hole... And then suddenly uses a badge number. Laurel freaks out because the reason is GUNN COMES IN SHOOTING UP THE PLACE! Yeah, I don't know why. So he shoots the place up with up close CGI crap. He decides that looking under the bed is stupid, and Laurel...

I was about to give this scene a point... Till Laurels gun jammed. Man, you really Season 3 Buffy Wesley'd that up. So Ollie, the stalker, saves Laurel and has an explosive battle with him. Man, Oliver is surrounded by explosions. So he runs away, nodding to Tommy to confirm he stalked Tommy. Laurel and Lance have an argument, with Laurel saying the Hood will protect her 24/7, but Lance finds this stupid. Tommy uses a smart plan to hide at Olivers, and uses reasoning that isn't 'because.'

Points: 7

So at the newest wacky sitcom, Living with the Queens, Diggle says everything will be fine. Yeah no. Moria gives the kid cookies, so he will love her more then Laurel. Smart woman. Oliver has shit to do, and people to kill. Tommy wants protection, but Ollie tells him to relax... He needs to murder someone quick. So at Roy's pig attitude that disgusts Thea beyond belief, she finds out he has a police radio. Didn't even last 1 minute.

Level 4: Uber Weenie mode achieved

So he runs away, crying that no one accepts his man love for the Hood. Lance, catches him.

Poor Stupid Roy moment: 16

Lance is tired of Roy's shit, and has him arrested. While bringing his favorite child with him... His radio. Oliver is then told to make a choice, kill Deadshot or stop the man after Laurel from escaping. So Lyla has the building full of the world's worst spies, acting super not suspicious, while Diggle waits for Ollie. Who shall never come! Damn it, Oliver is sexiest! So Oliver nearly kills the guy, catching him. Now he has to go fast! Floyd heads to the place, where everyone acts super fucking obvious but it turns out he wasn't Floyd. But Diggle sees a red dot. Oh man, Deadshot then snipes all the spies, because he isn't a moron.

Diggle saves these morons, while Floyd escapes. Diggle heads after him, and they battle. Sadly, Floyd is too good, and pulls Gunns... I mean Guns on Diggle. He says Diggle is the one who made him know it was a trap. He also seems to remember Andy, and takes down Diggle. So Diggle is being patched up, and is a wee bit mad at Oliver. He is furious that Oliver prizes Laurel over him, and I agree. Diggle has got your back for months, and I would have left him over the Huntress shit, but he stayed. But... Oliver won't lose a point, cause he too has a point. That guy was about to escape. Ollie made a choice. While it wasn't the wrong choice... It wasn't the best one.

So he remembers how Shado is awesome, while she tells him... Just shoot. He refuses to date the super hot badass girl who likes him... For Laurel. Oh my god... That is hilarious. Best joke, 2012. So Ollie goes 'Wow, did you hear? The Hood, who has a massive penis, and is super sexy, caught the bad guy' everyone celebrates over pie. So Gunn, his lawyer...


So he tells him that he confessed, and Gunn should run away. He tells him to leave the boy alone... And Gunn somehow kills him. By pressing his wrist. Fuck. You.

Points: 6

He then walks out, thinking no one will catch him. He is a moron. So Thea says Roy is stupid. Lance calls Thea and Roy the Wonder Twins. Weirdest DC reference ever. So he shows Roy a dead body, just to fuck with him.

Poor Stupid Roy moment: 17

He also says 26 people were killed by Ollie. Have fun counting back through the show, cause I won't even dare trying. He also says Oliver will kill Roy for being a weenie. Well Laurel and Ollie go all romance crap drama blah blah blah. While Tommy watches with envy. The security guard sees a delivery guy, who was used as bait by Gunn. Gunn goes all eloquent, cutting off Electricity. Ollie locks the door on Laurel and Tommy, while Gunn kills off the bodyguards. One guard is interrogated, but refuses to tell. He was paid very well. So Ollie and Gunn battle each other in a rather cool fight scene. Looks like Ollie preferred Buffy over Angel.

He kills Gunn. Man, Cordelia fucked up, she always assumed it would be a gun that got him. You know, Irony? Oliver says Mr. Robbins saved him, instead of staying at Red Robins eating a burger. Yum. So Tommy is angry that Ollie is in love with Laurel, and damn, he is right. Why? I don't know. Oliver says Laurel will never know his secret. Unless a one eyed crazy man told her. But what's the chances of that happening any time soon? So the little kid is glad this freak is out of his life and he goes home to his grandparents. Laurel then sees Tommy breaking up with her. Wow... At this point, even I feel bad for her. A little.

So Thea and Roy talk of the Hood, where Roy says he is indebted to the Hood for saving him despite him being... Roy. Roy can't explain, and says he is connected to him. I hate to be this guy, but...

That is super gay.

So Thea, not being very smart, says he and her will find the Vigilante. Yeah wait a season or two. So Diggle and Ollie are on the rocks, but Oliver apologizes. Diggle though, wants their relationship done. Felicity comes in, as weirded out as me. Meh, I give it 15 minutes, and then he comes back. So Oliver and Shado go to the back of slashes, while they see that Yaoi Fei is back! Yay... How did he escape?

OH SHIT, FYERS! Son of a bitch! So they are captured, and it looks like shit is up.

Score 6: Slightly above average

Thoughts: So Mr. Blank is only likeable because Richards is awesome, and that's pretty much it. Seeing Deadshot... Meh. Diggle and Ollie breaking up is just relationship drama. Everything kind of feels meh, but it's a good kind of meh.

Now, the last 3 episodes will all be in one Mega review titled 'The Underviewing' So, have fun! Because after that, I will do a Season 1 page of what I thought of it, the characters, and the pros and cons!