Today we learn that drugs really really are bad! Again... Damn, this show likes repeating itself, doesn't it... In its own first season.

Unfinished Business

So at the club, some girl goes around doing her best raise the roof dance moves, and moves on to the streets, where she is killed by a car that clearly was going too slow to be an accident. So he was less then impressed by her moves. Well they praise the fact that they find bras everywhere on their club, and Lance says she was in the club, and was on Vertigo. Oliver says drugs are for fools, and cool kids stay in school. Tommy and Oliver head around to find out who has drugs, while Ollie decides t find the Count. Lance goes in to make sure the Count is super safe from any mean people, and is even ready to give him his... OH! LANCE ISN'T A MORON IN THIS EPISODE! Man, after the Huntress one (and admittedly the Deadshot one), I assumed they repeated the same episode with the sole plan of saying 'How can we make things stupid?'.

So Lance wants to know if he is selling drugs, but the doctor says he is way out of his head. It seems the Count is being served nothing but ham. Ollie attacks him, wanting to know how he gave her vertigo, but he's too crazy to talk of nothing but catchphrases. Look out, he likes Trains, and Gotta go fast! Well in the world's most flash backed to island since Lost, Shado and Slade battle to the sexy death, where they seem to be equal. Oliver is glad to know everyone around him is too busy doing nothing, while he seems to actually want to get shit done. So Diggle has not Vietnam flashbacks of him hanging with what the show really wanted to make his new family. Say what you will of Season 3, but they gave him a family, and a better one then this one!

So he heads to work, and they plan to kill some drug dealers. The new Vertigo is 11% more dizzy, and Oliver says the Count is too crazy to be any help. Felicity claims that Oliver lives in the Quiver, and she says that the Count has escaped. Man Oliver, you really Roy'd this one up! He flips a table over in rage. Must... Resist... Making a joke... About.... Fan reaction... Of... Season 3! AH! Damn... It's too hard. So the Doctor says a crazy man somehow defeated their security. Man, what is this, Arkham asylum? Well Lance's black best friend says that she texted Tommy, and Lance.... Strangely enough defends Tommy, saying he changed.

Points: 6

Well the guy makes some fair points, and Lance decides to help make sure this isn't too bad. So Diggle goes out to buy some drugs in the world's lamest drug dealer place. Also he is angry he is picked, and Felicity claims she offered to help.

Points: 7

I like when Diggle makes fun of how racist the Queen family is. But too be fair, if Oliver wore a hoodie, he would have beaten everyone up there, so it's best it was him. She tries to find the origin of the drugs, while Diggle asks her to help him track Deadshot. He decides to hide this from Ollie. Bad Diggle!

Points: 6

Ollie can help! Stop hiding from your lover! So Lance grills Tommy of the girl, and Tommy learns she did. He finds it weird, saying people text him all the time. Lance wants to know where the 10 g was, and I will say he didn't do it. Diggle did! Blame the black guy! Black people always steal money to buy drugs... TO STOP DRUG DEALERS! Or... To use them. It's 50/50. I hope. So Ollie mopes of how Shado made him slap water. She wants him to... Spank his water bucket. Weirdest metaphor for jerking off.

Well Felicity hands him the target location, and he heads out to see hobos getting drugs. Yes, the main target for drugs... People with no money! Well the Count is having a discount, so hobos can have drugs. One hobo even gets a brick of drugs that Ollie shoots out. Ollie heads after the drug dealers, BLOWING UP A CAR! I mean, he used an explosive arrow... But it was one guy with a sub machine gun Ollie! Jesus Christ, calm down man! What's next, use a Nuclear missile to deal with a purse snatcher? Have the Death Star blow up Alderaan to stop some guy from jaywalking? Have Q erase all of life itself because someone didn't say bless you for sneezing? No wonder the heroes say you're crazy! YOU ARE!

So the drug dealers try to kill him, and he doesn't blow them up. One hobo heads to an aquarium, somehow... Not having security be bothered, and he steals a guys gun. Wait, they have guns for an aquarium? Are they scared robbers are out to get Nemo? Well Ollie takes this hostage crisis very seriously by making herbs. He blames himself for not killing the Count, so people are having drugs fuck their lives up. He calls Diggle for back up, but Diggle ignores him, and meets up with Lyla. Meh, she's not important to Diggle at all. He tells her his real name, and gives her the list of people he is after. She mentions that her business is very important. I bet not.

So Lance heads to Tommy, and finds the money was given to a guy to not even look at the building. Tommy goes all law off him, and Lance walks away. The drugged out Hobo decides to take drugs, which angers Ollie more then holding people hostage. He exclaims he doesn't want to hurt a man he arrows, pours water on, and then has the man die. Wow, Ollie sucks! So Ollie slaps the water bucket while staring at Shado doing Yoga... Which now makes me wanna slap the water bucket. Shado explains that her dad was a general, and is now being blamed for Fyers scheme. The Chinese blamed him for a massacre they committed, for being gay. So Shado went to find him, but Fyers men kidnapped her.

She worries about him, but Ollie says he is a good man who saved him. He then slaps the water bucket, thinking of Yaoi Fei. Laurel heads to the bar, wondering why she had to slap the water bucket alone instead of together with her BF, with Lance interrupting them to wanting to find some drugs. Lance heads to find the door, and wants it open. Oliver tries to convince him not to do it, and we have a tense standoff. Oliver kills everyone in the bar... Nah! He opens the door, and we see... Everything has been replaced with boxes full of beer. Holy shit, Tommy is awesome!

Points: 7

When Lance questions the whole thing, Tommy goes off a minor crime, and Lance decides that fuck it, let's go. Man, Tommy is smart. Well Tommy wants to know why Oliver thought he had drugs, but he says he changed. He and Oliver have a fight over Ollie killing, which... I hate to say... I always found these better then Foggy and Matt on Daredevil. This is just me, but Foggy always came off as a whiny asshole about Matt being a hero. Here?! Oliver kills people. This makes things way more serious, and Tommy doesn't go 'Why aren't you working at the bar' while Ollie is saving the city. Again, not comparing the shows, Daredevil has many many strengths to it... But I find it always nice to remind people that Arrow has a hand over the show.

So Ollie is pissed at Diggle for ditching him, and he says the personal vendettas are bad while he is trying to stop drugs. He says he can't stand Deadshot being around... But dude, Ollie has a point. He can help take Deadshot. Later! Well he has Felicity check up on the Vertigo, and she says the Hobo guy didn't die of Vertigo... But of pills from a psych ward. Ollie finds that the Count never left the Asylum. He is running it! Arkham Asylum, Green arrow edition! Wait, that was an epic video game... This is just an alright episode of Arrow. Never mind! Well he heads in to find the Count, and well... He's being drained of blood.

He's knocked out, and we see the doctor and some orderly find out that Oliver is the Hood. Damn it! Well Ollie wakes up for the deleted scenes of Fifty Shades of Green, while the Doctor explains he can make drugs from the Counts blood stream, and adds some stuff in it, all for money! He thinks Ollie is scum for having money too. That's classist! He then gives Ollie ALL the drugs, where Oliver sees everything in a circle from a square. Well he retaliates by making an arrow explode. This time, it makes sense. He nearly gets killed, but Diggle comes in, kicking all the ass! Yes, yes, and yes. More Diggle kicking ass please! Make him kick everyone's ass.

Points: 8

No, really. He barely does in season 1. Hell, I think this is his first real Fight, and not only is it cool, he even does a 90's one liner. Ollie catches up with the doctor, and the doctor says he can't aim an arrow at him. Ollie agrees. He grabs 3.

Points: 9

Man, that scene was AH FUCK A FAN! Why do all superhero shows have a damn fan? Well the Count goes drug crazy with a drugged up ham, and Oliver decides murdering a guy off his rocker is a bad idea for karma points. So at the club, Ollie tells Tommy he has stopped drugs everywhere forever. Again. Tommy is angry at Ollie not for the bar (eat your heart out Foggy) but because Ollie refuses to see he grew up. So he quits. Well at the plane, he slaps the water for Slade, and Shado gives a made up story to make Ollie feel better. She gives him a bow, and he is able to draw it now. Hey, masturbating does help! She then teaches him how to shoot.

So another top 40 song plays while Lance is drunk off his ass and sad. Drunk off soda! He apologizes and he says that he is crazy for the Hood. Black fever, once you go black, you never go back! So Ollie thanks Diggle for saving him, and Diggle says that Oliver is a good guy despite how he kills. Oliver says people can change, and he decides to be a little nicer. This time, when he fights goons, less broken bones. But he tells Diggle that Deadshot is on his list... Just for Diggle. How sweet! Well Tommy decides he wants a new job... Working for his dad! Oh no, Tommy became evil, he's wearing black!

Score: 9, A great episode with little to no flaws.

Thoughts: This episode was great, with some awesome scenes with Oliver being crazy with how he fights, and Diggle helping is a sure plus. Also, Shado is great slapping a bucket of water material. ;D