In today's episode, Oliver's mom shoots him. That's why you do the dishes.


So Oliver asks if Moria knows where Walter is, and if she knows the undertaking. She replies 'EMOTIONAL GUILT!' It's super effective. Then she shoots him. That's slightly more effective. She calls the police, and he gets away in a flash. Barry most likely dragged him away. How? TIME TRAVEL! So at the parking lot, Oliver crashes in Felicitys car. He also outs himself as Ollie to her, because if you can't trust a hot chick, who can you trust?! Umm... Diggle? So, he tells her to head to the Quiver, and she agrees. I would do if a masked vigilante told me too. Diggle sees her, and reacts to her like most fans would now. With a gun. They patch him up, and heal him while he spends his time thinking of his favorite thing. FLASHBACKS!

So Slade kicks his ass, and it's a funny and cool montage with how much Oliver sucks. Oliver also has a funny line with Girl Scouts fighting Slade.

Points: 6

Oliver points out how his training sucks, and Slade puts him down with being AWESOME! No wonder people love Slade, cause he is making Bitch Ollie a badass. Props to Ollie for still going on despite sucking. They check out a map made by the A.S.I.S on the island. Ollie wants to save Yaoi Fei, but Slade is anti gay marriage, so no. He says that the tower guy is the most dangerous, and can bring in Fyers. They have to sneak in, because the tower is bulletproof. They have a limited time due to no more resources left for them. Slade also confuses Laurel with Ollies girlfriend, when the correct word is doom. So we head to a dream world where Laurel is with Ollie. I kind of expected her to trying to eat him, but hey, I'm crazy.

So he wakes up to help attack the airfield. Ollie though, steps on a land mine. Slade sees some soldiers, and is forced to ditch Ollie. Oliver puts his mask on, and pretends to be a soldier. Slade, like a crazy mainac, slices them apart with his machete. He then uses one of their dead bodies to stop the mine from exploding. So...

Points: 7

At base, Fyers and Yaoi Fei talk about his bow. He wants Yaoi to make his men become a badass like him. He also mentions her to him, suggesting a reason he works for Fyers. So Ollie and Slade start a fire, where Slade likes watching Ollie suffer for hours. Slade is fast approaching being even better then Diggle. Oliver explains that he sleep with Sara and Sarah to Slade, and Ollie wants to atone, but Slade calls him a moron for it. Slade explains that his friend was the Deathstroke at their place, who betrayed him when Fyers captured them. This makes Slade a wee bit... Pissed.

So they head out to the airfield. He says that Ollie will go after one guy... He has ten to kill. Seems like me and any video game companion. Except Boone from Fallout New Vegas. Other way around. So in present day, they have patched Ollie up well, and she acts adorably dorky, which makes Diggle impressed that she isn't screaming. She references every crazy thing he has done, and he agrees. Man, everyone hates Ollie this episode. I love it! Diggle explains they took down Vertigo, and she's surprised. She wants to know why Ollie likes her, and Diggle admits... They need a trio.

So in flashback airport, Slade snipes some soldiers (BOONE?!). While Ollie sneaks to the radio guy. Then Slade kills some guys so easily, I have more difficulty slicing butter. So Ollie comes in, and fights the guy. He uses the move Slade taught him to kick his ass, but fails. Cause he sucks. Back at present day, his old sucking was so bad, present Oliver flatlines. They clear him, and Felicity Fixes it when it breaks. She explains she's super smart too. Diggle then gropes Ollie.

Slade, in flashbacks, and he tells Ollie he sucks. He leaves Ollie alone basically telling him not to fuck up sitting down. Oliver decides to call... Home. Can he do that? Okay... HE CALLS LAUREL?! WHAT?! NOT HIS MOM, OR THEA?! BUT LAUREL?!

Points: 6

Slade yells at him for being an idiot, and they have a guy call them. Slade tries to be covert, and they give him a code. Ollie knows the code, being the only book he knows. From the Odyssey, which makes sense if you saw an earlier scene with Fyers with the book. I will give a point for Oliver finally not fucking this up.

Points: 7

Slade mentions he will radio in an air strike on this island, but Ollie says Yaoi Fei lives here. Slade gives no shits, but Ollie has loyalty to him. The guy saved the both of them. Slade wants to leave, but Oliver explains that he has fucked up everything in his life. But today is the day he doesn't. Yaoi Fei will come with them. Slade gives him 3 hours to save Yaoi Fei. Oliver tells Slade that if he doesn't get out, call his family. Slade agrees. Oliver runs off, to save his life partner. Hopefully not stepping on a land mine on the way.

In present day, Oliver almost dies! But then Felicity fixes up the leads. Hah.

Points: 8

Diggle finds this stressful, and Felicity tests out the bow. She asks if him killing people bothers him, and Diggle tells a story of how he had to protect this bastard who was helping the country. It shows a little more to his side that he himself has some stuff to atone, and I like it.

Points: 9

Diggle explains that what they are doing is a war, mirroring what he said before about it not being a war. So, in flashbacks, Ollie is at the base, being all assassins creed... Without sucking. He finds Yaoi Fei, and tells him to run away with him. Yaoi Fei calls him a moron. Oliver asks why he wants to stay, and Yaoi Fei says someone here is important to him. He then kicks his ass when Fyers comes on. Slade has the plane land, while Ollie is placed in a ring. Oliver says Yaoi Fei is a wimp cause he couldn't kill him. Fyers finds Ollie silly, and tells him he wants him executed. Time for Deathstroke to kill Oliver. Oliver asks if he is Billy, and explains that he is a traitor. Billy kicks his ass for that. How dare he point out how much of a bastard he is.

Slade though, likes Ollie, and blows up the base. Ollie escapes while Slade kicks all the ass, and battles Billy in a battle of machete wielding Australian ninjas. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Points: 10

So Slade kills Billy, and Fyers shoots Slade. Ollie escapes with Slade, and actually kicks some guys ass. But doesn't kill him. They see the plane get away, and they do what men do when sad. Get tattoos. Slade thanks Ollie for helping him, and Oliver realizes this is like an awesome version of Castaway. Slade realizes that they Ollie is kind of badass, and they work together to train. Fyers boss yells at him for sucking, and Fyers tells him he will do his job. Fyers thanks Yaoi Fei, and let's him meet his daughter... Shado. Who, in the comics, is Ollies rapist. Thank GOD, she is a nicer version of her.

So in present day, Ollie finally wakes up, and sees that he didn't die. Nah, we'll wait for that experience later. Felicity also hacks the police station, and destroys the DNA records of the hood. Ollie gives her a gift by making her a member of the group. Felicity says no, and just wants to save Walter. She wants no part of this awesome world, wanting to be boring. I can... Strangely enough... Get behind her on that. Not everyone wants this crazy life.

Diggle and Ollie argue about her joining, wanting her safe. Ollie strangely still thinks Moria is good, and he says that she still loved her kids even in near death. Ollie declares his mom off limits. Diggle agrees, and Ollie heads home. Lance is there, to tell him the Hood attacked his mom. Oliver reacts with mild annoyance. Moria and Ollie hug, and he says no more bad times.

Score: 10! An epic episode and must watch.

Thoughts: As a near all flashback episode, Slade made this episode. He was so popular, the show made him a main character, and for good reason. Jam packed with action, drama, and comedy, this is considered by fans to be one of the best arrow episodes, and I can agree 100%