In today's epiosde, a batman Villain appears. Will not be the first.


At a burning building, firemen try to stop it. But one Fireman plays a classic prank on his friend. Pour gasoline on him. Hillarious, so funny he died instantly because it was funny. Oliver works out, while remembering how he got his ass kicked. Well, that's how I work out. But, he misses a shot he could do asleep. Diggle tells him they still can't find Walter. Diggle brings up the list, but Oliver says no, his family needs him. Huh, good on you.

Points: 6

Course, it's also because he's scared that he'll mess up. We then get a weird flashback of a scene in the flashbacks we have already seen. Lance comes to Laurel, wanting to see her friend. He reveals her brother died, the firefighter who had that classic prank played on him. I'm still laughing, thinking about it. Oliver checks on his mom, wanting her to feel fine, but she don't need no man, she's a strong independent women... All alone and sad. Oliver also reveals his darkest secret. He can't pronounce Zac Galifanics name (And I refuse to spell it correctly in honor of Oliver being stupid). They watch the news, and see people liked the Hood going all hood on some fools. At Laurels, Tommy sees Laurel only to be cock blocked by Jo. Jo explains her brother was murdered. Laurel goes all 'Nuh uh' but Jo has real facts.

So Laurel checks it out, and tells her dad multiple firemen have been murdered. Also, they find that they can't track Ollie's phone. Laurel, steals it. She asks Oliver for help, and he accepts. Diggle works out, and Ollie finds it sexy. So do I. ;P Oliver decides to be a detective, and Diggle wants him to be all Arrow. Oliver finds his club is being managed by Tommy, and they talk about the fire. Tommy, wants to host a fundraiser for the firemen. Wow, Tommy is da man. He also had naked Super Bowl kickball with models. Awesome.

Lance, is pissed at Laurel for stealing the phone. Lance states he wants it back, but she lies saying he took it. Hey, her pants are on fire. Oliver heads home to see Moria hanging with a random bald white guy stating that the company MAY get bad press for having a missing CEO. It seems he wants Moria to become the CEO, but she doesn't want it. Oliver tells her that she needs the job, and Moria freaks out. Understandable, she does have her husband held hostage. Places stress on you. Diggle comes in to tell Ollie that they found the guy. Oliver has reservations though, remembering how he got his ass beat. Which comes to a flashback where Ollie tries to start a fire, and when he succeeds, runs away in fear.

The soldier radios in when he sees the fire, and we see Oliver wondering if he should kill him. Back in present day, a fireman is attacked by the prankster, with Ollie trying to stop him. Sadly, the fireman drops him, as a prank. He then kicks Ollie's ass, probably learning Fire man FU at the Y. Ollie, like a bitch, goes emo about getting his ass kicked. Insert How could this happen to me song. Back in a flashback, Ollie tries to take down a skilled warrior, but he kicks his ass. Ollie kills him however, by the power of using a hill. Ollie learned Hill FU at the Y.

Ollie, like a bitch, calls Laurel as the hood, telling her about the fireman having a tattoo of a firefly. Good thing it wasn't a tattoo of a naked lady, or he'd be called Naked lady. Diggle calls out Oliver for sending in Laurel, but I think she can take him down by bitching at him. Diggle calls out Oliver, stating he isn't right in the mind after the Dark Archer. He tells him to man up, but Ollie says 'WAHHHHHHH' and runs away. Emo.

At the firehouse, he checks on Firemen to see something worst then a burn victim... Laurel. Oliver then declares he's friends with Laurel. Lies. Cold damn lies. Laurel then says she either gets married to Tommy, or dumps him now. She asks about the fireflys, and she tells him that one of them who was missing, may be killing the others. Oliver comes in, asking how Firefly died, and the guy tells him that the building was shitty, and dropped on him. He also calls out Laurel for reminding him of his dead friend. Good. She deserves it. She calls the hood, and like a DUMBASS, DOES NOT TURN AROUND TO SEE OLLIE HAVING THE SAME CALL WITH HER!

Points: 5

Ollie then has a flashback of seeing a dead body. Probably to remind us corpses are smarter then Laurel. Thea calls her mom fat, and says they should eat. She wants Moria to get out of bed, and she tells her that she lost her dad, and now she lost Walter. Damn, Thea then tells Moria to stop being a husk of herself, and live. Man, you win this round Thea.

Points: 6

Ollie thinks the dead firefly is... Firefly, and Diggle apologizes for making Emo Ollie try to be awesome. Oliver says that no, he was reminded of death by him, and scared him of losing everyone yet again. That he was reminded... That now he has something to lose. Diggle tells him that's not losing his edge... He has a reason to live. Great scene.

Points: 7

At a shitty club, like every single club ever, the fireman party is set. Laurel and Tommy talk about the seriousness of... Drawers, when Oliver clockblocks Tommy. Good job Oliver, save your friend. The firemen thank Ollie, and Ollie strangely interrogates him, and Laurel doesn't have a clue. Because she is dumber then a box of rocks. The fireman reveals he left his friend to die, cause he was scared. Ollie then tells him his friend is back... And he happens to be there. Looks like he likes beer.

When a nice lady tries to thank Firefly, he gives her a look that says 'HOW DARE YOU THANK ME!' And proceeds to set fire to the alchohol. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I NEED THAT TO DRINK FOR SEASON 3! He reveals his makeup, which is better then the CGI of this show, and tries to get revenge. Fun enough, he lets the civilians go. Huh, he has some honor. I like it. He then pranks his friend with the classic gasoline prank. Oliver gets his gear, and Tommy finds Laurel. Firefly rants at his friend, saying they should have stayed to free him. He then says he was freed... And NO ONE NOTICED WHO HE WAS?! I mean, he was burned badly... ON ONE SIDE OF HIS FACE! The other side looks normal. One person should have looked at him, a picture of the firefighters, and went 'Hey, the firefighter!' But no, that other side of his face says all.

Points: 6

He wants revenge because everyone around him is a coward, or a moron. He tries to light up his friends world, but Oliver stops him. Oliver tries to help Firefly, understanding his pain. Firefly, again... Actually thanks him, but he decides he has nothing to live for... So he commits suicide. Wow... Of all the bad guys so far, he's my favorite! He's a tragic character who wants revenge, and saw how far it went, making it so bad he couldn't bare living without it. Kudos.

Points: 7

The News reports that the Hood was a hero that night, and Thea asks him why's he so happy to see everyone praising him. Moria, offscreen, decides to become the CEO. She claims Thea's 'EAT DINNER' speech made her good. Meh. However, Thea is suspicious. Smart girl. Jo tries to have a character, but somehow Laurel steals it from her. Bad Laurel. Lance comes in, and apologizes to her, saying the Hood was a hero, and how he knows she has the phone. Smart man. He takes it, and gives it back. He says the man protects Laurel, and he wants all the protection for her. Nice.

However, it turned out he placed a bug on it! HAH, SUCK IT LAUREL, NOT EVEN YOUR DAD LIKES YOU! Ahh... Okay, that was mean, even for me. In a flashback, Ollies goes all RPG, stealing the soldiers clothes and hiding his body. He checks the suit to see a map, and decides to use it. Like an RPG! Diggle comes in to see Ollie having a sexy workout, and he thanks Diggle for the kick in the pants. He also wants to go hunting. FOR WHITE MEN!

Score 7: Pretty good, but could be better.

Thoughts: Firefly is so far, the first bad guy who has a personality, and you feel bad for him. The way he reflects Olivers broken side also helps, and while I mocked him, I did like how Oliver had some moments of weakness over his defeat. The rest is improved by actual good moments of heartwarming.