So I just watched the recent trailer, and I have now 100% deludued myself that Season 5 will be the first good season since 2. But how can that be? In my opinion, this is how!

Good Fights

My main, and many other, heavy flaw of Season 4 was the fights. They went from being some of the best parts of the show to either lasting a minute or composed of Oliver becoming a massive wimp. The promos show Oliver kicking more ass then all of Season 4, and I hope this follows. Ollie should be a one man army again. So you may be saying, but then where is the tension? EASY! MAKE HIS ENEMIES MORE POWERFUL! I don't mean some shitty character that makes Ollie become 100x more incompetent to battle. I mean more highly skilled fighters around the world, magic users, more deadly metas, maybe two armies. Instead of making Oliver weak, make him actually battle real threats. Plus, he now has a team. Make them fight and lose! Oliver does not have to be saved by his team every episode. He should save them until they become as badass as him.

Flashbacks that are intriguing

Season 4 had flashbacks that ranged from mind numbing stupid to if you blinked, it was over. The flashbacks of how Oliver became a member of the Bravta look amazing. What he did to become a high ranking member seem great, and make him become dark. Flashback Ollie was too nice. This time, make Season 5 Oliver nice but brutal... And make Flashback Oliver become a rapid dog. Watching him become feared among the Russian Underworld should be engaging, and I hope they will be.

Olicity must die

Is romance good? Yes! Was Olicity good? Yes! But now it's a cancer. But hey, make Felicity and Oliver say 'Dating is stupid' and hang out with other people. The two becoming friends again would help Felicity gain back fan, and if she even realizes she is to partially blame for the breakup, even better! They should be a mean green fighting machine, not bickering ex's.

A true Big Bad

Ra's was a bipolar mess who lost all his skill near death, Damien was a standup with some interesting stuff but he overstayed his welcome, and even Malcolm became a bitch. The newest Big Bad should be someone we like, and love to hate. Make him reasonable and give him good reasons to hate Ollie that changes Oliver. In fact, and I dare say it... Make him the Underdog! He stands no chance against Oliver. He himself must grow, become smarter and stronger, and try to find any way to defeat Oliver. Watching the Big Bad grow would be a fresh change to the usual invincible up until the end big bad. Oliver has faced off with the Magician, the Terminator, the Demons head, and even the Lord of darkness. Make the newest big bad someone ready to challenge the invincible... And possibly make us root for him.

Don't be afraid to go dark

Sometimes being grim sells. I'm not talking going Daredevil, I mean head back to Season 1. Star City is in the worst shape as it is, and Oliver must be a symbol of hope for it, as Mayor and Green Arrow. But make him face with horrible choices, and he is forced to stop these. Make his enemies vicious, and he must be vicious to stop them. Judging from the trailers though... That may be what we get.

So, what do you say?