With season 2 ending with a cliffhanger, there are some stuff I would like to see happen in Legends of Tomorrow. I like to see the introduction of Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, some unrevealed aspects of the characters' lives from Flashpoint when Barry altered the timeline while saving his mother, the return of Jonah Hex and the appearance of new characters. I'll explain more in the list of what like to see in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow. 

Rex Hunter As The Main Villain: In the second season, we got to see an evil version of Rip Hunter. So how about introducing Rex Hunter? Who serves as a dark mirror to Rip similar to how Prometheus served as one for the Green Arrow. Jason Goldstein joined the Time Masters and adopted the name Rex Hunter to protect his identity. Rex believes that breaking the timeline would make the world a better place and one of his "proactive" choices involves pushing a 10-year-old Justin Claybourne in front of a speeding train. Rip saves Claybourne, however, he got the Time Masters to remove Jason from the team. Jason then got revenge by killing his friend Bonnie Baxter as an infant by crushing her skull as she lies in her crib. Rex's goal is to eliminate all the heroes in the world so he can be the only one.  I was going to go with Lex Luthor as then ten year that Jason tries to kill, however, Lex doesn't exist on Earth-1 and if he did have a doppelganger on Earth-1 while existing on Earth-38, that would be confusing. Rex only chose to target Justin Claybourne in order to prevent Prometheus from being born. 

Introduce Some Flashpoint: When Barry altered the timeline in the second season finale of The Flash by saving his mother at the hands of the Reverse Flash, I thought that Rip and the Legends would get to explore this new timeline Barry created while still being a team, remembering everything before Barry changed it all, and being unaffected by their actions except that they would feeling emotions. I expected Sara and Mick to be shocked, surprised, and joyful in seeing Laurel and Captain Cold alive. In one of the confirmed plotlines for season 3, the Legends will have to return all the anachronisms to their original timelines before the time stream falls apart. I was hoping we'd see some stuff from Flashpoint such as Leonard Snart being a hero known as Citizen Cold, Laurel and Ted Kord being a part of Team Vigilante, and Adrian Chase being Vigilante instead of Prometheus. Perhaps we can see some versions of Chase, Snart, Ted, and Laurel or the Legends could somehow enter that timeline. I'm just saying that I would love to see how other people were affected by Flashpoint other than Barry, Joe, Cisco, Wally, Caitlin, Iris, and the Rival. 

Bring In Booster Gold: I would love to see Booster Gold in the show played by James Franco. I was thinking that Michael Jon Carter AKA Booster Gold, started out as being born poor in the 25th century of Central City. Michael and his sister Michelle never knew their father because he left after gambling away all their money. Michael, who was a gifted athlete, attended Central City University on a football scholarship and became a star quarterback until his father returned, convincing him to lose games for gambling purposes. Michael was exposed, disgraced, and expelled. So, he got a job as a night watchman in a museum where he studied displays about heroes and villains from the past. With help of a security robot named Skeets, Michael steals several devices and used Rip Hunter's Time Sphere, also on display in the museum, to travel to the 20th century to become a superhero seeking wealth and fame. I like to see Rip have an encounter with his father and try to keep this a secret from the Legends. However, secrets don't stayed buried forever in the Arrowverse and I think that everyone would eventually find out the truth. I'd love to see some flashbacks from Rip Hunter's past such as how he grew up without his parents and how he went to the orphanage. I also feel that Michael being Booster Gold would be like Ray Palmer appearing as the Atom in Arrow. I can see Team Flash and the Legends being irritated by Booster Gold. This can also be a good opportunity to introduce Broderick, who is a federal agent from the future obsessed with bringing in Carter for stealing a time sphere from the Central City Museum. I can also see the Legends coming to Central City to deal with Booster Gold seeing him as a problem. 

Batman Beyond Spinoff: I would love to see a Batman Beyond spinoff in the Arrowverse. In Star City, 2046, we got to see Oliver Queen have Connor Hawke as a young protege. so it kind of reminded me of the old Batman Beyond cartoon. Since Bruce Wayne cannot appear as Terry McGinnis' mentor because of the DCEU, we can introduce Damian Wayne as Terry's mentor. I can see Damian being played by Michael Keaton and him being revealed to be the son of Talia Al Ghul without his father being mentioned. The Legends go to Neo Gotham to stop Rex Hunter, who I think can be the main villain for this season, who is messing with the timestream to get back at Rip for having him removed from Time Masters or for not letting him join the Time Bureau. We can get to see Batman Beyond characters such as Inque, Dr. Thawne (in the Batman Beyond comics, there was a character named Dr. Thawne who hired Inque to steal something from a military base for Amanda Waller and Cadmus. He could possibly be a relative of Eobard Thawne and a descendant of Eddie Thawne), Blight, Stalker, and Shriek. That would be cool to see and I think Andrew Garfield should play Terry McGinnis. In World's Finest, an episode of Supergirl, Kara teased the idea of two universes joining together when speaking to James Olsen at the end of the episode, so the Legends can appear in the future where that actually happened. I was thinking that during the four way crossover, Earth 1 and Earth 38 become merged together.  Perhaps there can be a move trilogy based on Batman Beyond or just a live action television series. 

Damian Dhark Still Trying His Own Good Luck: One of the confirmed plotlines is that Damian Dhark would return as a recurring character in the third season. I feel that because of Damian altering reality and killing all the good guys in season two, he knows that Laurel Lance is the Black Canary and about her connection to Quentin. So, wanting to make sure nothing interferes with his future plans, Damian puts out a hit on a younger Quentin Lance that is still an member of the SCPD. Eventually, the Legends learn of his plan and go back in time to prevent that from happening. Sara would then have to use one of the pill thingies like in the first season to erase Damian Dhark's memory and Quentin's even though she knows that Quentin being aware of Dhark could prevent Laurel from getting killed by him.

A Crossover With Gotham: David Mazouz, the actor who plays Bruce Wayne on Gotham, wants the show to be in the Arrowverse. I think that would be a good idea. After the four way crossover, in which Earth 1 and Earth 38 gets merged together, the Legends could go back to that timeline to deal with an abberation or to return someone. I was thinking that like in the New 52, before Bruce goes after the Court of Owls, Amadeus Arkham appears as a psychologist who studies criminal behavior and lives in a mansion with his mother. Amadeus partners with Jonah Hex to solve a series of murders committed by the Gotham Butcher and even uncover a child slavery operation run by Thurston Moody of the Court of Owls. I was hoping we'd also see other westernheroes such as Bat Lash, Ohiyesa Smith, and El Diabolo that appear as well. I was also hoping we'd see Ra's Al Ghul's son Arkady Duvall as he assists his father in trying to destroy Gotham City or some western town like in Batman: The Animated Series. Oliver said to Talia that her father was an honorable man and would never throw in with someone like Chase. Arkady Duvall is mentally unbalanced and arrogant which is why Ra's refuses to make someone like him his heir. 

I hate to say this, however, I think that this might be the last season of my favourite show because the Legends can't keep doing all of this forever. Ray and Sara will have to return eventually to help Team Arrow. With Rip forming the Time Bureau, he will no longer need these guys and return them to their home unless something comes up (which I hope happens because I would love to see more of Legends of Tomorrow.) I guess if that were to happen Firestorm would go back to being a guest star on The Flash, Ray and Sara would return to Arrow, Mick Rory would probably join the Suicide Squad or go back to being a villain on The Flash, and Nate Heywood, he would probably be a guest star in Arrow. I also have this feeling that Nate would be attracted to Mari McCabe since Amaya Jiwe will have to return to her time period. I hope that there are more seasons of that show.