I was rewatching season three of Arrow recently when Quentin Lance became an antagonist towards Team Arrow after Sara gets killed. Lance said some really hurtful stuff to Oliver when he was arrested and in the first episode of the fourth season, he claims that Oliver brought madness into everyone's lives. I think Lance was just angry about Sara's death and that nobody, especially Laurel, told him about it. In this clip (, when Laurel is meeting her father in the third season, Lance blames the sudden appearance of super villians on Oliver ever since he became the Hood and then the Arrow. I find that ludicrous because I feel at some level that Starling City or Star City would have vigilantes such as Ted Grant become Wild Cat and Joseph Falk becoming the Savior because of the crime and corruption in that area, especially the Glades. 

I remember reading a comic book based on the first season of Arrow, where Malcolm is in the hospital recovering from an attack ordered by Moira Queen and we see some parts of his past such as joining the League off Assassins. When Malcolm returned to Starling City, he started using the skills he acquired to fight crime in the Glades while using dressed up as the Dark Archer (I don't remember, however, he was dressed in black and using tools that an archer would). Eventually, Malcolm feels that this is not enough, decides to form the Tempest by recruiting Robert Queen, Frank Chen, and several others into it, and then deciding to destroy the neighborhood. I don't think the comic is canon to the Arrowverse, however I wish that they introduced an episode similar to that issue because it's always believed by other people that superheroes appear and then that results in supervillians being created.  

Oliver encountered a lot of strange things during his five years away, like Baron Reiter using a magic totem just like the one that Damian Dhark used. I think that with the unorthodox existing, then superheroes suddenly appearing was bound to happen eventually. Ra's Al Ghul and Damian Dhark existed beforehand and they were using the Lazarus Pit to live longer. I bet that Lance would've considered this to be madness as well. I think in truth, the super villians are responsible for the superheroes coming out because the Time Masters, who were one of the main villians in season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow as well as Vandal Savage, were using the Oculus to manipulate the timeline, so they must've been pulling the strings this whole time. What I wish is that Lance had encountered super villians before superheroes started to appear and it be just like James Gordon's experiences in Gotham so that way he wouldn't be that hostile towards Team Arrow. 

That has inspired me to write a series about Lance's doppelganger on Earth-41 which is similar to Gotham with Lance as the Jim Gordon, Brian Nudocerdo as the Captain Barnes, Tobias Church as the Harvey Bullock, Adam Hunt as the Carmine Falcone, Dinah Drake (the future of Laurel and Sara Lance) as the Lee Thompkins and Oliver Queen as the Bruce Wayne. Unlike his Earth-1 doppelganger, Lance does respect Oliver before he becomes the Green Arrow mostly out of sympathy since his parents Robert and Moira Queen died on the Queen's Gambit when the ship was sabotaged by Slade Wilson (who is just like Theo Galavan in this version while maintaining traits of his Earth-1 doppelganger like serving in ASIS, the eyepath, the Australian accent, and being Death Stroke). But back to the topic at hand, I wish that the series could've shown Lance desperate to break the law in order to catch criminals before Oliver returns from the island and then Lance becomes an ally to the Arrow just like in the show after being like Wile E. Coyote trying to catch Road Runner. On Earth-1, Lance works with Wild Cat and encounters masked criminals such as Schimtar, the Dark Archer, Lester Buchinsky/Electrocutioner, Simon Lacroix, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Golden Glider, Bronze Tiger, and the Demolition Team. 

Anyway, that's my opinion. What does everyone else think?